Supreme Court gives victory to transgender student who sued to use bathroom

I disagree with this. Using children to push an agenda.

The Supreme Court on Monday left in place a decision that allowed a transgender student to use the bathroom that corresponded to his gender identity, a victory for the LGBTQ community that has been fearful the high court would take up the case and reverse a lower court opinion.

Lol…It’s any better than forbidding kids to attend school?

You think these people a give a flying fuck about kids? Wake up.

Question. In primitive societies, why have I never heard of a constituent tribal member having gender dysphoria, trading his loincloth for a grass skirt. The Supreme Court dodging the case, I view as a win for the pervs.

You disagree with this but vote for the people who institute it. Makes a lot of sense.

Because- Orange man bad.

Why so much dysphoria all of a sudden? People have lost the minds. I’m convinced a good economic depression would snap a lot people out of the dysphoria doldrums, and we have just the man in the White House to make this vision come to true. Than man is bonkers, and the whole world knows it. I for instance just got an email from Russia, and my friend who an is eminent physician feels a sense of embarrassment for America, and too believes that Trump won the election and was swindled out of a victory. Biden is a joke in Russia. They’re making jokes up about the president of the United States.

Terrifying but spot on analysis.

Let’s see who gives a shit about gender or race when they can’t pay for food or heat for their families.

It only wouldn’t make sense if he was a single-issue voter and this was his single issue.

Most people realize that there are no perfect candidates. You’re gonna disagree with everyone on something.

Exactly. I have many issues to vote on. I also want the person or people I’m voting for to have decency to the people who they are supposed to serve. We need a Ross Perot type now.

Lol- I love this.

What’s more important to a Christian than sanctity of life?

What’s slightly below that? Using my tax money to pay for people to have sex change operations?

You voted for a guy that supports and institutes policies that send people to hell.

For a Christian these are non-negotiable. You know that. Go ahead and try to deny it.

And you justify it by saying you’d rather have a guy in office that’s more polite and civil.

SC- you need to take a long hard look in the mirror if that’s the best you have. Sorry brother. You voted the devil into office. But he’s polite. So…

Lol- I love this. Biden Derangement Syndrome at its finest.

My aversion to Joe Biden began years ago when I was a liberal. Yes, I was as big of a muttonhead as Djrion. Well, on second thought, maybe not that bad. He was so pompous and full of himself during the Watergate Hearings that my mother pointed him out as a jerk. Mom was right about Creepy Joe. No one persecuted Clarence Thomas during his Supreme Court confirmation worse than Joe Biden. Thomas likened it to a lynching. He’s been a jerk all of his life, never had a real job, and now lives in a Delaware mansion once occupied by the DuPont family Where did he get the money being a professional politician?

Because you don’t want or care to know/understand as you are simply paralyzed by your own belief system.

Sumerian - Gala Priests

Ancient Greeks - galli

Roman empoerer - Heliogabalus

The list goes on and on and on and on and on and on. Heck, I even found some articles on them during the prehistoric period through a 30 second search.

What exactly do you disagree with? I’d say generally, I agree wrt children. I would never say I’d always agree.

So what are we talking about specifically that you disagree with?

What part of Biden/Harris screams “decency to the people”…Comedy

How about keeping them out of a classroom you commie cunt?

Pot meet kettle you commie cunt

Lol…Let’s do a Biden Derangement Syndrom vs. Orange Man Bad comparison on this website.

You lose.

Ya but what we are looking for here are this little word called “patterns” you see…Clear “PATTERNS”

I don’t lose anything skeeter cause I’m not playing. I do find the bouts of BDS on this site entertaining though, so keep it up folks.

The key word in my statement is “primitive.”

The “moderate.”

He thinks our comments on Biden are “deranged.” Lol.

305- for how much longer are you going to pretend to not be a flaming progressive liberal? Why is hiding that so important to you?

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The “conservative,” ladies and gentlemen.