Pitt game thread

Nah? Nobody watching? I’ll ruin the surprise: we’re not going bowling.

Started TVD for a series before he went out with a “reaggravated” injury. Jacurri comes in series 2 and throws a pick. Tadaaaaaa.

BS penalty on couch. Whistle wasn’t blown. What’s he supposed to do? Let him fight for the first down?

“After the play”.

They don’t need the helps of the refs. Believe me.

Yeah “after the play” was perplexing.

Goal line stand? Shocked me. We’ll probably fumble on the first play from the 1 anyways.

Kind of what I was expecting, hoping against hope for a better game…smh

I forgot we even had a game today.

Long pass failure. He could have thrown a slant or out for a first down.

Yep that was a FIIGD.

Terrible tackling.

Team is checked out. That wasn’t even an attempt at tackling by like 5 guys…just half assed trying to at least get a hand on a guy.

Terrible rushing game, no deception, no motion, dumb blocking scheme, straight into line, no counter against the flow, no flow. Bad coaching.

Team and coaches alike are just going through the motions. Nobody wants to be there. Everyone has moved on already.

Why don’t we try a QUICK slant to a TE instead of a deep drop which turned out to be a sack. Hard to tell whether Garcia has any QB talent at all. Coaching on offense is awful.

I see we’re looking to set a season record for giveaways

Pitt just gave a good demonstration of offensive line blocking, pushing the defense right, rushing left. We NEVER do this.

Me: “oh, there’s a Miami game on tonight…. Let me go check it out.”

Types www.Espn.com and checks the scores.

21-0 Miami down.

Remembers why I forgot the game.

Fuck this program.

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This is like groundhog day watching the old FIU game over and over, week after week.

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It reminds me of playing ncaa 2k. When you’d do a campaign series and work yourself to the #1 team in the country for 3 years running then play some bottom feeder like Stetson University. Every tackle was a decent chance of causing a fumble. QBs we’re inaccurate as all hell. OLs couldn’t block you. Etc.

Except Miami is now the bottom feeder IRL and every opponent is the long running #1

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Can we please let Don Chaney run the damn rock?

We playing walk ons on the OL now? Putrid.