This is not LEGALLY a vaccine

I never knew the definition of a vaccine was codified.

This makes it REALLY EASY for us now.

This RNA technology being given to the public doesn’t meet that :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2: definition.

Therefor, It should not be protected against lawsuits when adverse effects manifest in patients.

GSC has gotten to the point of parsing every possible word in an attempt to bend what he believes is the truth in his direction.


So words don’t matter now? Particularly ones that Congress codified and defined and then ascribed penalties and protections to?


Even the CDC has to change their definition

I’m gonna predict crickets here GSC

What do you mean they HAVE to change their definition?

This is hilarious.

But the vaccines WERE designed to prevent 1 or more diseases. All vaccines have failure rates. That doesn’t magically make them not vaccines.

This is reaching like I’ve never seen before. it’s like making up conspiracies where one isn’t even needed.

I’m not surprised I read this in the Shelter.

EDIT: Oh look, there’s skeeter with his fake “crickets” comment again. It must make him feel good because it’s certainly not true, especially since he said it AFTER someone had already commented…

This is truly a new low. This is like Clinton saying “it depends on what your definition of “is” is.

This is pissed off Forrest’s go to when he’s got nothing else to say. Soon he’ll make an entirely separate topic on what cunts we are. It’s pathetic.

You have to love these guys.

5 years of Trump they literally took his words out of context. Manufactured meanings to help ease their cognitive dissonance.

And now- I show them a LEGAL TECHNICAL difinition, codified in law…. the consequences of this definition result in consequences and benefits for Americans…

And they claim I’m stretching for something.

It’s in black and white guys. It’s the law.

Uh, no. We took his words for what he said. You tried to put those words in a different context in a (failed) effort to defend him.

Which, by the way, it IS a vaccine.

Both my kids got COVID. My wife and I are vaccinated. We didn’t get sick.

Pretty sure that the jab prevented us from getting sick.

And nevermind the vast majority of those on the hospital are not vaccinated.

Sounds like the definition of a vaccine to me.

You are beyond desperate at this point.

How can you prove you would have gotten “sick” (I’m assuming you mean worse symptoms) without a vaccine?

And no one in my family or any of my close family got sick and none of us have the vaccine. So, not sure what point you are making.

Considering how highly infectious COVID is, I can logically assume it worked.

This is further evidenced by what said before about most COVID patients who are in the hospital.

Good. I’m glad. Have any of them been exposed that you know of?

I see what you’re saying. Your kids got COVID and you have the vaccine which you assume inoculated you from infection.

I have a handful of friends that had family members they lived with get COVID prevaccine and they never caught it. So it’s one of those things.

I’m sure there are examples of this, no doubt.

Again. Vaccinated vs not vaccinated in hospitals.

It’s pretty clear.

That’s what I said. By law it’s a vaccine. it couldn’t be clearer than that. (And I don’t know why you’re muddying the issue by talking about Trump.)

The point he’s making, which you didn’t make, is that he was in constant close contact with his covid-positive kids, and he and his wife were vaccinated and didn’t catch covid.

Gotcha. Well I’ll make it now then. Yes, I’ve been in close contact with quite a few folks that got COVID and I didn’t get it.

A coworker that sits a few feet away from me got it. Some close friends and family that we were around got it. No one in my family got sick.



Come on, man. Unless you lived indoors with and cared for multiple covid-positives, you can’t compare cases.

My best friend did.

His wife got Covid. He lived with her and cared for her.

He and his son weren’t infected.

I know others as well.