Nope - no media campaign

To create a pretext for war.

Meanwhile- still, no Americans really give a shit. Yet the coverage is everywhere. Amazing how the media works.

If you listen close enough, you can hear the ear drum beat.

How does reporting facts about a brewing conflict mean the conflict is being manufactured? This is what you’ve failed to show us over and over again.

I mean, you’ve previously said Ukraine’s president doesn’t agree about an invasion, and then you post a screenshot of him worried about an invasion.

You say the US wants war to destroy corruption documents in Ukraine, then you say it’s a plot to distract from the Durham report.

You say Biden is inciting and warmongering, and then you accuse him of having too soft of a response.

You are literally all over the place. You keep changing your story. And none of your theories make a lick of sense.

I never said this. I said that he said someone is lying.

I offered these up as motivations for wanting war. Nothing more.

Wrong again. I’ve said repeatedly that his strategy is to draw Russia in to create a pretext. So far it seems I’m right.

No- you are all over the place ascribing meaning to my words that I myself never attached.

Media going out of their way to make Biden look tough imo…As the general consensus is not only other wise but that Trump’s strength was international dealings

Uh… you ABSOLUTELY said this. Try to go back more than a day or two. We’re not operating on goldfish memory here.

This is what you outright said. Your position was that the US reports of Russia wanting to invade were warmongering lies that Ukraine disagreed with. Your position was and is patently false. (And everyone can tell this is the case because you suddenly claim it was never your position in the first place.)

Sure, you’re just a guy, just talking. We should ignore you. I get it.

Your initial assertion was that SOMEHOW speaking out about imminent invasions would force Putin into war, which is MENTALLY RETARDED. And then, after Russia sent troops over (oops, wrong again) you pivoted to Biden having too weak a message.

But even ignoring this flip flop of yours, how do you see that you’re right about Biden giving Russia a pretext? Are you paying attention to the news? Russia’s pretext has NOTHING to do with the US. Their pretext is to support a secession of independent states and to stop the Ukrainians from a Russian genocide. If you need it spelled out even more, THEIR PRETEXT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BIDEN.

Which means what you’ve “said repeatedly” is just as false as ever.

I never ascribed anything to your words on Ukraine that you didn’t mean. You’re just butthurt about being called out on it. Maybe keep talking to goldfish and you won’t have the same problem.


Sound like some in here

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Someone’s comments aren’t aging well…

Again, it is my view that GSC wanted this, all to make Biden look bad (it’s working).

Biden rocked it. What do you mean?

Biden rocked what? Putin hasn’t exactly been deterred at the moment…

Every now and then you come back to the light.

It’s called being objective. I invite you to try it sometime. :laughing:

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Biden could duck tape and fuck this fat fuck’s whore wife and mother in front of him…Punching them in the face while doing so…And this partisan cuck sheep would cheer him on and ask him if he needs a beer or smoke

Little partisan fuck boy

Everything I’ve said has come true. But you keep on.

Now I just wait for allied troops to engage, which it looks like they will if Putin marches on Kiev.

Your record is almost as bad as Stormfront’s. From Biden’s lockdown commission to his manufacturing a war, you’ve been consistently wrong.

Right- because a war isn’t raging :joy::joy::joy:

This guy :point_up_2:

Uh, have you explained to anyone how Biden manufactured it yet???

We all knew war was coming, except for you, until after the fact your flip flopped and finally admitted it.

Why didn’t it happen under Trump?

Why did Biden openly signal to Putin we would not enter?

There’s only 2 answers- he wanted this or he’s incompetent. Which is it?

So that’s a no then? just pulling a Stormfront and “asking questions” instead of giving answers.

Let me know when you can back one of your random opinions with cold logic.

Putin had his mind made up already. Short of going to war with Russia, what would you have done instead that would have stopped him?