This is how it ends

LOL. What an idiot.

Honestly kinda surprised he wasn’t executed on site.

The radicalization of the right is starting to mobilize now. So funny they always predicted it to was going to be the left. Instead these fascist trumpkin, conspiratorial losers are gonna anchor conservative thought to the grave.

Shame they don’t go after BLM and Antifa like this.

Social justice and emancipation are noble causes.

Following conspiracy theories till you drive through a military gate and pick off soldiers with paint guns because you are confused on who is the legitimate POTUS means you should prolly be locked up for good (or killed in your failed conquest).

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This quote is so hilarious:

Olson drove up to the side of the base and saw two reservists about 15 yards away standing in a fenced-in parking lot. He got out of his car and shouted, “This is for America,” and fired two or three paintball rounds at them before the rifle jammed.

Also this:

He said he would be “taken over by the Spirit of Christ and lead the people to unity” and “things can only be resolved by the barrel end of a gun.”

Yeah, I’m pretty sure Jesus was a gun dude.


This is who guys like GSC cheer on. Fucking idiots who fire paintballs at service members.

He’s lucky his fucking head wasn’t blown off.

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Antifa and BLM have been involved in hundreds of violent and destructive acts, doing more than a billion dollars in damage, not including the looting of businesses. These are your true domestic terrorists, and they should be sentenced to jail terms. Conversely, the government is dealing harshly with the DC group that was almost completely unarmed. Persons are being held without bond for misdemeanors while prosecutors hunt up felonies to be added to their charges. This of course is a two tier justice system. Is a two tier justice system considered to be an example of social justice? How many have gone to jail in Portland. What we are witnessing is fascist tyranny.

Lmfao bikki, you keep pushing and peddling your lies. Your god will bend you over in hell for eterntiy.

@bikki228 as someone who I’m sure loves this country - you are doing everything you can to minimize the shameful display of Jan 6 as the first time there was not a peaceful transition of power since the civil war.

You continue to praise a president as the best since Lincoln. Good presidents don’t feed these flames. Trump is absolutely responsible for what happened here.

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It truly is embarrassing how un-american they behave. I think it was bikki who wrote on here how he seeks a difference of opinion from his own (lol)

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I seriously think you have some cognitive issues.

I never supported this guy. I’m saying they should go after the other side with the same fervor.

They kidnapped antifa and blm in the dead of night without provocation while wearing badge-less and patch-less storm trooper outfits. They physically beat them, shot them in the face with tear gas canisters, shot them with rubber bullets, and the like.
What you fail to remember is we have pictures and video of how BLM and Antifa are treated by police compared to the capitol rioters. It’s as clear as day, but you don’t have the integrity to acknowledge…well, anything, really.


I’ve already gone through this on the old board.

They did No such thing.

It was one guy and it was an exfiltration. Extremely obvious. They were hand signaling to each other.

I believe shooting Antifa and BLMers who are committing crimes is eminently justified. As for the capitol riot, I do not condone criminal behavior. Calling it an insurrection might be construed as criminal behavior especially among persons of indisputable sanity. Warden’s description is of course patently absurd; he construes black clad thugs as being Freedom Fighters. I see them as Klansman dressed in different colored outfits. Burning a court house with people inside is hardly a virtuous activity much less burning a large swath in the city of Minneapolis.

During the Tea Party days, nice gatherings were held of families and friends where no damage was done and no litter was left behind, much the same as Trump rallies numbering a million participants during the campaign. Conversely, the valiant Occupy Wall Street leftists were busy littering the neighborhood and even publicly defecating on cop cars.

No matter what Warden and Dj contend there is a huge difference in civility between conservative groups and leftist groups. The left not the right are the fascists among us. There is little doubt of that.

Bikki - there are assholes on both sides. Stop pretending to be self righteous.

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There are always assholes, 51. Democrats believe 80 million or more voted for Dementia Joe. There was not one single act of violence in Trump crowds during the campaign which numbered one million attendees. That is the difference. Antifa was throwing bombs into police cars while BLM burned Minneapolis and Portland. “Come on now, Man.”

This is true.

Perhaps none that Trump attended. But there was plenty of violence that came from Trump supporters who gathers in various places to support him.

And let’s not forget the capital.

Too bad over 90% of these injustices don’t exist, emancipation happened long ago, and there is nothing about your communist approach that successfully addresses what does need to be fixed.