Oregon passes law to require menstrual products in boys bathrooms

This is your radical left folks.

This is the crap that pushes folks away from this party.


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A fuckin men

But the answer is…you know…science or empathy or something. I get em mixed up. I’m sure we can make it about equality or race if we really twist it.

But yeah…Fuck these people.

I mean I’m all for letting people be who they are….but yeah. This literally makes no sense.

Why should these maniacs start making sense now…

I mean are these young dudes gonna stick the tampons up their ass? Just sayin

It’s like these people have never raised boys before.

Prediction: The boy’s tampon dispenser will ALWAYS be empty, and there will be tampons in the toilets and sink and everywhere except where they’re supposed to be.

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Because they’re grooming boys to be girls. How many times do I have to explain this to you before you see it?

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This statement is a bit too far. I think the basic idea (I don’t agree with it) is to “include” those with gender confusion.

Past that, no, there’s no “grooming.”

Yeah, “grooming” is the new Republican word of the hour. It’s dumb, but they seem to be fans of it.

Might be a Freudian slip from GSC….since you know…believers of Q believe Dems have sex with and eat children.

Lol…If you want real comedy read this ^^^

Sick fuck is defending this too…

It’s truly a cult

Perhaps we are the ones confused.

No. I’m pretty sure I know what my gender is.

Which makes you, in what way, qualified to state that someone has gender confusion?

I never said I was - but if you were born with a certain part, that’s what you literally are. Now if you want to change, and you’re of legal age to make that decision, go for it.

But that’s I lie

Is it?

Prove it.

Why is there tampons in a male bathroom?

Answer the question you trendy little progressive

But that’s I lie

No it isn’t