Miami @ VT

3 minutes into the game, and no thread yet…

I guess everyone’s given up on the team already?

'Canes up 7 already


You’re funny!

Man… was that Beamer with a REALLY bad cold sore?

The fwiggin’ drops continue…

These receivers should spend all practices working on the Juggs

Mallory with a couple good catches. 10-0. Keep pouring it on

The red zone… dammit.

Should be 14-0

The penalties are awful too

Targeting on Mallory? Looks like he got him in the shoulder

That is targeting

At best, it’s unnecessary roughness. Malloru was on his way to the ground untouched.
But he was a defenseless player.

Good grief… that Miami run game… :face_vomiting:

Maybe Miami should just throw the ball 100 times a game.

Fucking penalties

Good thing VTs O stinks…

Yeah. Miami isn’t good. VT is a really bad team.

I’m sure they’ll find a way to beat us. :laughing:

I’m liking the occasional Jacurri Brown wildcat sightings.

Interesting to see Jacurri getting in on these short yardage situations going wildcat.

You’d think the VT DC would figure it’s going to be a run up the gut. :rofl:

I am liking the tempo

Yeah baby. Liking it

Nice TD pass!

Miami should just throw it every play. :crazy_face:

Offense looks good. TVD is sharp. Receivers are doing their jobs.

I:m hoping my initial impression is right that TVD just picked up the playbook too slow, but that he can be back to old form now.

The penalties!! Dammit

There was a horrible holding on that QB sneak