Putin has already failed

Let’s get into a deep dive into whether Putin’s goals have been met. We’re 7 days in…

1st Metric - the stated objective of the operation
2nd - Geopolitical fallout from attempting
3rd - military impacts of what occurred
4th- person impacts of the people who kicked it off

Pretext - what they said it was about -
protect Russian lives - didn’t seem to matter once the shells began
stop NATO expansion - failed. Most prominent examples are Finland and Sweden, which have never had a majority who wanted into NATO, now are demanding it Rather than slowing NATO expansion, it sped up…right to their borders.

Real reason, not pretext - well, we got that accidental article released

This shows it was about “uniting” a “Greater Russia” bringing in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus into a super state. How’d that go? The reality is, this invasion turned Ukrainians against Russia on a WIDE SCALE. No matter what happens from this point forward, there is going to be a whole lot of animosity. Also, it was counterproductive - now there are a million refugees fleeing to the West that are going to strengthen the ties between the West and Ukraine.

So, under the metrics that were set out by the people who initiated it, it was an abject failure.

Geopolitical Fallout - this was supposed to position Russia as a great nation again, someone who can’t be messed with. Instead, it re-energized NATO and everyone is going against Russia, even states who recently you’d have never imagined. Everyone is trying to punish Russia in any way they can and supply the Ukraine.
After Trump, NATO was really fractured. They said it would take many many years before they got together again. This did it instantly, with the help of Joe Biden, of course. It also sped up the united cooperation of European nations, bringing some into the fold years before it was expected. How many of those Eastern Bloc nations are now demanding to be a part of the EU and NATO?
Internally, it severed economic and business ties throughout the world and cratered Russia’s economy.
It brought UN condemnation and triggered and ICC investigation.

Geopolitically, this is all losses. There isn’t a win anywhere. There aren’t any positive on their end for this.

Military Impacts - goal was to flex Russian muscle. What did it do? Rather than displaying Russian power, it showcased all of their weaknesses.

Personal Impacts - this is Putin’s legacy. He wanted to leave with a united greater Russia. Then you have the oligarchs. How are they doing? Their assets are being seized throughout the world, their accounts being frozen, fleeing from port to port. They will continue to pay a price as long as Putin is in a position of leadership.

They can take Ukraine, but they still have to hold it. That doesn’t seem likely and now he’s got the entire Eastern bloc uniting with Western Europe and Europe and the US, Japan, working in lock step as a team with common interests.

By any measure, Putin has failed in every way at this point.

Warden- he only failed if you believe the mainstream narrative of this war.

I don’t believe the primary goal is to capture Kiev and Ukraine. I think that may be a secondary goal…. There’s no way Russia can win an overwhelming victory against its little brother Ukraine 1 vs 1 in a matter of days. It’s just insane to think otherwise.

Something else is afoot.

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I expect nothing less from you. Deny you eyes, deny experts, pretend you know more than literally anyone on the planet, offer nothing. You’ve been wrong on just about everything you’ve ever put into words. Like George Constanza, betting odds are …just pick the opposite of anything you think.

Listen- if this were true, I wouldn’t be everyone’s phone a friend when they need a political answer. You keep on living in the Truman Show. It’s a nice place for simpletons like you.

All that shows is you have a group of friends who aren’t too intelligent. But, keep up the narcissism. It’s adorable

Good breakdown. You forgot Germany has decided to build up an army because of this.

Stated objective

Whether or not Russia wants to absorb Ukraine, they at the very least want their government in power. Putin would probably find a Belarus-level puppet state acceptable. What he won’t accept is a state that caters to NATO.

So while it’s a failure in the sense that NATO is more united, strengthening, and even expanding to their border, they may actually succeed in keeping Ukraine out.

Finland seems like a big hit right on their border, but still probably less important to Russia strategically than Ukraine.

In other words, I’m not saying Russia will ultimately fail on this point, but definitely a Pyrrhic victory as Ukrainian nationals will hate them for a couple of generations.


Russia’s economy is fucked.


They are still a nuclear superpower and have formidable ICBMs, but their operational and logistics capabilities are a clown show and the whole world sees that.

Sure, they mainly wanted to reinstall the ousted government, and they want to solidify ownership of Crimea, and probably the contested regions, and maybe even the coast/land bridge to Crimea.

They failed and have pivoted to scorched Earth to save face. They are close to following the Chechnya model now. (Keep in mind, a bunch of insurgents whooped Russia’s ass in the First Chechen War too. This current ass-kicking isn’t special.)

I guess methheads need political advice too.

This is not what “winning” looks like

I think the mainstream news, any news for that matter, is highly unreliable right now.

Lots of disinfo going around.

You tend to have that point of view when it contradicts what you WANT to be happening, which is quite often.

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Like trump, gsc is 100% transactional. If gsc is not the one in on the transaction, it didn’t happen or doesnt exist (unless it fits his world view).

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Putin’s strategy continues as planned. Presently there is no longer a Ukrainian Army. The Ukrainian Nazi are refusing to fight the Red Army. Zelensky is not in Kiev but in the Ukrainian Embassy in Poland. Anything Zelensky says is what the U.S. tells him to say. There is no longer a Ukrainian central government. Already Zelensky is ready to negotiate and forfeit the Dombas and Crimea. There no longer is any consideration of Ukraine being part of NATO. Maropol is about to surrender. In many cases, Ukrainian solders holed up in the cities are preventing civilians from fleeing. Negotiations for settlement will be behind the scenes between the U.S. and Russia. If any anything, Putin has held his army in abeyance rather than unleashing its full potential against Ukraine. The Western press blames everything on Russia. Russia will easily deal with sanctions. China will begin receiving both gas and oil from Russia. Notice that pipelines remain undisturbed and are still delivering product to Europe. There are no Russian sanctions on nickel, paladium, or aluminum. Biden not Russia is responsible for the rise in gasoline prices.

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You are such a scumbag. Traitor

Disgrace to the red white and blue.

You should pack your bags and go live in Russia.

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Yeah, he’s gutter trash as a person.

Can you imagine having this sort of reaction when you don’t understand what’s going on in the region. Straight lunacy.

Tell us GSC…what’s going on in the region. You think everyone is being mislead, just like on space, the earth being the center of the universe, Qanon, gravity, etc…so, go ahead, use your words

Lol his plan self destructed a week and a half ago.

You said this last week. If it were true then Russia wouldn’t be having so much trouble, would they?

Again, you said this a week ago. I have no doubt there will be concessions though.

It is the Russians who keep breaching the ceasefires.

Putin’s army has been going AWOL, purposely driving their tanks into the mud, shooting their own gas tanks, and otherwise doing anything they can to avoid fighting their brothers.

^ This is how you know bikki is a Russian stooge. There is no “easy” about the sanctions. Even Putin himself already said as much to the public.

Of course. No one ever said otherwise.

Is it a coincidence that every single statement bikki just vomited is 100% Russian state propaganda?

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