Keeping an Oath


I know this is hard for you to understand. No one here knows, cares, or identified with the Oath Keepers.

Just another example of the guy who takes no responsibility for his opinions. You supported and defended the insurrection.

You just drip zero integrity muck…just a filthy human inside.

I supported and defended protests. I didn’t support or defend the Federal operation that entrapped people that day.

Unless they have black and brown people in them.

I care about this. These guys are fucked, as they well should be.

That’s not what I mean. These guys post these stories because they believe we are attached to them in some way. We’re not.

Before Jan 6 (and even a bit after) I had never even heard of the group. And I’ve never supported them.

If they freely had plans to attack the Capitol- fry them.

Now you may turn around and say- but you guys posted BLM and Antifa for months. Yes.

But Djrion and others supported these groups. They literally defended them for months. So did the media.

Who is defending the Oath Keepers? Lol. Not a single fucking person. And that includes me, bikki, skeeter, Storm, Indiana, and all others. I guarantee it.

I know this is one of your goto excuses, but everyone here posts stuff that other people don’t care about. Skeeter’s constantly posting idiotic tweets. Storm used to post Q drops. You yourself posted about a random father teaching his children about trans stuff ( What do you get when you mix).

You can keep joining these threads saying “I don’t care” if you want, but you’re not making a worthwhile point.

I do t mind following this story. I may now that I’m aware of it. But I’m telling you- he posted it to link it to us. 100%. They both did.

The way I see it, there are 2 main reasons people post political opinions in the Shelter:

  1. Targeted at their opponents. They want to dump on others, start arguments, or prove their opinion is right (which is your assumption here).

  2. Targeted at their allies. They want to commiserate and confirm beliefs with people who feel the same way they do.

So you’ll see a lot of replies to the effect of “That’s wrong” and “That’s right.” You don’t need to take part, but it is what it is.

By the way, we saw this a lot when Storm would post stuff about Cuomo. I don’t think anyone here cared about Cuomo, but for some reason his posts would constantly call me out and ask me to defend some random politician in some random state. That’s a good time to say what you’re saying.

A badge of honor.

You hate social justice, I believe in it.

Never takes responsibility for his radical brethren, but tries to tell us it was realpy antifa breaking into the Capitol to incite peaceful trump protesters.

Supports the Big Lie, but doesn’t want to admit it once the legal system starts to squeeze these bums.

Supports fake election audits, gets burned, and then never is to be heard from again on the subject.

The truth of the matter is you are functionally void of admitting you are wrong and are addicted to creating your own false narratives so that you can pretend you are some fake christian with high morality.

But you support all the wrong people, ideas, and things to be a true christian. You are phony and an idiot to boot.

fake news. But, again…is clear who you are now, entirely. A cat who denies the earth is round and thinks Jesus is the most documented even in history and has less integrity than Ken Paxton. Once all this is established, it shows we’ve been debating one of those wackjob Christian extremist lunatics who denies the earth is round and the like. You’re as bat-shit crazy as any other Qanoner and thus a total waste of time.

“Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

Has anyone met a more dramatic person in their lives?

Warden- you know who I am now. You e said it over and over. Good for you.

I still hand you your ass on a daily basis and will continue to do so.

Neutral guy^^^

There is more info and legit questions (and sure occasional humor and irony) in that twitter thread than 90% of the stuff you post…And for the other 10% I usually give you credit.

You are the definition of a lost little sheep.

This isn’t about partisan politics, it is about being able to have discussions.

Can’t discuss with delusional partisan sheep like you though…No matter how much they play fake neutral

Oh there’s nothing to discuss with with partisan idiots like you, trust me. Probably the most uninformed and politically stupid person on this board.


I’m surprised you give him the time of day, tbh. Waste of time and effort.

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