The Irony!

Hey 305 - 51 - SC!

Explain to Bezos that mail in ballots are secure!

I don’t understand why you think this is a gotcha. Bezos does not want a union, and he wants to suppress voting efforts for one. Just like Trump didn’t want to lose the election, and he wanted to suppress voting against him.

Got it! Everyone’s comments are based on their own self interest. Cool.

You and democrats wanted Joe to win therefor your comments about mail in being safe are biased. We can do this all day.

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What are you talking about? I don’t know the finer points of what Bezos is doing, but I’m not defending him. Did you not get that? For the record, I am against voter suppression. I thought that was obvious.

GSC is trying to say that Amazon is concerned about fraudulent union ballets.

He’s comparing the security of our election system to the local 220 union.

You can’t make this up. :laughing:

TrumpU still just can’t fathom that Biden is his president.

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Rare footage of 51 in his living room reading this thread


I see what you did there.

Please. Continue sobbing about Trump’s deserved loss.

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At least it’s not the usual stories about chemtrails, UFOs and the like. But, you know…just anyone uploading stories is a viable news source, still, right?

What makes a large news outlet different from an individual in 2021?

I’d like to hear your thoughts.

What makes

NBC, CBS, CNN, the NYTimes or any other large publisher or broadcaster

More credible than a man wringing a blog?

Serious answer please. Leave the snark out.

Wow. :laughing:

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Why don’t you answer the question if you know it.

Dude. Do you know how many tweets by nobodies you’ve posted over the years that were immediately proven false?

This is nothing but you believing what you want to believe.

Why don’t you answer the question?

Oh, but we have. Over and over.

You’ve answered the question?

What does a news agency possess (technology, expertise, distribution, marketing, human capital, investment, location, real estate, etc…) that an independent reporter doesn’t or can’t have?

I’ll wait for the answer. Please be specific.

LOL. You said you used to work for a media outlet. That means you know what they have.

Jesus. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

That’s not what I said. I said I used to train investigative reporters. I’ve been to and featured at IRE.

I understand how to source and how to protect confidential sources. How to use public records and vet information. How to profile. I understand exactly how a newsroom runs. How they make editorial decisions and what gets ran and what gets buried and why.

I understand native advertising and social media influencing.

I understand what a scoop is and how the industry has bent heavily from accuracy to speed to get clicks and eyeballs.

The point is this… there is no difference, other than brand, from a 30 year NYTimes or WSJ reporter than a random person on Twitter. None.

So long as that person makes an attempt to verify information and it is accurate, he is reporting.

And the longer you work in and with journalists, the more you figure out that it’s the independent journalists that have no influence on their content. There’s not a editorial board that reports to a corporate board, who is scared of sponsors or interests… so they usually report much more honestly and fairly.

But I wouldn’t expect you to know these things. You couldn’t answer the question.

Oh, the irony. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Yeah. Some folks just don’t deserve the time. Truly pathetic

But yet you’re here.

How many times are you guys going to feign moral and intellectual superiority while complaining to not want to be here… but then keep coming back?

Knock it off. Either debate or leave. We don’t need your moral prognostications.