Storm - New Bet?

Hey Storm - since you lost the first bet and refuse to man up an honor it, how about another bet you won’t man up and honor?

Tell us what you believe will happen on 2/19. Will it result in indictments and Biden leaving office?

If it does, we will stop editing most of your posts and apologize.

If it does not, I propose you go away. While I have no problem debating with reasonable people with whom I disagree, you are off the grid.

So what’s supposed to happen on 2/19? Let’s iron that out for this new bet.

Come on. Put your arse on the line so that we can watch you lose, not apologize, and move the goal posts.

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I gotta see this!

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I think Storm’s learned his lesson about QAnon bets.

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Funny how he hasn’t responded to this but is all in on 2/19.

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Storm has zero credibility…guys a clown

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———BIDEN 2024!!!————-

That’s what you’re saying it going to happen.

And I’ve already told you. If this happens the way you claim it will, I’ll apologize and stop editing your posts. If you lose, you apologize and go away for a while.

NO NO NO, he has to turn his caps lock off for life!

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I’ll take it! No need to bam anyone.

Storm - if I lose - I’ll issue a public apology and state you were right all along.

If you lose - you must post without caps forever.


Now what date is whatever you’re saying is going to happen? Articulate that and we have a bet.

Put your ass on the line.

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I want this!

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Come on, man!

I HATE the no all-caps bet!

a) He will always welch on any bet,
b) I like his all-caps. It makes his posts easily identifiable… so with a glance I can skip over them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good point.

How to know you have low testosterone…

When CAPS LOCK bothers you.

Give me a break guys.

The bet with storm should be that if there are no trials then he must admit swasey blows as a strength coach

I love that GSC’s last line of defense is always to fall back on how much of a “man” he thinks he is.

You flex in front of the mirror don’t you.

He talks about how much of a man he is while also abandoning threads where he realizes he has no argument.


Once again - you continue to misinterpret.

I’m not commenting on MY manliness. I’m commenting on the lack of manliness of others. If you, by inference, determine that it makes me more manly… thank you.

How to know you have low testosterone…

When CAPS LOCK bothers you.

Give me a break guys.

Lighten up Francis. I seriously doubt anyone here is bothered by ALL CAPS LOCK. I’m betting it was brought up because it’s something that would bother Storm if he had to give it up–just a way to get under his skin.

You got it Skippy! They’ve been complaining about it for a decade but you, Skip, are right!

You idiot. By saying it, you are automatically saying you believe you’re more manly than others. Otherwise you wouldn’t say it.

How else are we suppose to interpret it? You say we’re “soy” - it automatically says you believe you’re more manly.

To me it makes you less so because you feel this need to state it. Nancy.

Of course the election was stolen, but the worst thing about the matter, and I think it is what underlies Storm’s frustration, is ci that the steal has been successful. John Roberts has ducked the impeachment circus, and there does not seem to be any zeal displayed on the part of the justices to engage actively in reversing a presidential election. It would require too much courage.

We’ve got four years to file lawsuits. The truth is going to leak out. Given the alien invasion, people are going to be screaming for the Trumpster. Biden will go down as the second worst president in history, ahead only of the Kenyan who finagled his way into office.

What I am curious about are the statements made by Lin Wood pertaining to Pence and Roberts. It would be sheer madness of Wood to have put forth such allegation unless he had some aces in the hole.