Suddenly Coronavirus not a threat

Amazing what an election can do.

First they change the requirements for testing positive which will reduce the number of people considered infected. And Ofcourse, it will bring that number down dramatically.

Then governors and mayors act swiftly to lift their stay at home orders.

All coordinated. All bullshit since day 1.

And you guys will continue to vote for the 4th Reich.

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There are still plenty of restrictions (not much in FL), and Biden is looking at banning more travel to the US.

Did you see he’s banning people from South America? What a racist son of a bitch. It’s because most of them are brown and poor 51.

Just in unacceptable!

Lol…Like clockwork. Man it was really a monster week of covid advancement wasn’t it?

It doesn’t shock me that your trying (and failing) to compare the banning of travel because of COVID (which Trump also did) with banning majority Muslim countries…”until we can figure out what’s going on.”

I suppose you’ll be creating posts that clearly show you’re butt hurt because Trump (deservedly) lost for the next 4 years.

The one that Trump borrowed from Obama?

This is such a forced narrative it hurts, at least with California.

  1. California is NOT reopening yet. An order from 6 weeks ago is being canceled, but that just reverts the Stay-At-Home from multi-county regions back to the previous county-by-county lockdowns. We are still locked down. (Note that this order being reverted started AFTER Biden was already elected.)

  2. California reopening is based on hospital data. The reason for the above reversion is because of improving hospital data. Each county will further, on a county-by-county basis remain locked down until hospital data improves. This has always been the plan, and it’s always been transparent.

  3. The idea that we’re reopening now because of the election is total bunk BECAUSE WE INITIALLY REOPENED BEFORE THE ELECTION. California and most of the country reopened months and months ago, some in the summer and some in the fall. Some might say California’s in such a bad way now because of the reopening, but what you believe isn’t important. The fact is, we were already open and closed again, and remain closed, based on hospital data.

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More info to show that this is data-driven and was anything but “sudden.”

The statewide order, imposed Dec. 6, was based on regional numbers, such as intensive care unit capacity, and included the San Joaquin Valley, Bay Area and Southern California. Four-week ICU capacity projections for these three regions are above 15%, the threshold that allows regions to exit the order, state health officials said Monday.

The Sacramento Region left the order on Jan. 12 and the Northern California region was never under the statewide order.

After 10 months of swallowing a forced narrative down his sheepy little skull…He’s gonna lecture on forced narratives.

More info to show that this is data-driven and was anything but “sudden.”

Who cares if it’s “data-driven” when the data is being manipulated

Remember when 305 was “neutral?”

How edgy…

The ICU data hasn’t been manipulated. At least, you haven’t established that.

Remember when skeeter wasn’t an idiot?

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Says the man ready to put 2 masks on his face. Let that sink in

Poor guy, it must be chaotic to live in your head.

I don’t even know what this means.

pretty clear snowflake

This pretty much sums up skeeter. Refuses to do something easy because he believes his freedom is being impeded.

He’s a joke.

Big surprise, skeeter has 5 posts in this thread and has contributed 0 facts. He’s just grade-school bluster. To be fair, it probably worked for him when everyone else was 12. Now it’s just sad.

I don’t care what Cali rules have been put in place…Why would you be stupid enough to think Newsome wouldn’t move the goalposts…And why would you think they were ever telling the truth about hospital data? They’ve been caught lying and exaggerating hospital data all over the country…And his thresholds most likely were guesswork or lockdown-friendly and not needed in the first place?

They have lied to you every step of the way, and you just keep eating it up.

How great is this… the media lies to these guys and then where do they go to get their “facts?” The same media.

It’s like the Capitol event… the FBI says Antifa was not involved right? But the FBI is also the same people saying Antifa doesn’t exist lol.

Even though we can see them and they declare themselves and have field offices.

Are you seeing the problem skeeter? They won’t look outside their media bubble for any answers.

10 months in and they beg for more…It’s mind-boggling.

But back to this thread…Let’s get away from the Newsom aspect…You libs realize what Ethical Skeptic is saying? And you don’t see anything wrong with this. Especially the timing of it?