They're not here to hurt me

We just established this morning that Hutchinson is now a perjury candidate. You really want to die on that hill?

Because you refuse to watch anything that implicates your leader, you don’t know this…but, it was on video. They played the police video and police radio calling out the weapons.

But but but
Nobody had weapons that day. It was a peaceful protest…

Huh? Has nothing to do with my statement. I’m just saying you may want to rethink using Hutchinson as a witness to anything as her credibility is shot.

I’m sure the operators that the FBI knew and sanctioned that day had guns and weapons with them. No doubt about it.

But, that’s coming from you…who systematically dismisses all the lies of Trump and his cronies at the onset, 100% of the time, in every way, despite the evidence. So, to be candid…you’re literally the least trustworthy human outside of Bikki and Trump on the planet in my mind. Again, this isn’t rhetoric…I believe you have absolutely zero integrity, in every way, without hyperbole. It’s not just argumentative rhetoric.

What we actually do is simply refer to the countless independent witnesses who always come out after these stories to rebut the hearsay being shoveled to the media as fact. You just don’t like that.

You only refer to the ones who were there and implicated in the entire process. You don’t have the integrity to acknowledge the concept of objective witnesses. Simply put, you’re not a great guy as far as morality, character, integrity, etc.

Amazing how he just used Hutchinson as a witness and says the above when we just learned that she wasn’t there on the scene and her testimony is 3rd party. We also have SS Agents who were there willing to testify to rebut her if the Committee has the balls to do so .

And chief OrangeManBad does huh? ^^^

We would love for them to stand up and say something other than pleading the 5th.

Huh? They aren’t suspects. They simply responded to the allegations that Hutchinson made to the committee. Why would they plead the 5th? Why do you immediately see them as a threat?

Huh? No shit they are not suspects. We’d be happy for anyone, and I mean anyone to stand up in front of the committee and not plead the 5th.

(Instead of, you know already, hiding like the rest.)

Welcome with open arms

The funny thing is you take Twitter and gateway pundit as reliable sources. For instance, Hutchinson testified that Tony Ornado told her the secret service incident. So, unless Tony Ornado goes under oath and stops taking the 5th, you’ve got nothing. What you DO have is direct witnesses like the former Attorney General explaining that it was all a bunch of bullshit and they were trying a coup.
He telegraphed it and told you exactly the plan months and months before.

You’ve got so little integrity, you trust the guy who says if he loses then its rigged, but if he wins, it’s all good.

Again, you’re one of the least reliable and trustworthy people in existence

He’s running around, lying, and pretending like all his clowns have been helping out all along. Devoid of reality.

They have been more reliable than your shitty sources lol.

says the guy who denies basic reality and thinks he’s smarter than Copernicus, NASA and the Dictionary…oh, and says Trump is trustworthy and will give the power back to the people. What a joke you are as a person

But you’re the guy that HAS TO rely on these people/entities even though you truly don’t understand what they say and can’t duplicate their math or experiments.

And mind you- this seems to be your go-to even though I’m not a flat earther. What I am, and I’ve explained this a bunch of times, is agnostic about the reality of the shape/physical nature of our world.

For some reason that bothers you. It’s weird. I never get bothered by what people think on their heads about things. It’s not my business and doesn’t really affect me. But you’re so insecure that it enrages you. It’s quite interesting, and sad, to watch.

Nah, you’re a dishonest guy who’s a fucking idiot, at heart…like, to the core. Essentially, Cliff Claven but with no morals

Says the guy with Mork on his avatar