Nah- no persecutions!

If GWP reports that Steve Bannon said that the FBI raided all these homes, it must be true!


What if it is?

Fuckin twat

Does anyone doubt that they are going all out to destroy him and anyone associated with him?

Now, you may agree with that. Cool. You think it’s justified. I get it. That’s a decent take.

Just admit it is a Gestapo operation to do everything to take him out.

Be honest.

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Take out who? Bannon? He made his own bed.

Trump? All he had to do was not take those documents with him. And then even when he did, all he had to do was give them back.

But let’s ignore this part and pretend he’s a victim.

Be honest with yourself for a minute and you will realize that even if you hate the Orange Man (which you do).

It’s a witch hunt. Just admit it and I’ll have more respect for you. It’s cool if you want to nail Orange Man Bad. But just call a spade a spade.


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You have split seconds of rationality, too bad you are an absolute moron the rest of eternity

I’ll ignore the insults because like most of the left, including those on this board, you are just nasty, angry individuals.

I have to laugh sometimes because I was always told the left’s favorite word was tolerance. The least tolerant people in the world are lefty’s.

Most of them are vile, disgusting freaks.

I don’t know you personally, just saying.

I call it like I see it.

They told us it was tolerance but it was really “compliance” disguised as tolerance.

Comply or we destroy your life! Comply and we’re good.

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Yeah, they are Fascists!

Oh so you know what happened? You KNOW it’s a witch hunt?

I’m tolerant if you want to have a conversation in the real world. If you want to have a conversation of being the victim in your lala land, then go fuck yourself.

No, that’s not how it works. You are tolerant if we agree 100% with you.

See your recent attacks on the moderate board member 305.

Either comply 100% with the lefty narrative or they smear you.

It’s transparent, dude.

You aren’t fooling anyone.

I love how these criminals paint themselves as victims.

I also love how up in arms everybody is before we have any data at all. For instance, who got raided? Does anyone even have a name? Why were they raided? Do we not care at all what the DOJ’s reasoning is?

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I agree with most of the post…But at this point, to answer your question, ehhh not really…Why should anyone still care?

I don’t care if you disagree with me. I think disagreement is great. I think you’re an idiot for living in conspiracy theories. If you want to have rational discourse on a topic, let’s discuss. Until then go fuck yourself

Shit is embarrassing AF

Then these idiots lap it up

Your problem is anything you don’t agree with is conspiracy.

That’s not living in reality.

Your prob is that in your party, everything is a conspiracy. Or a bogeyman. Or some fabricated lie to trigger the 1 electrode in your brain.