My text to a buddy in Jan 2021

I sent a text to a buddy when Trump conceded in Jan 2021

Not claiming I’m an expert by any means, but always nice to look back.

Here’s my text:

High inflation and more regulations here we come!

Like I said

The best part about this inflation thing is to hear Powell and others talk like it’s such a shock that it’s here and “we still have a lot to learn about inflation”, trying to “figure out where we went wrong”

But when we were saying “we have to be careful because inflation was going to go through the roof”…we heard…Nah it’s fine, a little inflation is necessary and Keynesian economics is going to save us

Now they act so helpless…Where’s the smugness now?

Um. High inflation was coming no matter whom was in charge. Symptomatic of supply chain issues and the pandemic.

To a degree, but Biden could have done some things to stymie it, right?

Yes, he could have. But, he wants to transform the energy mix.

He knows exactly what he’s doing.


And which side more steadfastly stood by doubling and tripling down on the ridiculous covid mitigation that led to these things

Trump, to this day, has not conceded. Hence his constant lies about the election being stolen.

Really? Then, why is it going on around the world? What, pray tell…would you have preferred he had done?

Well since everyone tells me it’s because of pandemic caused supply chain issues, etc…

We could have scrapped useless mitigation a lot sooner when it was apparent what all the shit was going to do economically. It was common fucking sense.

How would Joe Biden be involved in that? Also, since the supply chain is global, how could we have made the entire rest of the world ALSO do what you wanted to do?

Sounds like your answer is clicking your little red heels together

:joy: :laughing: :joy: Lololololol

You can’t be serious? Better check your timeline. Not to mention his whole campaign preached covid “Caution” for lack of better word.

We could have heeded examples with less stringent lockdowns doing just fine and using them as an example (on all fronts, not just industry)…Also, what’s wrong with moving forward and thus leading countries to follow us? Be the example…Just thinking out loud.

Meltdown Mollie :registered: melting down?


Meltdown Mollie :registered: melting down?


He has me ignored^^^ ya know

Funny how he has time to nut ride Warden and attack what I typed here though. But he ran for the hills in the other post where I basically proved his stupidity and emotional little partisan sheep hood

Dude said Trump loses even without mail-in voting. He really said that…He has himself brainwashed.

High inflation was not guaranteed at all. Had Trump been in the White House, he would have able to deal with it. The guy was a very shrewd businessman, and he’d put together artistic deals that Biden who is an idiot could never have done even when he was a younger idiot.

The stupidest thing Biden has done aside from trying to convert the country to electric power is his handling of the Ukraine War which would NEVER, absolutely NEVER have happened under Trump. Then trying to act decisive he creates sanctions which crush Europe, erode our own economy, while China is enjoying things immensely. Russia sits back and watch the stupid West destroy itself which was one of Napoleon’s strategies. Things are going to get worse, much worse. You’ll witness the greatest loss of personal wealth in U.S. history. When weak pension funds collapse, states will look to the government who flatly will not be able offer much help. When profits cave, what happens to tax receipts. Had we all gone loco and voted in Putin as our president, he’d have done a better job than the Fool of Pennsylvania Avenue. Mid-terms might have some mitigating influence, but all fails unless we start pumping oil, mining coal, and building refining plants, and most of all building nuclear plants. Don’t bet on your 401 to permit you to retire early. Listen to Canes90 who has the best handle on economic issues in the room aside from the Man from the Alabama Swamp who just has more experience. Buy land inland, high ground with water. Put a few mobile homes on it. Raise a vegetable garden. Be frugal. Never go to to Starbucks. Don’t spent five or six hundred dollars a month on cigars. Cut pay tv. Put up an antenna. Stay away from bitcoin. All the big money in crypto has been made. Buy some gold. Buy a firearm and have a large cache of ammunition. I recommend one with laser sighting, so you cannot miss.

The propaganda job done by the press which is a propaganda organ of the Democrat Party was able to sell our Ukraine policy to dumb Americans including some in this room who are half smart and on good days sagacious.

It would be hilarious if not so shameful that Biden left $85 billion dollars worth of armament in Afghanistan including 70,000 heaving trucks. There’s not a company on earth with that many trucks, but the Afghans have them thanks to the MORON. Now Afghanistan is selling the weapons to other countries, and we are supplying the money for other countries to buy them. Imagine we bought the weapons TWICE. Only an imbecile could allow this to happen.

We had the best president in a hundred years, and we let him be swindled away from victory. Now we’ve got a hair-sniffing perverilla with a satanic son. Ask yourself, why isn’t Biden corruption filling the air waves. Remember when they tried to accuse Trump of making money unduly from his hotels. Trump was constantly persecuted, and the press isn’t even mildly interested in a man who has sold out his country.

In Europe they are rationing energy use. The food shortage will befall us. Farmers cannot make a living; they cannot aument profit margins without fertilizer, machine parts, and fuel that are all in short supply under this goofball liberals prefer to the Great Orange Man. Get ready to enjoy spam burgers. Soon people will be fighting over spam possession. What you are seeing is the calmaity of liberalism. We are committing suicide as a nation thanks to liberals.


Revolving door of clown hires and fires. Guy couldn’t hit the bullseye if he had to push it in from an inch away.

Economists say Trump’s economic legacy will be defined by his failure in leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic that exacerbated the financial downturn, domestic policies that overwhelmingly benefited the wealthy, and international trade policies that hurt U.S. industry while simultaneously alienating allies.

By attempting to implement economic policy through the so-called “art of the deal” and ignoring lessons that many economists have learned over the last 50 years – such as the importance of Fed independence, the effects of large budget deficits on trade deficits, the value of multilateral institutions such as the World Trade Organization and more – he failed to achieve his own self-proclaimed goals of reducing the trade deficit with China, controlling the national debt or strengthening the American manufacturing sector.

Dayum, that was brutal.

Trump ignored the Keynesians and followed the successful Vienna economists Mises, Hayek, Schumpeter, and Menger. Is America better now, Dj, or is it worse? We’re going to have a depression. Wait till food becomes more scarce and extortionately priced.

How I love my wonderful newsletters sent to me free from Hillsdale College. What a wonderful school of learning. Since I am nearing my eternal nap, I must remember to include a legacy given to Hillsdale College. A semester or two at Hillsdale could turn a Djrion into a bikki228 which I am sure would improve your mother’s reputation with Skeeter.






Poor old guy with terrible memory can’t even think straight

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Yeah, no. It’s not JUST that you’re dishonest. You’re also a moron

Mises Institute hated Trump and no, he didn’t follow any of the Austrian School’s economic theory

You discuss quote a few topics, but aren’t honest in most and a moron on the others. Stick to linguistics of geriatric pills…of the few things you actually have any knowledge of

Imagine taking wine advice from this imbecile

Trump attacked the chief cause of profligate Keynesian borrowing and spending which is engaging in foreign wars. Trump started no wars, defeated ISIS rapidly as he said he would, and disengaged us from Afghanistan. Had Trump been in office this terrible conflict in Ukraine would never have transpired. Even before he entered into politics, Trump traditionally was extremely critical of deficit spending which is the chief characteristic of Keynesian theory which incidentally never succeeds. No way we’re going to borrow our way out of the incipient depression. It’s pay the piper time for America. Just as Trump predicted, the dunderheaded idiot Biden is leading us into a depression. BTW, gasoline prices hit ten dollars a gallon in one area of California. It would not surprise me to see ten dollar gasoline nationwide within ninety days. .Buy gold and short the hell out of the market.

Speaking to Indiana’s original comment in this thread, I believe Indiana should be lauded for his prescience in predicting under the Saphead from Delaware a drab future of high inflation and regulatory strangulation. Indiana is one the completely sane posters in this room. I see an organizational pyramid in play here based on rational thinking with Indiana sitting right near the top of the pyramid just under its B228 apex.