New Twitter Anti-Progressive Fairy Tale Narratives thread (5)

Unfortunately it will likely be #2…Which is why GOP will likely not win imo.

I love this dude…Look how they punked. I wish It would have came with a right hook.

This and his first 3-4 tweets under it are excellent points imo…And why I don’t believe the right has a chance to win.

This especially ^^^, for instance…

Hmmm… Dumb luck I guess

Sick, sick fucking people.

Such a fragile, little man

People didn’t start dressing their kids in gender specific clothes until the 20s, when they realized they could make money off of it.

It’s not that Nazis are creating their own homeschool groups that bother Skeetz, it’s that the sons aren’t dressing manly enough. You’re like an 80 yr old ninny who can’t stop watching others out the window.

Lol… I’m the fragile one?

I didn’t mention a political party or anything here. And the woke police comes in sirens RINGING…and yes I’m sure it’s a pure coincidence it is so prevelant amongst rich white liberals, Hollywood etc (the point of the post)

Imagine defending this “oddity”

Then again, I can just see you and your little woke chick slurping this part of society obediently…wishing you were part of it…and don’t forget that hyper-sensitive “nazi”- radar dial… (it’s right next to the “racism” sensor)

You are so lost… fucking comedy.

Such a weak dude. First, out of the 6 listed, only 4 are actors relating to Hollywood. The other 2 are singers, one living in Oklahoma with her country music star husband. Secondly, 4 out of 177,159 actors in the Screen Actors Guild. Quite a sampling you’ve got there.

Secondly, it’s not even accurate. Adele’s son Angelo isn’t trans. He just had long hair as a little kid. He’s 9 now a year after the picture Chinbeard listed, the kid looked like this

So, 3 people out of 177,159 actors in Hollywood? Only .5 to 1.3% of all kids in the United States identify as transgender. It’s fucking weird and I would never let my kid do it until they leave at 18, but JESUS what pandering by Chinbeard. Also, what the fuck is he doing spreading pictures of children and speculating on their sexuality? Funny, the person he got the meme from is an ex-transgender. Most things you hate somehow direct back at yourself.

Also, why do you give such a fuck about other people’s kids? Get a hobby

OK man then go find some of these devout far leftists who by some miracle have multiple “trans” kids. Of course I know I’m dealing with rarities, you fucking idiot. But it is a growing trend.

I ain’t got time for this shit man. This post isn’t about you, dickhead. This post is about that a lot of this trans-shit is being nurtured by sick, sick fucking parents.

My god quit swinging from my nuts…All the dumb obsessive Trump and GOP posts you make, I rarely say a word… You’re a fucking spazz. I make one point that this shit is more about a parent’s sick beliefs and here you come guns blazing to defend it.

Get a hobby

Acho absolutely knocks this out of the park. Beautiful.

First sentence is a perfect summary of these pieces of shit that won’t let racism die…They need it to pay their bills

Ummm yes idiot…It is possible to have an informed opinion based on gender and race neutrality. That’s how you remove bias and dependence on those things. But no you insist on fueling them.

Can’t stand Angel Reese

Can’t stand Angel Reese

I didn’t follow her every move this year…Just the gist of it. And obviously I remember her going a bit overboard last year.

She seems starved for attention and was happy to get it, then the woman (not knocking women, just saying…they tend to be in full war mode, 0-60, and then 60 to negative 100 getting emotional and backtrack afterward) in her kicked in. So some of that is what it is, but then both Reese herself and asshead media like racism expert Jemele Hill run from the hills to make it about race.

I don’t watch women’s hoop, but at least she is a beast on the court to back it up (according to my friends who watch and her stat lines)

But it’s even worse to see these fucking idiots responses to Acho…Looking at things thru neutral lenses is the way reporting, etc…SHOULD BE APPROACHED.

Shame too because she’s very talented and easy on the eyes. Her attitude is extremely poor.

These women need to go above and beyond to elevate the sport. They are already at an enormous disadvantage compared to the guys in terms of entertainment value.

I’m a big proponent of lowering the rim 6 or 12 inches to improve the game. But apparently if you say that they’ll eviscerate you.

Not my style, I guess. She’s got those big, beautiful yams, but beyond that…just can’t get into it. Been with several black girls, but never saw a picture of Angel and thought, wow…she’s hot.

Great tits, though

Have you seen some of the leading ladies in college basketball? It’s few and far between. She’s definitely on the upper echelon I think.

Works for me

That shit may have me joining the nearest blm chapter.


Is she talking about?

Absolutely hilarious