New DC Lance Guidry

He has had good results most places he has coached.

Surprised this happened so fast. I guess Mario must have approached him before.

Just like Steele, Mario poached him right after he accepted another DC position.

He coached safeties at FAU in 2020.

Strange that McNeese let him go as HC since he had decent results in 3 seasons there.
22-13 overall.

994 McNeese State (GA)
1995–1996 Leesville HS (LA) (DB)
1997–1999 Carencro HS (LA) (DC)
2000–2001 McNeese State (DB)
2002–2003 McNeese State (DC/DB)
2005–2007 Carencro HS (LA)
2008 McNeese State (DB)
2009–2010 Miami (OH) (DB)
2010 Miami (OH) (interim HC)
2011–2012 Western Kentucky (DC)
2012 Western Kentucky (interim HC)
2013–2015 McNeese State (AHC/DC)
2016–2018 McNeese State
2019 Southeastern Louisiana (DC)
2020 Florida Atlantic (S)
2021–2022 Marshall (DC/S)
2023 Tulane (DC)
2023-present Miami (FL) (DC)

6th best in PPG at 16/ppg. Hopefully, his system has similar results at Miami.

Giving up 50+ to MTS and tons of chunk plays throughout the season will be Steele’s legacy at Miami.

I don’t know anything at all about this guy, but his experiences looks somewhat underwhelming?

I guess he has been DC for 11 years, but he never stayed anywhere as one too long.

Is anyone familiar with his performance?

Top 10 D at Marshall

Can’t argue with that, though I suppose competition will be tougher at Miami.

looks like a home run hire on paper

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Solid pick for DC. Alabama fans complaining like hell about Saban bringing Steele back to Tuscaloosa. IMO, Guidry is an upgrade. That Mario snatched him away from Tulane, I think, not exactly a cordial move, is a good indication that Guidry knows his stuff.

Gattis was so terrible last year that he deflected deserved criticism away from Steele. Being slaughtered by MTS has to be one of the low water marks in Hurricane football records; it’s right there with the FIU fiasco game.

Last year, when I disclosed that Miami hired Kevin Steele, my Alabama and Auburn buddies jeered me. I’m glad Steele is gone, and if he doesn’t pick it up at Bama, I’ll be the one doing the jeering.

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Guidry is still fairly young and seemingly hungry (for what who knows) so I would not anticipate him leaving after one or two years. If he can put in a solid three years for us that would be nice.

I’m assuming Strong just didn’t want the job? Just from the outside looking in I thought Strong would be a good move.

Hiring Guidry so quickly makes me think that Steele gave Mario a heads up sooner OR Mario had his eyes in Guidry for awhile.

The OC will be an interesting hire…

That shit ends right now!

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Lashlee came from small schools and was clearly better than most give him credit for. Steele was a big name hire with stops at every conference and every SEC school and left us wanting. You guys have got to get out of the mind set that smart coaches are only at big schools. The big schools have some very smart people don’t get me wrong. But there is more group think in big schools than strategic thinking.


Looks like strong is heading out too

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ESPN write up clams it’s due to being passed up for the DC job.

Well, that was quick. Strong went from potential new DC to no longer with the program within a few days.

Steele hired him so once he got the axe (it seems like he did), Strong’s days were probably numbered. Just like the offense, the defense badly under performed last season. While you can blame some of that on personnel, some of the blame has to fall on the coaching staff. Giving up 50+ points to Middle Tennessee is hard to forgive. And Miami came close to leading the NCAA in giving up plays of 40 yards or more. Not exactly a stellar coaching performance.

At least Mario doesn’t seem to suffer from Al Golden Syndrome. If a coach fails, he is asked to leave or is fired.

Also, it is normal for a new DC to pick his own staff. Guidry probably has a guy he knows that will be the new LB Coach.

Lol only at Miami.

Mario at least seems to have the best interest of the program in mind. Being a 'Cane I think helps in that regard, at least for him. He’s passionate about this place and about returning this program to the place it once was. Doing that in an ever changing college environment will be the challenge. It’s all about the money. Let’s hope Ruiz lives a long life!

I DID think Strong would be the guy and if he’s got hurt feelings over being passed over then good riddance.

Guidry does look like a good hire the more that I look at it and look into him. I don’t see him leaving after one good season. I think he could be here for a few years. Let’s see who he retains/brings in on his staff.

Now, the OC hire is a major one as we all know.

I’m happy with what I have seen from Mario about the staff changes and the willingness to cut ties with those who need to be cut. He’s being doing the same with the roster as well.

I think Charlie Strong has reason to be upset after all he held the position of Co-Defensive Coordinator plus being an exceptional recruiter that helped deliver two excellent LB prospects. Personally, I prefer Guidry to Strong, but understand Strong’s discomfort at being passed over. I hope this doesn’t mushroom into any kind of racial conflict.

It won’t have any impact. Their rb coach is a minority. Their defensive ends coach is a minority. The defensive tackles coach is a minority. Their defensive backs coach is a minority. They will hire another position coach on defense and he will probably be a minority.

Of all the post- Butch/Coker guys that ran this program Golden I think ran it best. I know he didn’t make the best personnel decision and it cost him his job but he had the players…. He was building the culture and brand…. I really would have liked to have seen what he could have done with another year and a better d coordinator.

Everything since him, with the exception of that 1 good Richt year that went to shit the last 3 games, has been a dumpster fire.

AG had one good year at Miami, 2013, 9-4 but started 7-0 and got blown out by Louisville in the bowl game. Every other season, he was .500-ish. He was better than Coker and Randy but like Richt, he proved hiring your relatives seldom ends well.

Stork- I’m not talking about on field product. I’m talking about all the off field stuff that @Hurricanekosar22 was referencing. And the killer for Golden was Donofrio…. Full stop… bring in a decent DC and Golden wins here. He had the talent.