Where's Bikki?

Bikki posted after Storm was banned.

He is anti-censorship but I don’t think he left because our favorite poster was voted off the island.

Bikki might be fine but it is odd that he hasn’t posted in 3 months.

I am not for banning posters. That being said Storm was awful. He spammed the message boards daily.

Lol…And you were a real, level-headed poster in 2020-2021 right?

You were a fucking maniac. Let’s call it like it is.

Skeeter, seriously you need to chill out. Storm took it to another level. You went off on the guy daily so stop with your BS. You are the one acting like a fucking maniac.

Back to the original post. Where is Bikki and is he alright.

Yes I can’t stand storm, good riddance

But remember you spazzing on the whole board during covid? You’re a fucking cunt, and just as bad a poster.

Do you really think someone wouldn’t have posted if they found out by now? Asking the same question for the 19th time in this thread doesn’t help things you sanctimonious cunt

You fucking halfwit

First off I never spazzed…Stop lying. I stated that a friend of mine who was a doctor in NJ was being overwhelmed with patients dying at his hospital. This was a fact. Just because you are a clown and did not want to hear that it is on you. Next, you act like a tough man…But you are nothing but a pathetic human being. You can’t start a single post without trying to insult someone. I really don’t care…Go kill yourself and do everyone on this site a favor.

I make plenty of posts without insulting anyone….Don’t exaggerate, cunt. I insult you and others in SOME of them.

It wasn’t just the New Jersey doc comedy…You made a fucking fool of yourself during covid you dramatic little spazz. It was hilarious to watch. Attacking the whole board because we chose to be grounded in reality, understood 99.7% a little better than you, etc…Telling us how to live our lives…You amazingly somehow knew every son of every mother’s grandmother who died in covid in the state of Florida…

And you rambled

on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on

Absolute sky is falling type cunt

It was so funny….Probably even worse than your Trump hysteria. So so funny…Reel it in you cunty little maniac.

I don’t care what you have to say…bye bye

I am not wasting another minute with you.

Can I get this in writing?

Storm wrong again…he thought trading Markelle Fultz for Jayson Tatum was a good idea. Could one man ever be more wrong.

The Sixers could not be more poorly run if skeeter was the GM.

Why’s this cunt brining me up?

Swingin on my nuts

I see that we still have no response from Bikki.

Does anyone know bikki’s name? Maybe we can do an obit search.