NJ steals an election

Why do we have to wait 24 hours for results?

Oh yea- I forgot- to stuff the ballots for Dems.

Republicans win? Totally legit. No problem.

Dems win? Well, there’s no question. It HAS to be rigged.

Do you even read what you type?

Was the VA vote count delayed? Did they wait 24 hours for results?

It’s just funny - every time a count is delayed or extended we have the same pattern.

Republican is leading by a healthy margin.

Then we see weird things happen…. Like a county was going for him and suddenly flips in the middle of the night.

Then the dem squeaks out a narrow victory.

But you’re right. But Virginia!!! That’s the answer.

The GOP is projected to win VA. What the hell are you talking about?

Am I allowed to say there was fraud?

He really doesnt understand. That’s the hilarious part. Pretty sad state.

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I think it’s you 2 that are having comprehension issues.

Let me help our poor little sap out some


What a clown.

Even better than absentee


#stopThesteal duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Next he will start telling me that he doesn’t trust the data. Then I’ll tell him it is from Virginia where a dutifully elected Republican won. We will repeat this process over and over and over again.

No one is talking about certification dick head. We’re not even talking about absentees. We’re talking about the ballots that were cast on election night. They shouldn’t take over a night to count shit for brains.

Your point is a red herring. Again you have comprehension problems you walking vagina.

But that’s literally all you’ve talked about for the last 12 months.

You’re right. That’s not what I’m taking about.

I’m taking about your hypocrisy.

If the right wins - all is well, free and fair election.

The only way the left wins is if they cheated. There’s literally zero possible chance a side that opposes the views you support can possibly win, unless they cheated.

It’s an old tired and dumb argument. It’s not even an argument. It’s one side admitting they’re a bunch of pussies without actually saying it.

Look to Mara Lago for an example.


Mr technical whiffs.

We aways discussed MAIL IN ballots which are different and distinct from ABSENTEE BALLOTS because the chain of custody rules are not identical.

Try again.

Can you show me one race where a Democrat was winning- the election ballots from that night were counted over night and then the Republican overtook the democrat to win?

I’ll wait. I have like 10 I can show you of the opposite.

Yeah you never talked about absentee ballots right?



Just stop. Shut up. You’re claiming fraud with zero proof. None. And I’ll remind you - the GOP is winning!

WTF is wrong with you? Tell me. Why is it cheating when the Dems win, every time? Automatically. Not even a chance that maybe, just maybe voters decided to vote that way?

I never come on here claiming voter fraud, announce that cyber ninjas should get involved. So what is it?

The truth is you’re brain washed. You’ve been programmed to believe you have to go undefeated and that there’s zero chance you can lose unless the other side cheats. It’s the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.

And it’s killing our democracy. The less faith have in the election system, the more they won’t trust it. And Trump has created it. No wonder the capital was overrun in January. If he had won last year you wouldn’t see what you saw on 1/6.

And back to your original point. If the Dems were ahead and suddenly the right went ahead overnight, you wouldn’t be here calling foul.

And you know it.

Too many Trump supporters have abandoned logic. It’s pathetic.

You’ve hit a new low 305. You’re getting desperate because you know you’re wrong.

The context of this article was absentee ballots being thrown away. Lol. That’s an entirely different issue. Stop.

Your other citation of me is me answering your question. Not complaining about absentees.

Dude - I just drew a pattern for you. That’s evidence. I get that you don’t want to acknowledge it but it’s EVIDENCE.

They find serial killers and arsonists this way. Crimes usually have PATTERNS associated with them.

Why can’t you just show me a race where a Democrat was leading and they delayed the count only to allow the Republican to catch up overnight.

Nope- again, I’m the one that’s actually using my brains instead of relying on the media to tell me how to think.

The cheating is doing that.

The cheaters created it.

They were invited in.

Sure I would. But only if it only happened one way.

That’s fine.

Every time someone you support wins, I’m calling fraud, say it was fake, and will demand cyber ninjas do a full forensic audit. Checking for bamboo paper, making sure China and the ghost of hugo Chavez wasn’t involved.

Then I’m going to start setting dates when my side will be reinstated. When that doesn’t happen I’ll move those dates. I’ll make pilgrimages to historic places and wait for ghosts to anoint the leader that “should have” won.

Because there’s no legitimate way my side can lose. Unless the other side cheated.

This is where you (and other less-than-appropriately educated souls) have gotten.