Pelosi Barred from Communion

@GardenStateCane Its about time. When will they ban others?

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Biden should be on that list as well.

You can’t be a public figure and openly flaunt your support of abortion and claim you are still a good Catholic.

It’s basically public scandal in the eyes of the Church and clear grounds for excommunication.

Good for them for taking a stand.

Sure you can, your god created them.


He should have been on long ago.

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Right after they serve those priests who raped little boys, then the ones who protected them, then the ones who reassigned them rather than turning them into the police, then the ones who stood by and watched in silence while they raped said little boys…

You can, however, rape little boys and protect them, though, huh?

Quite a religion you have there

We’ve addressed the scandal on this board more than once. How about we stick to the subject of the thread?

No, you’ve placated yourself over the fact that your church is full of shit in every possible way. I don’t give a shit if you think you’re justified in your belief, or in this case, your hypocrisy.
I think its adorable you support shit like this and then still support a church who’s raped kids for hundreds of years and protected the rapists. Tell me, how many rapist priest are receiving communion?

Go fuck your communion and go fuck your church. It’s harsh, for sure…but, that’s life. I don’t like your church. I don’t like any church, really. Mosque, church, all of it…but, yours is the peach

It is why they are pro-life

So they can feed the pedo priesthood of gawd

As 51 said, we’ve discussed this so many times.

Terrible abuse that is inexcusable. And the cover up was awful.

Do we also want to go through all areas of society and see what gets uncovered or just the Catholic Church?

Bad people exist in all areas of society.

What’s your point?

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…and this is the response WE ALWAYS GET from Catholics. Of course, priests who rape little boys still get communion. The Catholic clergy who protected those priests after they raped little boys still get communion. The Catholic higher ups who reassigned those rapist priests still get communion. The former Pope who covered up those priests raping little boys still gets communion.

None of you give a single shit about it. Instead, you’re openly supporting blocking your cannibalistic ceremony for people over their political opinions, but don’t give a FUCK about actions like rapists in your church. At the highest levels of your church, you have those who protected rapists.

Your response?

Your church is supposed to be from God, representing God, acting as God’s hand on earth. You think checking Wal Mart is comparable? Wal Mart didn’t spend hundreds of years protecting rapists. The Southern Baptist Convention did, though. See a correlation? Man, you guys have shown exactly what I suspected…your religion is of comfort to you and that’s it. Not a single one of you believes any of the shit your “religion” spouts. It’s clear as day. It’s not JUST that you have literally hundreds of years raping children; it’s that you have hundreds of years protecting them, moving them to other places so they can continue to do it, etc.

The good news is, I don’t need to answer to Warden, or even a priest for that matter. I’m very comfortable in my Catholic faith.

You can believe (or not) whatever you want.


Warden is angry with god. That much is obvious.

He’s basically akin to Job yelling in the air at his misfortune.

Eventually he’ll get an answer. Our answer of “humans are fallen and the church contains humans, ergo sin is present in the Church” makes no difference to him.

He ignores the other institutions that have the same problem. Just like he ignores political realities he doesn’t like.

People hate hypocrisy. I get that.

Do you throw the baby out with the bath water?

I say no. You say yes. That’s where we differ.

Because I don’t support your rapists priests? Sounds like I’m much closer to God than you or your “church.”

You mean like Wal Mart? Wal Mart didn’t protect and hide rapist employees for hundreds of years. Your church did. Also, your “church” pretends to be representative of God, itself. Wal Mart is where you buy toilet paper.

Like everything else…you show your lack of character and integrity with each post

Baby out with the bathwater? For HUNDREDS of years your church has raped children. Your church helped Nazis. Your church kidnapped children during the Children’s crusade. YOUR church slaughtered thousands of people for being “witches.” Your church enabled centuries of murders of Jews calling them “Christ killers.” There exists no sin in name that the Catholic Church isn’t guilty of en mass over centuries.

There is no baby in this scenario. It’s ALL bathwater. You want to praise these fucknuts for denying communion for believing abortion should be legal? They didn’t even have an abortion. YET, pedophile priests who raped children STILL get communion?

Absolutely, 100%, barren of all integrity. 100%.

That’s why we get less and less religious. Your religions are full of shit

I don’t believe this is true. Would have to look at all of the cases. I’m for the harshest punishment possible for anyone aiding or abetting those crimes.

The current Pope didn’t have anything to do with the cover up.

The leadership in the Church made changes and have protocol in place to prevent future incidents.

The Church I go to has fantastic priests who do a lot of good for the people who go there and for the community. I can’t speak for every parish in the entire country.

Did anyone on here say we did? Or did we say they need to be tried, convicted and put under the jail?

the last one did

You mean after hiding it for decades? Did you send them a cookie?