Just as We Suspected

The so-called insurgency on Jan 6 involved Antifa and BLM groups that were THE FIRST to penetrate the interior of the Capitol building. The Gateway Pundit shows a video of these extremist groups, all clad in their anarchist black outfits, INITIATING the break in of the building. In addition the GWP, a fine investigative source, chides the Marxist DOJ for withholding from the public more video evidence, over twelve hours worth, likely showing that these groups played a major if not THE most significant part in the mayhem.

The most ridiculous thing of all however are statements that this was the worst political uprising since the Civil War. Bunkum! These are absurd claims, and the Capitol riot is almost INSIGNIFICANT compared to the hundreds of leftists\ BLM/Antifa riots which have resulted in the deaths of dozens, hospitalization of thousands, and physical damage to our cities in the billions of dollars.


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Keep laughing. They, along with Project Veritas are the Gold Standard. They destroy the MSM narrative consistently.

It’s why you’re always wrong 51. On every issue. So keep LOL’ing like a teeny bopper.

Wrong on every issue? You believe gays are second class citizens.

That makes you wrong on that issue.

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I’ve never once said this. Once again you inferred your own meaning to my statements.

I’ve never once said that gays are less human or less citizens. I also never said they should be denied any human right.

Now you’re just lying. Knock it off.

Where is that GSC said gays are second class citizens? Or even hinted at that?

As a moderator, you have the duty to be very precise in your statements and not make such vitriolic accusations if unfounded.

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This goes back to the old board. He knows exactly what I’m talking about.

You rail on me for this but say nothing when GSC states that my beliefs are categorically not true. Yet, we’re both of the exact same religion.

He’s not a moderator.
I think most of you are wasting your breath with each other.

He’s not, but we’re all adults.

But yes, I agree. Certainly we aren’t going to change each other’s minds.

I’ll bet you $1,000 that you can’t find anything that I posted that says that.

I’ve said I think homosexuality and trans are immoral. I claimed, and with citations, that the norm was that these conditions were considered psychological disorders (DSM).

I also said I have no problem with people living their lives. The government has spoken. But I will not tolerate this shit indoctrinating my children.

Stop lying. You call yourself a Catholic but you do this shit?

I’ll bet you $1,000 that you can’t find anything that I posted that says that.

You’re right. I can’t find it. Because you deleted your username on the old site.

Bullshit. You specifically said that being gay and that the gay lifestyle can spread as a result.

Hell - you contradict yourself above. First you say it’s a mental illness. Then you say you don’t want it indoctrinating your children. So which is it? A mental illness or something that is taught? In my view, it is neither.

At the same time, you said you also felt sympathy and were ok with civil unions. I called BS on that statement, saying you couldn’t have it both ways (not wanting it to spread but ok with civil unions).

You agreed with me and relented.

This conversation happened exactly as was stated above. I remember it because it was a 20+ page thread. It went on for weeks.

And I thought we agreed that we wouldn’t call each other out on our (same) religion. I can just as easily call you out on the same level, based on your views of immigrants. Jesus wouldn’t deny them. He would help them.

I’m starting to believe that you are gay and that is why you always want to bring this issue up… in any event.

Yes- trauma can cause mental illness.

Trauma can be induced.

This is logic and it would follow that some who experience the trauma can then become homosexual.

There’s vast evidence of children who were abused sexually who then develop homosexual desires.

Well- same could be said for mass programming. Put enough homosexual messaging and images in front of a child and it can inform his or her sexuality.

In any event… how does any of this :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:prove I think of homosexuals as second class citizens?

It doesn’t. You’re just a liar.

Classic bigotry. From a “Catholic.” Im happily married (to a woman) with two beautiful children.

Apparently according to you, you can’t be straight and be ok with equal rights for gays. That’s about right for you.

So you’re saying all people who are gay are homosexual? Because of abuse? This is really your stance? Because there’s TONS of people (and people I know) who had perfect families and lives. But they were gay. Nothing happened to them.

You know this but won’t admit it. This trauma and abuse language you’re using is extremely small in the scheme of things.

It also can’t be spread.

If you treated COVID the way you treated being gay - we’d all need to be on lockdown.

You’re obsessed with defending the topic. You always bring it up. I’ve made my position clear countless times and yet you still do it.

Nope. Some people develop same sex attraction on their own I’m sure. But I’m saying that it can be induced via trauma. Not everyone will succumb to it but some will.


You keep using this word “spread.” You do it all the time. I’ve already explained to you I don’t say it “spreads” like a virus. It can be induced. And if you pump it into the media that’s one way of inducing it. Please stop misquoting me.


Are you ok with your children (before the age of puberty) watching shows with homosexual characters being intimate?

Would you allow them to go to these trans drag queen read alongs?

Let’s see how honest you are here.

So where does he say “Second class citizens” you lying fucking clown.

GSC just throughly whooping the dogs hit out of fraud 51 in this thread

Make a point on the subject or stop talking.

If you’re ok with letting your pre-puberty kids watching any images of sexual intimacy whatsoever - there’s a problem. So your question is irrelevant.

Congrats on ignoring my point. As usual.

I just did make a point shithead

My point is you are lying when you are saying what you said about GSC…understand the point fuck boy?

You don’t even know what was said. Er go, stop talking.