Texas shooting

Surprised this hasn’t been brought up as a topic yet.

Curious about solutions folks would propose to prevent this type of thing from happening. Gun laws are the obvious answer people give, and I’m not opposed to some common sense laws, but I always wonder why the security side of the equation isn’t brought up enough.

Why don’t all schools have armed guards? Why can’t we beef up the security side of the equation to deter these mentally unstable criminals.

It seems like we should have learned our lesson in the countless shootings we’ve endured in the past few decades.

There are no such things. Everything that is common sense is already implemented. The vast majority of mass shooters get their weapons illegally and there are no laws that would prevent them outside of wholesale banning of certain types of guns.

And we’ve discussed this before…. You can’t ban a brand of gun or a style of gun. You’d have to select the mechanism in the gun that you would want banned. So for instance, you can ban all semi automatic lower receivers…. This is the mechanism that integrates different components of the gun, for instance, the trigger or trigger mechanism…. So if you ban a certain type of lower receiver thinking you will ban all semi auto rifles, you will also ban the hand guns and shotguns that use the same lower receiver technology.

I’m a big proponent of doing the opposite of banning weapons or weapons technology. I believe that mutually assured destruction works.

If you are a bad guy intent on killing people you better be amazingly efficient in my scenario because multiple guns can be pulled on you in an instant, in all directions, if you decide to draw in public. You may have 10 seconds to get the job done. The way they would have it is only the criminals would have access to guns (by illegal means) and law abiding citizens would be stuck defenseless.

No thank you.

I mourn for those children. I really do. I have an 8, 5, and 2 year old…. But no amount of dead children in this manner, including my own, would change my opinion.

Except that doing NOTHING doesn’t work. That is a fact.

I didn’t say do nothing. I said deregulate. Put a gun in every single able bodied, non criminals hand. Done. Society saved.

Go read up on what the House has been proposing for years now. then come back and ask fucking questions.

Fucking joke.

I didn’t read anything about security in the schools. Did they have that?

You think banning certain types of “assault rifles” stops this sort of thing?

Show evidence that strict gun laws in major cities cuts down on gun violence. Then get back to me when you show me the proof.

What who said this? You asked what could be done as a blanket statement, did you not?


Funny how the “pro life” brigade suddenly flips on kids. Once they are born, fuck em.

Funny how you and Warden conflate issues and create straw man arguments all the time. One issue is easily preventable and the other is way more nuanced. As usual, you don’t have integrity in your arguments, just like your brother Warden.

You have evidence those laws will stop psychopaths like this kid? Or maybe not allowing him to have 30 minutes inside the school before you address him?

You do know that the gun was purchased legally right? And bad guys find a way to get guns.

You know what surprises me…that you don’t know anything about what you’re talking about on a regular basis.

There was an armed security guard. He followed him inside.
Also, Texas DOES have armed teachers. I have friends who are teachers and principals here who are the designated armed staff.

[quote=“GardenStateCane, post:2, topic:4013”]

100% a lie.

Apparently, you’ve never seen a Western. Also, what the fuck do you know about guns? You’re from Jersey. What a joke.

You’re a sick fella, that’s for sure. A sick, morally twisted sack of shit.

god damn

They are dressed like they’re going after Bin Laden, but were too scared to go in after an 18 yr old with a rifle. Every one of those cats should be canned. They were geared up and ready to take people down…the parents of the kids being murdered.

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So not being a reactionary, delusional, phony world-saving asshole that thinks he can lead us all to utopia makes one “sick”…Gotcha

Quick question for anyone with an opinion or seeing something that I’m not

How in the living fuck are people able to walk into school so easily? I mean I need a fingerprint to get acknowledged at the desk to my doctor?

Dunno, man. He, apparently, went right past the armed security guard posted at the school. Lot of help that guy was. Then, the cops hung out for an hour outside hassling the parents not the shooter. Sounds like a total and complete clusterfuck. In Dallas, I think they’re all locked except the front…but, i think can just walk in right passed everything and into the school through the front doors if you have the balls

Ha! This guy calls into question people’s claims and then uses fictitious movies as his. What a loser.

Buddy…. Everywhere you have high concentrations of legal gun ownership you see lower shooting rates and higher safety rates.

Let’s start with- I’m a firearms owner.

Why? Because I’m honest? Because my ideas differ from yours?

Because I am smart enough to understand that fearing the gun is inferior in a situation like this to fearing the operator?

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Most likely forced to stand down. They have policies to create and mid terms to win. Need ultimate mobilization right now.

I didn’t read the article on the story the moment came out but apparently that guy shirked his duties. Well then my original question still stands, what’s the solution to stop this type of thing? I’m asking the question and don’t have a good answer.

Buffalo has red flag laws and that shooter still shot a bunch of people. Chicago has strict gun laws and a ton of gun violence. This shooter passed a background check.

I’m all for keeping a crazy person from getting a gun but where are the proposed solutions to keep the guns in the hands of the law abiding citizens and not just take them away from everyone?

Not one proposed gun control bill would have prevented this.