What Should Democrats Do Now?

Putting myself in the place of a Democrat pol, I see only one pathway to retain the White House, and that pathway does not include Biden. IMO, only one Democrat can beat Trump, and that would be Big Mike Obama. Wayne Root has predicted this for many months. Somehow, the Democrat should convince Big Mike to come to the rescue.

While we’re hearing Michelle Obama is not interested in the job, I believe she can and will be persuaded to preserve miserable Democrat Party governance in the White House. Michelle also solves the what 're we going to do with Kamala problem, because Kamala won’t be replaced by a white person.

Getting Biden to accede to stepping down is also a problem, because Biden historically has an ego that in my opinion is far larger than even Donald’s. You’ll recall Biden’s braggadocios behavior when running for the presidency in 1988 and again in 2008. Naturally, if Biden does step down, he’ll have to pardon himself, Hunter, and the rest of his influence peddling family. Nevertheless, should Big Mike prevail, the Bidens and their hundreds of bank accounts are home free and will not have to worry about prosecution.

I can be wrong but I think it’s highly unlikely that the democrats run Michelle Obama.

Firstly, you have Jill Biden allegedly fighting against plans to dethrone her husband.

Secondly, Obama herself has repeatedly snubbed the idea of running.

Third, You have to bypass Kamala to do it.

Fourth, you have effectively 4 months to pull this off.

I think it’s either finish with Biden or go to Kamala.

The Obama move presents to many problems in my opinion. It would seem forced. Give the election an obvious element of rigging.

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Points well taken GSC, but how many times have politicians said they won’t run do run.

Invoking the 25th Amendment would be acceptable to Republicans but not Democrats. In so doing, Kamala would immediately step into the presidency.

As to rigging, it’s going to happen. Mail-in ballots are a recipe for having rigged elections. All of a sudden elections are not won by the number of votes, but the number of ballots.

She’s not a politician and I honestly believe she doesn’t want to run. Why wait this long?

We’ve known Joe is in this state for the past 2 years. Why not do it midterms?

It’s as simple as this… Oh and don’t forget. You don’t have to have id…Pure comedy

I still don’t believe Michelle is running. For what? She saw how people tore her husband up. I don’t think she wants that in her life. I believe it will be Gavin Newsom as president and Wes Moore. People will bring up some negatives about Newsom…reality is running for president is never about the best option. It is about the best looking, most popular…especially on the left. Newsom is the perfect guy and would tear trump apart. He also would win the black vote in a landslide. He would take the women vote. Guy was married to trumps son’s girlfriend…he is being set up IMHO…no way Harris is the one. She is not popular at all. Trump is very beatable…just not with Biden or Harris. That being said the Dems have fucked this up to this point so anything is possible.

Lol…Where does this fucking idiot come up with this?

Oh, I dunno…

             Black Vote for Democrat in Presidential Election

1976 83%
1980 83%
1984 91%
1988 89%
1992 90%
1996 88%
2000 90%
2004 88%
2008 95%
2012 93%
2016 89%
2020 87%

You were saying?

He polls behind Biden when head to head with Trump.

Even though Biden has an enormous ego and wants to continue on as president, almost as much as Jill would have him do, I believe he will be forced to resign, and incompetent Kamala will become the first woman president.

Perhaps this is a good thing for Trump inasmuch as all the phony Biden ballots, already created for another big steal, will instantaneously become worthless.

GSC, he will jump ahead of any polls within a week. He is exactly what the Dems need to run. After he visits the states that matter his poll numbers would go way up. He is the only one who would not collapse under the power of trump. The entire reason the right does not want him to run is they know trump would lose to him.

Anyone that thinks Trump will get a big chuck of the black vote…not happening. He won’t break 8-10 percent.

Trending down nicely…And I know quite a few (and a large percentage of those I deal with weekly that are for Trump pretty heavy…As in they are the ones starting the convo)…So I think that number can getdown below 85

but the point was…you fucking idiot…Why would they love Newsom so much more than Biden?


After he visits the states that matter his poll numbers would go way up

Lol…why? The guys a fucking creep.

He is the only one who would not collapse under the power of trump.

What in the living fuck does this even mean?

He won’t break 8-10 percent.

He’s a mortal lock to beat 8 percent… I’d lay decent odds he breaks 10. Nope 80 as usual…Is just getting excited and talking out of his neck.

Not really. Over the last 20 years, it’s been at an average of 90.4%. The last two election cycles dropping from it’s highest point in almost 50 years, but that last 20 years trend a full 4 points above the first 28 years of the surveyed data.

Though, it’s quite obvious you don’t posses the ability to think beyond yourself, that you know a black guy who likes Trump just doesn’t cut it as far as nationwide trends.

He never wrote that. He wrote

Because your intended point was easily disproven, you chose to lie about what he actually wrote, proving once again that you offer little more than a toddler smearing his own shit on the walls.

Yes really…4 straight and an 8% decrease constitutes a “trend”

Because your intended point was easily disproven, you chose to lie about what he actually wrote, proving once again that you offer little more than a toddler smearing his own shit on the walls

No you stupid cunt…

You just proudly showed us how strong dems have been with black voters…Over multiple candidates and presidents…Basically they’ve all “landslided” the black vote, I think we can agree on that. So for him to bring it up means that he’s worried that he thinks another candidate may not win in “landslide” fashion or that he will win in more of a landslide than Biden or whoever…Or else why mention it? Why go out of his way to mention that this candidate will win blacks in a landslide when every president has?

If anything I think it may go a little the other way as most males I know (white, black, super political or reasonably mild ) can’t stand Newsome, think he’s a bit feminine, not to mentioned a sleazy little two faced fuck, etc…

that you know a black guy who likes Trump just doesn’t cut it as far as nationwide trends.

Nah…The group of I’d say ehhh black “semi regulars and regulars” at this poker game is about ehhh 13 or 14 "…“regulars” is about 8 …Most are inner city….All in their mid 30s to mid to 50s…4 have been very outspoken for Trump (In fact one initiated the initial convo at the game at 3AM, much to the delight of my biz partner who is a 100 % Trumper and has a piece of the game…with the opening line of “So Trump got this”? And within a couple back and forthz said “The whole hood fuck w Trump”…And believe me when I say the “hood”…This dude is from a housing project (in the infamous Hill District) that doesn’t exist anymore but when it did was fierce. But of the initial group I referred to above 3 others have said they are voting for Trump, and another in a separate conversation that started with us joking about poker procedure rules, having a mild argument, and him busting my balls saying "you’re a republican aren’t you"I said nah but I voted Trump and am leaning that way again…said it’s cool “I’m a republican too, fuck that other shit”. Good dude (bad poker player lol) even when he was likely dem. 1 gave a strong Biden endorsement, and another kinda didn’t like either but did comment on republicans being racist-stereotype shit.

Now granted Pittsburgh is not NYC or Philly or Chicago…But it is still obviously blue and I do think it is quite telling that such a large chunk of this admittedly small sample size are voting Trump, and also that many hip hop artists have come out for Trump or at the minimum been critical of blacks allegiance to dems…In '20, you had Ice Cube and maybe 1-2 others….(Hell 50 Cent’s maniac white ex chastised him to the press saying “I told him he’s black, he can’t vote Republican” when 50 even casually mentioned Trump’s more appealing tax policy) …But now there are plenty now doing so, at their concerts, at rallies, etc… And there has also been mention of Kennedy from Beanie Sigel, for instance. Obviously there are some that will stay anti- Trump.

Of 3 black close friends I grew up with (Not part of above-mentioned poker group) …And that I text every couple weeks with, one I’m going to visit on vaca and play some golf with next week…one said “probably Trump”…another I doubt will ever vote for Trump if nothing else because of his white lib wife who likes Bernie Sanders, they were pretty outspoken left since the Obama days…While another is ex-military that categorizes himself as a libertarian (I believe will only vote that way, doesn’t like Trump, but despises the left’s absurdity), but we joke about libs alot together, and he tells me stories about how nuts his brother (also a friend, was major D1 football player, now DMV accountant) and old man are as they are still libs…And how you can’t even mention politics or question anything left around them (sorta like you, my ex’s family, etc…)

But ya…Those are the black people that I have regular conversations with (outside of the rappers I mentioned) …Old close friends, and somewhat new friends (this particular poker game started about 6 months ago and goes much later, sometime til the next morning or even afternoon, than some of the other games, so I have a lot of discourse with them) or at least acquaintances… A couple that have proven to be stand up guys in my short dealings with them and funny funny mfers to cut up and bust balls with. And quite frankly there is definitely more Trump than Biden in this group of 15 or so. So yes it’s a small sample size but it is worthy. Now the one black chick I’ve been conversing with and I hope to naked wrestle soon with is dem…But has been critical of dems lately and lightened her stance on Trumpers although she will never vote for him.

But overall I believe the left is losing their stranglehold on black males…And I believe we could see 15% or so of the black vote go GOP (unless they lose some to RFK)…Which may even be a conservative estimate (no pun) based on the already emerging trend above.

The only diehards sticking with the delusional progressive- no- matter- what are black and maniac white women in their 20s to 40s…And cuckboys like yourself, of course.


Good response.

No idea. Who cares?

Despite my disagreement, at least you built a thoughtful response. I don’t recall the last time 15% of the black vote went to Republicans, but we’ll see, I suppose.

That and 80 million others. As I think we’ve seen, the most motivating single thing in the country is Trump, on each side. The last several election cycles and special elections have shown stopping Trump is just as or more motivating than pushing for Trump. You discussed your circle. I don’t know a single black person voting for Trump. I only know 1 Latino voting for Trump. Outside of the boomer constituency, I know two people in my friend and work circle who are not voting Democrat and against Trump, both of which are either not voting or voting for the Libertarian. Now, that being said, my entire family will vote Trump but are all in Oklahoma, so not a big surprise.

One thing is for sure, we’ll see.

Nole80, apparently…And then of course you have to come in on your Captain Save-A-Lib type shit.

Warden, most voters especially minorities are going to stay home with Biden. He is a terrible canidate at this point. How can you watch him speak and honestly feel this guy can lead the country four more years when he may not live four more months. I am not willing to risk that over EGO. That same EGO is why the court is slanted one way now. RBG decided she did not want to step down. At some point those on the left need WTFU and realize Trump is winning the next election unless something is done. Keep living in denial but Biden is done.

You made a dumb statement. You got called out for the dumb statement. Even at your very best odds, the statement Trump would get 15%, 85% is still a landslide. You can point the finger all you want, but you still made a dumb statement

Trump won’t get 15 percent but if the black vote stays home it is the equivalent of trump landing 15 percent.