Oreo Launching New Flavor That's Out of This World

Hot take: Double Stuff is trash. And it’s a ripoff since you get fewer cookies in the package. You might as well just buy that over-sugared goop in a tube and go to town.

People who like Oreos have defective taste buds. Agree with 305 that over-sugared Crisco-like filling is disgusting.

IMO, when it comes to sweets, Austrian pastry is tops on the list of desserts that persons with refined taste buds ingest. With so many good things to eat, why would humans torture themselves eating Oreos?

I will say…I love a Caramello.

Has anyone eaten Hydrox? These are the ORIGINAL cookies before Oreo copied them a few years later and overtook the market.

You can’t really buy them in stores anymore because of Big Nabisco. Now THAT’S a conspiracy you can sink your teeth in! But you can buy them in bulk on Amazon. Seems like you need to be pretty committed to trying them to get an actual taste.

On Warden’s recommendation, I tried a Caramello. I found them considerably above Oreos on the edibility continuum, but I prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate. Not bad for mass produced chocolate. Hate to admit it but over my lifetime, I’ve eaten a million Snicker bars. When I was a kid, a 5 cent Snicker bar was a truly weighty item. If someone threw one at your head, the concussive effect might have killed you. Belgian chocolates are really good, especially the ones with raspberry filling.

I despise peanut butter cups. I like both chocolate and peanut butter but not together in the mass produced Reese cup. I suggest people who like Reese cups would fall into the low grade taste bud category.

In Belgium, I bought wonderful chocolates, dark chocolate with raspberry centers. Some of the best ones have brandy inside them.

A few nights ago, I went to a New Orleans restaurant and had bread pudding with a hard sauce. I think New Orleans food is overrated, but bread pudding is a formidable invention. Interestingly, the best bread pudding is found in Louisville, KY where the bourbon sauce is a splendorful thing.

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One of my weaknesses has always been Oreos.

Regular, double stuffed, mega stuffed, vanilla…. Don’t care.

I’ve cut down all snacks significantly the past 45 days. Been doing minimum 20 hours intermittent fasting…. Sometimes up to 48 hours. Been working.

But I have to tell my wife to stop buying this shit for the kids because it’s very difficult to abstain for a person with a natural sweet tooth.

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I have to agree about New Orleans food, bikki. Though if you want a good peanut butter cup, get Trader Joe’s with dark chocolate.

Intermittent fasting is great. I love that there’s no trick, nothing to sell, no diet list, etc. It’s just simple - don’t constantly eat all day. I’ve always been pretty thin eating Taco Bell and whatever and I think it’s because I don’t mind going long periods without eating, or skipping a meal here and there. In general I don’t even eat breakfast.

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That’s crazy. I never had any idea

My goal in life is to have enough $ to move to a mountain town, open a coffee and chocolate shop and just make sweets and serve coffee to people…close when I want to, not need the $ necessarily but I enjoy serving people. To the point, I’ve been working on making chocolates, truffles, etc., for years! If you’ve got a favorite, I’d love to give it a try. Maybe I can send them to a PO Box near you and you can try em out

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Are those the Justin’s?

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You know what, guys? I bit the bullet and bought the 6-pack of Hydrox. They’re supposed to be less sweet than Oreos, more of a chocolate flavor in the cookie, more crunch, no corn syrup, etc.

They are back ordered and take a month to deliver, but I’ll report back when I try them.

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What a fine post, Warden. I fully understand the utopian desire to live in a small mountain town which attracts tourists during the warmer season. BTW, I have such a retreat, my parents summer home, located in Highlands, NC. Highlands may be the highest town in the Eastern U.S., and has become an enclave for the uber wealthy.

Driving down the mountain from Highlands is the town of Franklin, the County Seat of Macon County. Franklin is a working town in a lovely valley through which flow the Little Tennessee and Cullasaja Rivers. No Rolls Royces in Franklin as you’d find in Highlands, and mountain land is considerably cheaper. I’ve often dreamed of buying a hideaway in Franklin; it’s a wonderful town. Interestingly, it is home of the o ld Tiffany gem mines where tourist mine for rubies and sapphires. Also, in the valley of Franklin is a peculiar high hill that shouldn’t be in the middle of the valley. Atop the strange hill is a lovely mountain inn under which in the cellar is a great mountain bar called Ruby’s Downunder . There they play splendid Blue Grass music. On the way up the mountain toward Highlands, you’ll find the Cullasaja Gorge, the deepest natural gorge in the eastern United States. Before the highway was widened, the gorge became the permanent home of many poor drivers whose wrecked vehicles used to dot the bottom of the deep gorge.

In Germany, there are many such shops of which you’d like known as Konditoreis. During summer afternoons, Germans flock into these pastry shops every day to eat pastries and candies and drink coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. One of my favorite Konditoreis is Felix Mueller located in Winterberg in a tourist region known as Sauerland located between Frankfurt and Dortmund. Mueller is from Vienna and became regionally famous as a creator of world class pastry, typically Austrian, loaded with whipped cream on everything. I found this wonderful shop while visiting a Kurhotel (a homeopathic health clinic) located in Bad Berleberg. There I was treated by one of the followers of the famed gerontologist Dr. Anna Aslan who developed the leading overthecounter European vitamin Gerovital H3 which was banned in the U.S, at the time. Gerovital’s active ingredient btw is minute amounts of procaine, a derivative of cocaine. The effect on humans is marginally exhilarating.

I would be elated were you to send me some truffles; I love them. You can reach me at this address: Lt. Col G. Durand, PO Box 963, Gulf Breeze, Fl 32562. Lastly, be apprised that I have removed your name now from my list of prospective persons whom given the opportunity I would choose to drown in the bayou.

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My wife grew up in Black Mountain, just about an hour from there. Beautiful country. Her sister owns a house in Franklin but live in Boone, NC.
Small world.

I thought I had seen trees until we went there. Truly breathtaking and great people. My father’s side of the family got here, well the direct lineage to my name, in 1702 and was in North Carolina for quite a while. Another is a descendant from Jamestown in VA, which is neat. My mother’s side’s name lineage is prominent in NC as well. When we visited, all the sudden I had no allergies. I’ve always wondered if that meant I was supposed to be there…our dna settling in the region hundreds of years ago or something.

Some days, I probably deserve it. Also, I think I could use the rest.
I’ll get on it. It’ll be fun.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed the bantering, Warden, and I hardly take things seriously on this message board You certainly don’t deserve any foul treatment from anybody, and I’ll even admit there were times when you clearly bested me with provocative and clever argument. You, I think, would have made a fine attorney. In the world of jurisprudence, the finest practitioners are trial lawyers. As a trial lawyer, you must be quick, glib, able to think on your feet, and winsome in front of a jury. In presenting a case being a thespian is a laudable quality. I have litigated over twenty cases mostly bench trials but a few jury trials as well. I won every one of them. I am glad I didn’t face off with any attorneys named Warden.

Wow, bikki, on a contentious message board that’s high praise!

A coffee + sweets shop in the mountains sounds like Heaven. If you ever open it up let us know. I have been meaning to check out the NC mountains on some vacation or other.

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So I finally tried Hydrox cookies.

The cookie is crunchier and more chocolatey. The cream is softer, smoother, and less sugary.

Overall it’s a more adult, less oversweet cookie. Thumbs up, but whether you prefer it or Oreos probably depends on nostalgia.

It’s what’s inside that make Oreos so revolting. What you are eating is Crisco sweetened with sugar. That white stuff is plainly disgusting. Read the labels of what you eat. If you find corn syrup and/or palm oil, don’t buy that product. Your arteries will thank you.

Gsc, I actually believe wives do that on purpose. Before I got married I used to work out all the time. She started feeding me cookies late at night. I got to point she made me not attractive to other women and she wanted no part of me. It’s by design.

I actually got an infection about two months ago. I found out the reason the infection did not get better is that I am diabetic and did not know it. I changed my diet, lost 25 pounds and have not eaten a sweat in two months.

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