Smaller Changes

None of this is a big deal but in case anyone’s interested.

Old Images are Gone

Believe it or not, gigabytes of Q memes do incur a cost to hosting. Nobody in the community posts pictures too much so I figured there was no need to keep around the baggage. We’re now more lean and mean, but feel free to continue uploading pictures as you like.

Category Changes

Do people feel strongly about keeping the categories the way they are?

Personally, I think having fewer categories is better when a forum is small.

I was thinking of making the main board about Miami Hurricanes Football INCLUDING the recruiting board. Those topics often overlap anyway. Would anyone object to merging these two categories as our main forum? Input @skeeter ?

Also, I was thinking of making a SPORTS TALK forum that would basically be everything else, so Canes basketball, baseball, NFL, whatever. That would all go in the same forum. Input @MADSTORK ?

The Shelter will still be the Shelter, but hopefully a little more sane now.

What do you think? Love it or hate it?

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Can’t see this one either. I’ll log out.

I think I fixed it. Try now.

This might have had something to do with it. Weird that the “feed” showed up like this.

Still can’t read that post. Also, can’t seem to log out. Where is the log out thing?

Your M icon in the top right corner of the header, then the very bottom profile icon, then the bottom option.

For giggles, here it is Stork

My feed is like that, too. 305 is the new Storm. :grinning:

That is so weird.

Mine does not look like that at all. It looks “normal”…

Hey now those are a bunch of edits. Responding to you knuckleheads, I might add. :wink:

That list is basically me moving conspiracy stuff to the Shelter. I did that for everything in 2024 and everything that was flagged by the community. Before that it’s not worth bothering.

Meh. You are a better man than I. I would have just purged it. ALL of it…

Relieved to hear you are not a megalomaniac. :grinning:

My theory is that I moved a topic that you posted in, so you were notified. If that’s not true let me know.

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That’s a good theory and would explain it.


Personally, I like the addition of the recruiting info to the main football board. As has been pointed out, they are ultimately related. I also like that it is sub-tagged with the “Recruiting” label. Makes it really easy to pick out.

Just my $0.02


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If you are asking, I like the recruiting board to be separate, and that seems to always have worked on other sites

But it’s not a huge deal to me, whatever you wanna do.

I guess if the major contributor of the recruiting info feels they prefer them to be separate, I would vote for adhering to that.

Whatever makes it easier for the contributors.

What always gets me is you see recruiting talk on the main forum anyway.

I made a change last night to make Recruiting a “tag.” That means people can check the main football board and Recruiting will be tagged to those posts. If you want you can click into only recruiting, just as if it were a category. You could also click “no-tags” if you want only football and no recruiting.

So it kind of works as before except that the default is for everything to be mixed together. Let me know what you think.

I think that was really only with the portal.

Whatever you think is best…I just know every other board seems to keep recruiting separate. In the very long ago past other boards did combine and it just seems like it was all less organized when boards had it all lumped together.

The tags could work though. Honestly though, whatever works for you and the others is fine by me.

Cool. You are the main one who uses the board so I’ll ultimately go with what you think is best, but I will experiment with the layout for a few days to get an idea of what we can do.