Manny's "Muh Feelings" Statement

What A Loser … Totally devoid of self awareness.

Now do Temple, Manuel.

He should have simply said something like “Being the Head Coach of The University of
Miami has been a great honor and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity”

Lose the whining and the shade. #Duh

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I agree and disagree. He could have gone that route but also didn’t go the full Butch Davis FIU route either. He’s got reason for disappointment obviously and much is his own doing but also felt they had responded enough and never quit on the year that he’d be deserving of a fourth season. That was the reason Nebraska gave for NOT firing Scott Frost even on a 3-9 record. A lot of close losses. Did they do the right thing? Did we? We’ll see.

He should have wrote that exclusively to Blake James. I blame him more that I do Manny.

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After Reading His Excuse-Filled Exiting Tirade, Miami Athletic Director, Hyman Roth Scolds Whiner Manny Diaz …

“This is the business we’ve chosen”

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Poor form by Diaz. Get the job done and this doesn’t happen.

Just impressive to lay out excuses for all the failures then try to claim he’s laid a strong foundation.

I like Cocaine Manny better. This Hangover Manny is kinda a bitch.

Manny is upset at UM for the way he was treated - and he has every right to be. Don’t get me wrong - he needed to go, and I’m excited to see what Cristobal can (hopefully) do.

But you don’t sit there and wait for your guy to say yes and then fire him. That’s like someone asking you to the prom and you tell them you’ll go IF the one you really want to go with says no.

I don’t care if this is normal in this business, and I don’t care that he left Temple the way he did (UM could have done the right thing professionally and not considered him).

Bush league treatment by UM.

Ironically, this is kind of how Cristobal left the last time. He was on staff for like, what, 2 months before bolting for Bama?

Nah being way overhyped

He had every right to resign this weekend if he didn’t like something.

Manny was free to walk at any point in the last 2 months if he felt he was being disrespected. He was a willing participant in this. It was clear from 2 weeks ago that Miami’s top choice was Cristobal. The only way Manny would keep this job is if there were multiple failures along this path.

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And walk away from his buyout?

Would you do that?

Give me a break.

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Then you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t feel bad for him…Fuck this dude. Take your little 8 million and go kick rocks.

What was “classless” was his crybaby statement.

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Nope I wouldn’t. But then again, I also wouldn’t put out this little bitch statement. Mine would have been along the lines of “will cherish the last 3 years and am proud of the players. I know the university is in great hands and wish everyone luck in the future.”

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Guy just slowed down any chance of getting another head job. No matter how mistreated you feel, you move on and keep your mouth shut.


Manny has 4 to 8 million reasons to be okay with Miami handling this the way they did. He knew his number was probably up when James was fired. If he was so concerned with preserving his precious dignity, he could have opted to resign. He really has no one to blame but himself. Cry me a river.

For him to say anything about this after the way he did Temple is really rich.

I doubt he ever gets another head coaching job. Would be lucky to get another DC gig after the way he failed the last few years.

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Makes me wonder if he breached his agreement thus the buyout.

Absolutely. Looks 10x worse how quickly he commented publicly. How much does he care about “doing the right thing”? Not enough to forfeit his buyout. I don’t blame him for preserving that parachute, but don’t go crying publicly 30 mins after it’s official.

Taking the high road is the right thing to do. It’s a shame UM couldn’t start with that.

Miami tried. My understanding is they offered a reduced buyout to let Manny go earlier. Manny declined (as is his right) and chose to hang around. He can’t then “blame” the administration when he was a part in how the game was being played