Remaining games postponed

Apparently the Covid situation got worse on the team, so all of our remaining games have been postponed until mid-to-late December.

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I’m honestly shocked we were able to play so many games until it happened. Tons of schools were canceling/rescheduling left and right from the beginning.

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We will see how Manny does coming off a very long bye.

Also surprised it took this long. Guys must have done a pretty good job of not going out.

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I’m fairly confident we take care of business versus Georgia Tech but I don’t like our D against NC or Wake.

I just see us getting caught in at least one of those games and not being able to stop those offenses.

Unless states lock things down for 3-4 weeks, I can’t see Miami playing again in December. Maybe we get to play a bowl game in January. If I’m the AD, I push the spring back as far as possible to make sure it doesn’t get messed up.

As much as I like watching college ball, I’d rather the season stop to maximize Miami’s benefit.

Is the season getting canceled? Where are you finding this?

Never mind. Found it.

I’m just projecting based on caseloads and the rules conferences put in place.

90s, you don’t think we’ll get caseloads and kids on quarantine protocol down in 2 weeks? I personally want to see us play the last 3 games if possible.

It isn’t just Miami. It is UNC, Wake, GT then you compound it by governments that can force games to cancel. I’d say Miami gets 2 of 3 in plus a Bowl game IF we are lucky.

Every week this is getting worse. I’m surprised NCAA is still going…todays game options were terrible, and barely any games on overall. Covid is dropping teams left and right.

This should not have been a surprise to anyone. It’s just simple biology. It was virtually impossible to get this many people together without the infections. Frankly, I am honestly shocked it took this long.

It’s better than what FSU has done the last two weeks. On second thought it’s better than what FSU has done all season :slight_smile:

Wake game is postponed again… :raised_hands:

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Don’t think we can make up the Wake game at this point. I’d be happy with 9-1 with a bowl game.

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Damnit. I agree I think at least one game is cancelled.

James is trying to find another team to play.

We already played one out of conference game so I’m not sure if they will allow two. Would be great to play a warm up before UNC.

We were scheduled to resume football activities tomorrow, Monday. How do we physically get ready play after 3 weeks of no activity? Much less at reduced numbers?
I read somewhere, the first few days are reconditioning to decrease odds of injury.

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Are we playing Duke next week? did I read that right?

yes, @Duke on ACCNetwork 8pm.