Miami vs Okie State

Anyone have a link to the game?

I’m on

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is it too much to ask for us to not get embarrassed in a bowl for once? please?

You should put that in your wish list :rofl:

No. It’s become our thing. I am hoping for the best but fully expect to get raped tonight in front of the entire world.

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Jesus H Christ

zero pass rush.

absolutely trash DB play.

could be a long night.

Painful to see but he had like 10 secs there.

trash ass playcalling. im fuming

Miami needs turn overs to win this game. Thinking 3 wins the game.


Nice to see our defense still decided not to show up…along with our offense that can’t get going.

Baker needs to be fired before this quarter ends.

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we look like a high school team. osu isn’t even trying.

did we practice at all? for fucks sake

Fire Baker immediately!

Amazing how we continue to talk trash while getting smoked. Hall looked like an idiot talking trash on the obvious PI call. The receiver pointed out the flag to him. Embarrassing.

Now you have an OSU player breaking the U against his knee after scoring. Zero pride

Are we back yet?

Has anyone mentioned that we play Bama next game?

Can anyone confirm if 51 is in the stands?

Would explain a bunch.

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Fire Baker immediately!!!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: