Look- more non election fraud evidence!


The kind of shut judges refused to slow into evidentiary hearings along with white vans filled with ballots at 3am.

No context, no zoom in on the papers, no citation of where, literally nothing but a woman pulling papers from a bin and putting them into a drawer. I threw away some BOLs yesterday and needed them later, pulled them out and put them into a folder. Am I guilty of election fraud?

Such horseshit. You can’t go a day without showing us all how little integrity you’ve got

I don’t get it. What are we looking at, GSC?

The dude will accept this as fact of something but sees forged elector documents and thinks nothing of it. Zero integrity

It’s a sensitive document container that was supposed to be locked and inaccessible. No it was only locked AFTER they posted video of it being accessible and tampered with.

Welcome to accountability. They have more that they are releasing over time.

This election had fraud everywhere.

This video shows literally nothing. I mean, what was pulled out? Who are these people? What room is this?
You have literal forged documents of electors from 3 GOP states and you ignore it. Yet, you latch onto a remarkably vague video as proof of something? Prove to me this isn’t the back of a U-Haul office.

We’ve already seen dozens of these allegations proven false…the database of Maricopa County was deleted, false. 17,000 duplicate votes found…false. This picture shows an empty lot of someone using this address to vote…false, there was a house in the picture. 74k extra votes in Arizona…false. Who leads this organization you’re citing? These trash dumpsters…


Dude, zero integrity, again and again and again.

I still don’t get it. Are you saying taking something out of the trash on 12/30 is election fraud? Can you explain what’s happening?

@GardenStateCane GSC…Re-post the Philly footage from a couple months ago. The one that actually had dialogue.

Then, post the debunking of it so I won’t have to. You know it’s already been debunked.

No it’s already attempted to be debunked…Doesn’t mean it has been

“My side is all good, yours is all bad”…We get it warden…partisan sheep

Define, my side. What issue in particular? I substantiate what I put into writing. You, however, never do outside of Clay Travis’ twitter account.

I’ve put it writing too many times to count on this board.

You’re so overwhelmingly lazy

We posted vans pulling up with ballots- they didn’t care.

We posted dem poll workers blocking Republican challengers with cardboard blockers, they didn’t care

We posted supposedly unbiased election workers kicking only republicans out of polling places for no reason- they didn’t care.

We posted Ruby and the other one grabbing unmarked, secure boxes after kicking people out and then scanning ballots in private…. With no challengers- they didn’t care

We’ve posted the truck driver who was told to drive illegal ballots across state lines- they didn’t care.

And thousands of other things.

We get it guys. If one of the main media guys doesn’t say it- you don’t believe it. Lol

Amazing system the establishment built.

Or just exhausted and don’t like repeating myself at least past a certain point.

GSC - you’ll pardon us for being skeptical when you post “proof” of election fraud that is a video of someone standing by a shredder box with zero context/source.

If it makes you feel better about needing to believe something that’s false, I’ll be happy to send you a picture of myself standing by a shredder box by my office. :laughing:

Each one of these has been fact checked and proven to be bullshit. You simply don’t care all the while ignoring and defending a legitimate coup attempt, like forging election documents for fake electors.

For instance:

False. Fact check: Videos of crowd locked out of Detroit center lack context

" The Detroit Free Press reported that challengers from both sides were locked out because the limit on challengers had already been exceeded. Earlier in the day, 268 Democratic challengers, 227 Republican challengers and 75 nonpartisan challengers were on the floor. The Free Press reported roughly 400 challengers were “freely roaming the room.”

There is literal video of Republicans IN THERE. Do you care? Nope. Why? Zero integrity


This Ruby? Ruby Freeman?

Not to mention the entire video post was put up by Michael Coudrey who’s website states he’s in “informational warfare.”

Or, this one - Jesse Morgan -
To begin with - Court records reveal a lengthy history of drug abuse, mental health issues and domestic violence.
According to court records, his mother, Holly Morgan-Moul, told a judge in 2003 that her son has a “long history of drug and alcohol use” that dated back to when he was 14 or 15.

Morgan, she said, spent time in treatment and did well. But he later relapsed, she said, adding that “his life has become considerably unmanageable and bizarre.”

She reported that her son would sleep in the woods behind their home and walk out of school.

“He needs treatment,” Morgan-Moul told the judge. “He needs behavioral, cognitive, therapeutic attention and he needs mental health attention.”

Later, Morgan was accepted into York County Drug Treatment Court but did not successfully complete the program.

Common Pleas Judge Stephen P. Linebaugh remarked that a common theme with Morgan in drug treatment court had been “it was never your fault.” He also “constantly lied,” the judge said.

In 2006, Morgan pleaded guilty to forgery for a sentence of five years’ probation, with the first 192 days in Adams County Prison. But a judge resentenced him in 2008 to 1 1/2 to five years in prison, according to court records.

In 2019, Morgan’s wife filed for three temporary protection-from-abuse orders, which contained numerous allegations, including that her husband:

Withdrew all the money out of their joint bank account. 
Put a tracker in her phone. 
Tried to pour a medication that she’s allergic to on her pizza

Who’s flying Jesse around and putting him up on TV and handling any legal matters?
Amistad Project led by Phil Kline.
For context, it’s worth noting that the director of the Amistad Project, Phill Kline, is the former Kansas attorney general who was indefinitely suspended from practicing law in Kansas in 2018, for engaging in “unethical tactics and committed professional misconduct during his investigations into abortion providers,” as reported by the Topeka Capital-Journal.

Brett Hambright, a spokesman for the district attorney’s office in Lancaster, told The Dispatch Fact Check via email the following:

“We were made aware of this allegation. An allegation such as this one (involving multiple states) would typically be handled by a federal agency and our office would normally assist if requested. Our assistance has not been requested, but we will assist if asked. Additionally, we are confident that any ‘mail-in’ ballots dropped off in person in Lancaster are accounted for, as the drop-off box was monitored by camera.”

Craig Lehman, commissioner for the County of Lancaster also told The Dispatch Fact Check via email that “receiving absentee applications in which the registered PA voter requests their ballot to be mailed out of state, while it is not the norm, it is something that we see for every primary and general election.” He continued by explaining why this might come up: “Examples of the more common circumstances are: students who are attending college out of state, or even out of the country and PA residents who are on an extended visit in another state either visiting or caring for a loved one. We also see PA residents who may be in another state on a lengthy vacation which is long enough for them to receive mail at the address.”

Also, I move those mail trays. They aren’t packed in gaylords.
They move like this

or this

This is a gaylord

Throughout the mail process, even during elections, the mail is sent in open trays, wrapped slightly…even on the airlines (which end up moving most of your mail, actually - Delta was the last one to have the contract). Years ago, I worked as a ramper at Delta and literally handled these on a daily basis along with baby chickens on morning flights. They were awesome and so cute.

The only citation I see of mail put in gaylords is this dude…on the entire internet. Again, I move these. You know who else I move for? Dominion Voting Systems.


@skeeter you noticing the trend here.

Always default to biased fact check and ad hominems… warden thinks if you’ve taken drugs or drank you’re not a reliable witness ever again in your life.

Like always, you can’t go two posts without showing a sincere lack of integrity. One is fact checked, you ignore it. You always ignore it. Instead you focus on the fact the witness is a dirtybag with mental problems and a long arrest and drug history who tried to kill his wife.
It’s absolutely true the “witness” is a sack of shit, but again, you ignore the other information about it, about the other point, about literally anything that doesn’t fit into your GatewayPundit directed narrative. It’s not my fault all your “witnesses” are criminals with mental health histories…represented by lawyers who’ve been banned from practicing law in certain states because they’re con artists and liars. There is, however, a common theme.

The fact is, you have no integrity as a person. Zilch. There’s just not much more to it.

I can get into the “fact check” just as easily if I was interested in doing so.

Notice that every single fact check ends up where you want it. That, in and of itself, should be a red flag to you. Lol. But carry on!