Mts GameDay thread

Miami is finally back!

For about 5 years, I’ve said the school needs to drop to DII to be competitive again. For years now, I’ve been correct. Enjoy another meaningless victory, preparing for the let down:

^^^ there it is boys…

Fucking cunt

First play is a quick completion.

Another completion for Van Dyke. Good grief.

This offense is not a good fit for Van Dyke. Much better under Lashlee.

I think it’s safe to say TVD is not comfortable at all in the new offense.

The sad thing was I started typing this before the 2nd INT. This is comical at this point.

Really, you have to pull him, no? His head is not right.

We are not going to be able to run if we can’t pass at all. No spine here.

We are getting dominated by MTS. Let that sink in.

We must be playing the Green Bay Packers.

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Our defense is sharp. It looks like our offense is taking a dive.

I’m done with the OC.

Remember who hired him

The guy is who he is and runs what he runs.

The CEO should have known it was a bad fit here.

SC, it’s not domination, it’s self inflicted mistakes again.

It looks like our offense wasn’t installed until a week before the football season. We just don’t K ow how to work together yet.

Seeing us with the quick sets now is nice. It means we practiced something at least.

We need to keep bashing them with Franklin.

We’ll end up winning by simply out talenting them over time (hopefully) but this is what we have guys. Here it is. Hot garbage.

I hate empty backfield plays.

The Blue Raiders are killing us.

6 head coaches in a row that have no flexibility. Football coaches typically aren’t the smartest people in the world, but we seen to have a keen eye for guys that literally can’t make even the smallest adjustment to help the skill on the field. My way or the highway. Mario combines that with terrible strategy as well.

Just tuning in. Should I skip it and just head to the garage with the rubber mallet?


OP is an idiot and wrong.

17-3 wow