Where are our leaders?

Biden was in hiding until he came out for a ten minute scripted speech and then went back to his vacation. He didn’t take any questions.

Kamala is nowhere to be found. Reports are that she comes to work after 9 every day and her staff hates her.

Is our country really being run by a group of former Obama folks? Would be really nice to have a leader right now who took control of a situation.

Say what you want about Trump, he would have been at that press conference for more than 10 minutes and wouldn’t be in hiding right now.



I’m praying you’re right because if you’re not- holy shit.

And notice not a word from over emotional 51, or 80, or remember kaner?

If this were Trump they’d be on fire right now.




Now these assholes have US aircraft.

Thanks Joe!

Hey 51… thanks for helping put Joe into office. He’s working out great!

Anyone have an official count on the number of US civilians left behind in Afghanistan to be slaughtered by the Taliban?

Between 10 and 15 k from my last reading.

And Milley says we will not go for them after the clock runs out (Taliban deadline).

Cowards and traitors.

Closer to 15k I heard and it is simply beyond words how any American leader would leave Americans behind to die.

It’s indefensible.

I’d love to hear someone defend Biden’s actions. Where do you begin? How do you rationalize a defense?

They’re not US aircraft, they’re Afghan aircraft supplied by the USA, which we already knew about, right? I don’t know what authorities are in Uzbek and Turjek but it might end up better than the Taliban getting them. It would be nice if we had more info.

From what I’ve read, most of the planes are not advanced.

23- A-29 Super Tucano
4 - C-130
33 -Cessna Caravan
150 helicopters, which included the American-made UH-60 Black Hawk utility helicopter and armed MD-530s, as well as the Soviet Mi-17

“Truth be told, if the Russians or Chinese wanted to get their hands on a Super Tucano or early model Black Hawk it wouldn’t be that hard”

C-130s have been around for more than I have.
Cessna Caravan isn’t special.

Don’t get me wrong, drop bombs on them BUT don’t think for a second that this weakens our tech advantage.

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Is there a source for these claims? I’m curious to read it. I read the opposite.

"We will defend our people with devastating force if necessary.”

In his address, Biden said the troops would stay as long as it took to carry out the evacuation, leaving open the possibility that might stretch beyond the current 31 August deadline for the final US withdrawal.
US troops to stay until Americans and eligible Afghans evacuated, says Biden | Afghanistan | The Guardian

This is true. From a US military standpoint, we supplied the Afghans with garbage. It’s still ridiculous to essentially hand it over to the Taliban.

It was Lloyd Austin who said it. They did a joint presser.

We set the clock you piece of shit disgrace of a human being! Not the Taliban.

Trump and Putin would have warned the Taliban immediately that any loss of American life will result in immediate and ferocious military action.

A few things.

First, I agree completely - Biden has fucked this up. It’s a stain on his presidency and unless people have short memories, it’ll be tough on the Dems to win re-election.

Second - you do realize Trump negotiated for this pull out when he was president right?

Third - I don’t think anything was going to stop the Taliban from taking over the country again. It takes generations to build a strong army. And from what I’ve read - many Afghans viewed their job in the military as a paycheck, and not necessarily a duty to protect the country. Perhaps it wouldn’t have happened as fast as it did, but don’t sit there thinking that if Trump were in office the Taliban would be cowering even as the US left.

Fourth - where was your outrage when Trump pulled support to the Kurds, leaving them to deal with ISIS alone? Hypocrite.

Y’all make fun of Biden’s shortcomings - of which some is warranted. And I imagine it makes you even more upset that a mediocre-at-best candidate kicked the shit out of your god in the election.

Fair and square.

Trump would have been re-elected if he hadn’t sucked so bad at his job.

Glad to see even 51 agrees.

If he thinks it’s messed up you know it’s bad.

Total disgrace.

Biden is being a classic politician - deflecting blame. He better pray to god that the Taliban doesn’t take American hostages. It’ll make a shit show even bigger.

If Taliban were smart they’d play nice w Biden and limit further damage.

Because……they are so happy he’s our president, can’t make him look too bad.

Sort of when our ACC opponent coaches would say how great of a job Golden was doing. They liked him right where they had him.

He had a plan and would have executed it. And if it botched he would have addressed it immediately and would have made American life paramount.

The problem with Afghanistan is that it’s not a real country. It’s like 65 countries in one. It’s a mountain range wasteland where tribes have warred with each other for thousands of years.

Here’s my plan for Afghanistan… chop it up into 4 or 6 or 12 regions and give that region to the neighboring country. Let them annex it. Let them control that small piece. So maybe Pakistan gets the south. Iran gets the west. Uzbekistan and Tajikistan control the north.

And be done with it.

There were Americans at peril?

Listen- I don’t give a rats ass about these backward ass people. They’ve been warring for years. Let them continue to behead one another and beat their women. It’s not our problem.

I’m concerned about the Americans there and the American arms left over. That didn’t happen with the Kurds.

How the fuck would you know? He would have executed the plan? As well as he executed the COVID plan? Think about it.

I agree. Which further supports my argument that Trump wouldn’t have fared a lot better.

Oh right. If they aren’t American - even if they helped us, fuck ‘em right?

Jesus. Even I’m pissed about Afghanistan. The Afghans that helped us fight are in a ton of danger. If the Taliban identify Afghans that helped us……not good for them.

But they aren’t American. So fuck ‘em right?

Apparently you’re pro life. For Americans only.

Oh god. This narrative of “the Kurds helped us” is such nonsense.

We helped the Kurds. We armed them. The least they could do is fight. You think we need the Kurds? Lol