New Twitter Anti-Progressive Fairy Tale Narratives thread (5)

Start off with some humor to lighten things up…Hopefully the cunt 51 doesn’t go out of his way to detail my thread with his bratty type irrational arguments.

So good

“Traumatized” lol…The new liberal meltdown word…Has a long way to go before it catches the all time goats “Racism”, “Empathy”, and “Asymptomatic Spread” as the most abused words in America right now.


First off…Why should/would anyone blind trust any government to begin with? Let alone this fucking maniac Trudeau?

You liberals and your big government dreams

No, no, no, it has to be all race all the time

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I don’t know how deep it goes and how much of it is true…But I do know this stopped being about people’s health long ago.

Yup…It’s their progressive membership card

And ya know…No one would fucking care what delusion these cultists practice…if they would stop fucking with other people’s kids over it.

Fair point

DeSantis ran laps around the whole country with covid…It was beautiful.

Just some observations that I think have merit…Not defending or attacking Putin or Biden

Lol…Someone in the thread asks…“Where are the asians in the Supreme Court”

The Asians always screw everything for the liberals lol

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What’s this asshole doing?

These are great threads. Not because of content, but because this is what SF should have done from the beginning. A thread full of shitposting. You can add all the shit you want to it and nobody has to ever open it. It is respectful to the board by keeping clutter down, so thanks!

Cool, tell your woke lover warden to do the same

Little partisan sheep @djrion doesn’t like real discussion and talking points (with an admitted little bit of humor and cheap shots here and there) unless it starts and ends with Orange Man Bad, justifying why George Floyd was the only funeral anyone was allowed to attend summer '21, and getting those damn kids back in masks. Commie cunt partisan sheep

Lol…Libs really getting shit done ya know


We need more of this…Wake these indoctrinated little sheep up. Could you imagine how outraged a faggot like djrion would be in that audience? His goatee would melt off his face.

I dont think our friends will ever wake.

I ignored Skeeter a long while ago. Let me guess though…masks, Covid, a few twitter posts from the same people, always to include the jackoff with a chin beard…right? Am I close?