Keep telling us this is a normal legitimate


Absolutely ridiculous to address 1/10 of Congress.

You realize this was done on purpose for social distancing, yes?

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Look I realize you don’t know, well, anything, let alone know what it’s like for a president to attempt to set a good example, but that’s what this is.

I don’t think anyone’s ever said pandemics were normal.

This is a socially distanced event. See those white papers on top of the seats? That means no one’s allowed to sit there. Select people in attendance represented certain groups, for example Chief Justice Roberts represented the 9.

The funny thing is, if this was a packed house event with everybody crowded close, conservatives would laugh about distancing hypocrisy. But when the administration attempts to set a good example… what? I don’t even understand what GSC’s implication is here.

Lead by example, pretty refreshing.

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I thought MIT just established there is no difference between 6 and 60 feet?

You guys are really really programmed.

This pandemic really helps you work out all the gaps doesn’t it?

You clearly don’t see what’s going on in India.

Here’s my thing: we keep doing this (distance, masks) until a) daily new infection rate drops and b) everyone that wants a vaccine has gotten one (and we’re really close to this).

My guess would be this would only be a couple/3 more months.

What’s wrong with that?

Why not answer his question?

What’s happening in India? You’ve been there? On the ground?

Or you’ve read reports? Similar to reports in America where everyone was terrified but the reality was- it was all exaggeration to achiev an end.

You think the India government is above weaponizing this thing for their own gain? You think they don’t want money and resources sent their way?

What better way to get it?

Lol…Talk about low life expectation.

It is happening. Doctors all over the world who are trying to help have confirmed it.

It’s be a lot easier if you simply admitted you’re indifferent to all of this.

And doctors who are skeptical/against/speaking out…Basically enraged about his this is being handled. A group of which there are too many to count…Are right wing conspiracy theorists ya know.

You need to understand that everything… EVERYTHING is now politicized.

Even medicine.

For decades Washington hid this. They controlled the narrative. There wasn’t a counter party like Trump blowing up their narratives. There wasn’t social media to dispel all the lies.

Now there is.

So instead of just surrendering the points- they double down. They politicize medicine, healthcare, race, wealth, law enforcement… you name it.

I’m sure there’s a spike in India. I’m also sure it isn’t “the sky is falling! India will cease to exist if we don’t do anything!”

This media is like an hysterical woman that’s scared of every shadow in an alleyway. It’s out of control.

They exaggerate what helps them push their narrative and they minimize what hurts their agenda.

And you’re still falling for it.

You’re still as afraid of COVID today as you were in February 2020 which is saying something about you.

Wow all perfectly said, GSC…No matter what happens in India…It was/will be only going to be be reported as it is now. What’s really going on doesn’t matter one bit.

Two things.

First, no I’m not. I’m vaccinated and more and more Americans are becoming vaccinated, so I do believe that this thing (at least in the US) will soon be coming to an end. It’s time to get back to normal.

Second, I understand politics is involved in medicine. Completely get it. India is not in the same place as we are with this virus. They don’t have enough of anything right now to deal with it.

So whether you think it’s overblown or not is irrelevant. It’s not a good situation there right now.

But hey, this is happening in another country full of people you don’t know, so fuck ‘em, right?

As always, your most obvious attribute (or lack thereof) is your inability to see the long term.

I know you don’t like to read, but here’s this:

Lol…And he provides more media coverage. I read this already…I don’t give a fuck about this article because there is simply too much reason to believe it is exaggerated.

What does this have to do with my “lack of long-term vision”…You absolute moron

I mean this fucking clown really posted a bleeding heart cnn article like he was illustrating something of me

The only guarantees i can give about that article is that there will be a lie somewhere or something so grearly exaggerated it will basically be a lie to aid left leaning globalist causes.

You are the biggest fucking follower, narrative eating sheep on a message board full of them. Congrats

Thank you.

And you have the most limited vision, and vocabulary, of anyone on this board. Congrats.