Turning Good People Into Chumps

If Biden forgives student loans to debtors, then it would only be fair to return monies to all those who worked hard and paid their loans in full. If this does not happen, it means that those who paid their loans would be chumps having to pay twice in that their taxes go to loan forgiveness of debtors. Paying off a debt is the honorable thing to do. In essence, Biden is just buying votes.

Paying off a debt is the honorable thing to do.

You think honor means anything to theses pieces of shit? And the best part is they have the nerve to pass off their chisling, no pay asses as doing something noble. It was someone else’s fault ya know. Hell let’s make college free ya know…Because I can’t pay, let’s make a “college should be free” movement.

Nothing is free people…

This shit is so ridiculous.

Wake up.

I don’t know about that.

It seems to me that it’s pretty reasonable for us to chip in a bit for the folks that are in ten’s of thousands of dollars of debt for gender studies degrees.

If you were a banker and someone came in to borrow $100,000 to obtain a degree in philosophy, gender studies, social welfare, or Black studies, would you make the loan if the government did not insure payment?

Since student loans are NOT dischargeable in bankruptcy, many of them albeit late, likely will be paid in full. Biden is wrong on practically everything he has done. Biden rivals Obama in being this nation’s worst president ever.

This is a great plan and will need to be expanded in the future. The real culprit was the lie of trickle down econ, if you want to insult the word econ I guess. As wages have stayed stagnant, inflation has increased costs. It is easy for a grandpa BiKKKi with no moral or ethical codes to sit atop and cast rocks as in 1970 Harvard cost 4k a year (which was less than half the median income of the time). Now it is 2/3s OF median income.

The plan may not fly at all, because Biden does not control the purse. He has just usurped power from another branch of government. It one of the stupidest moves of his presidency which is fraught with stupidity.

Harvard, Dj, has enough money in their endowment fund to pay all tuitions for several decades. The first consideration however is being admitted to Harvard which soon will be found to be skewed unconstitutionally in favor of minorities.

It is still possible to earn your way through college. A good rule of thumb would be for families to save money from childhood onward to pay for college. Under Biden, this family frugality would be tantamount to their being chumps. Another way to mitigate cost is through scholarship and grants. .

How easily liberals dismiss others’ debts. Paying debts is an indication of high integrity and honorable comportment. Biden is encouraging young people to be deadbeats.

Ahem @warden84 ^^^^…This is what you’re siding with.

As wages have stayed stagnant, inflation has increased costs. It is easy for a grandpa BiKKKi with no moral or ethical codes to sit atop and cast rocks as in 1970 Harvard cost 4k a year (which was less than half the median income of the time). Now it is 2/3s OF median income.

Then don’t go there…Especially if you have to borrow money and think you are going to have a hard time paying it back…pretty simple stuff here. Save the tantrum and delusional justification for coming up empty on a payback.

Plenty of ways to make it to Harvard without paying…And then plenty of ways to make it big without Harvard otherwise.


This is terrible plan that will only subsidize the beasts that are these colleges even more. College tuition has been going through the roof for a while now. It’s not tied to inflation.

There’s no reason the government should have to pay back loans and have the taxpayers foot the bill.

Harvard has billions in endowments and is a cash cow. They could easily make this debt go away and it would be a drop in the bucket.

But then they wouldn’t be able to continue to feed the beast. It’s a racket.

Now do the PPP loans and TARP

Of course, if you were a banker, you were given TARP money from the US government to the tune of $498 billion, 3.5 % of GDP at the time. In fact, let’s go back…shall we?

1792 was the first government bailout. Initially, Hamilton authorized $100,000 to buy open-market securities, but ended up spending another $650,000.

Then you have the Great Depression, which involves a slew of programs. Too many to list, but in particular, the US government enlisted a program to buy and refinance homes that kept 1 million from being homeless

We have the Reagan S&L Crisis of 1989, we spent $160 billion to take care of the S&Ls, a direct result of the no regulation stance Reagan invoked on the market…for no other reason than they were so flush with cash that they delved into riskier and riskier commercial real estate ventures and overt fraud.

We have the Great Recession…which runs around $2 trillion in total to banks

Then, we have Trump’s PPP Loans…which again ran more than $2 trillion, in which Trump waived lawyers tasked with oversight

In fact, let’s just take a look at the snapshot of some of these bailouts

Now, tell me more about your “banker” story…which one of these banks is he working at while making this decision about a philosophy major.

Then, we can talk about how people like Trump never pay his debts to banks to the tune of hundreds of millions, and then how many times his companies have declared bankruptcy and then we’ll discuss how student loans aren’t forgivable through the same process.

This guy has a hard on for Trump. I’ve never seen someone so intent to bring his name into conversations that don’t pertain to him.

TDS is strong in this guy.

Why would we talk about this?


Oh I forgot…OrangeManBad has to appear in every thread…Good stuff.

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This thread, Warden, has nothing to do with Trump who made excellent decisions both as a businessman and president. It’s about Biden, who, compared to Trump, is a complete failure and poor decision-maker. A compelling case can be made for Biden wanting to curry favor and buy votes by forgiving loans. Far and away, the majority of loan defaults are from students hailing from well-heeled families, certainly not those on the verge of bankruptcy.

When the Republicans win back the House, it will be interesting to see committees looking into Biden family corruption and Joe’s role as the “Big Guy.” It appears to me that evidence may be uncovered showing Joe Biden to have sold out his country acting on behalf of himself, his family, and foreign entities. Prediction: Biden will resign before finishing his term, citing his health as reason for so doing.

What irony it is that through a rigged election, the Dems succeeded in electing two incompetents who are making America Less Great following the stunning achievements of the truly Great President Trump. Ironic, too, that you Warden and Low T are oblivious to the fatuous failures of your so-called “progressive” president.

Ah, so you don’t want to talk about rich people being bailed out all the time, huh? Gotcha

I want to you to discuss this particular issue and not deflect to Trump as you so often and transparently do when you don’t have a good rebuttal.

a lie from a liar

another lie

no data, another lie

Notice, absolutely not a single word from you Republicans on the bailouts of the past…as per usual. No integrity, whatsoever.

As a person, you have absolutely zero redeeming qualities at all. It’s amazing but your apologia for pedophiles isn’t even your worst, which says quite a bit about what type of utter trash you are.

Really? Because you totally ignored 90% of what I wrote. You don’t have shit…nobody told you what to say yet on this subject so you’re just a blank staring bobblehead

I thought well-heeled families used bankruptcy often, as you said about Trump?

I just told you what I think on the subject you dipshit.

We shouldn’t have to subsidize those that can’t pay for college expenses that are inflated and in a lot of cases don’t provide much value, especially for those majors that are completely worthless.

Essentially, it’s a subsidy to Universities that have enormous endowments and could lower the cost of tuition if they really cared to make it more affordable for people.

We don’t need the government trying to buy votes with this gimmicky measure that by expert accounts will increase inflation.

Biden doesn’t have any solutions other than those that will make inflation worse.

I think the Fortune 500 can make a killing off of student loans…

They go find talent that they want. Offer them a substandard contract agreement with a guarantee to pay off their debt but they have to stay with the company for “x” number of years for it to take effect.

They can then possibly negotiate on the back end to pay reduced portions of those student loans.

Watch- it’ll become a market soon.

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