Miles and Miles

Of Pride

A wonderful celebration yesterday.

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What a nice gallery of cultural nihilism on display… The mindless have taken to the street thinking they exemplify a new freedom. Hmmm, try disagreeing with them. I suggest a re-reading of Plato’s cave allegory.

There’s either 2 purposes for this type post

  1. Starved for attention…Hey look at me! I support Pride!!! (who fuckin cares? Most of us never think about the topic)

  2. He sucks cock…Which of course is ok too…To each their own, suck what you want. But why post it?


Not that there’s anything wrong with it!!! (Seinfeld)

  1. Accurate
  2. I don’t know and I don’t want to know. His body his choice.
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Yay hatred!

If you don’t like it, you don’t have to. Go fishing with you and all the other racists on the bayou.

Serious question. Do you admonish your own god?

Is this maniac becoming more and more unraveled by the day?

Not at all.

I’m just believe in leaving people alone. Let God handle it.

So you’re against it but mind your business?

That’s exactly my position.

Not against it at all.

Who are they hurting?

So you’re against God?

I find this position to be the right position. I will teach against it, but I fully recognize an individual’s free will.

Themselves is they don’t repent and turn away.

But not only themselves. These people each year are bringing more and more children into their perverted relationships. It’s becoming the norm and is going to lead to some really messed up trauma for these kids in adulthood.

I’m against god how? For letting people love one another?

Pretty sure He’s ok with that.

If the kids are raised in a stable household and taught not to hate others, they’ll be fine.

I’m catholic. I have a wife and two little girls. They know that there are gay households. They know to respect that. That it’s ok to have two moms or two dads as long as we treat each other with respect. Nothing wrong with it.

Sad that my children know more about civility than others on this board.

Are you not concerned about the eternal consequences or you don’t think that there will be any for those who continue in this lifestyle?

There’s nothing wrong with loving one another.

That was His commandment.

God calls it an abomination. I just showed it to you. Why are you ignoring that?