It's A Process!

While I thought they might struggle against this cupcake team, I didn’t really believe they could manage to lose to them. Thought it, but didn’t really believe it.

The presser is gonna be lit!!!

Gattis is the new Enos. The team can’t score. It’s kind of a problem. Mario has to fire him at the end of the season unless things improve significantly.

Miami just lost to a team I never heard of before I saw the schedule this year.

Back to work!!! :roll_eyes:

Cristobal will be fired at the end of year…

I miss Lashlee, for sure. He was the only guy that successfully incorporated spread and uptempo elements into our offense.

The whole season is a wash to me, and that’s a good thing overall. I won’t tear my hair out over each game. I won’t care too much. But i will hope we see incremental improvement and players buying in.

We would have won this game if Garcia was the QB the whole time. Anyone can see TVD’s head isn’t on right this season.

My take is that TVD must not be the brightest tool in the cupboard. He excelled last year after studying the system for some time, but he’s having trouble switching over to something new so fast. Maybe he catches up, maybe he doesn’t. Garcia looks like the horse to bet on right now.

No chance

And nor should we want that



The only one that could get fired is Gattis.

A team with lots of holes and injuries to a number of the better players doesn’t lead to great performances. Combine that with Gattis and Mario wanting to pound the rock and you get to a point of having 1 RB, 5-6OL, and 6 WR.

The D has limited excuses outside of knowing the O was F’d.

It was an abysmal performance. Nothing good to say about it.

Horrendous effort.

Cristobal isn’t getting fired this year.

MTSU had nothing to lose and everything to gain, and they played a great game. They out physicaled us. Their pass rush had TVD shell shocked. Our pass rush was insufficient to prevent four enormous chunk plays. Our rushing attack fizzled. Our tackling was reminiscent of last year. Our redzone strategy was awful.

Mario was correct in benching TVD in favor of Garcia, and Garcia played well during the third quarter. Nevertheless, MTSU was tougher than Miami and the whole effect was one of the most demoralizing losses in my almost 70 years of watching Cane football.

IMO, we are too absorbed trying to throw home run passes. Long passes require protecting the QB for a longer period of time. Miami needs to perfect a short passing game where passes leave the QBs hand before any sack or hurry can take place. As I recall, we threw only one slant pass today despite having a bevy of tight ends. We’re supposed to be a fast team. It looked to me like our offense was running in slow motion. I watched lots of games today, and far and away Miami’s offense looked the worst of all teams I viewed.

When I see a game like this, I pine away about the stupidity of not hiring Mike Leach who dearly wanted the job. When I look at the stands with so few people, I compare attendance with the crowds watching games in Starkville, Pullman, and Lubbock. It’s really depressing.

Two weeks until UNC. If I’m the coach, it’d be the worst two weeks most of these players would ever see. They’d damn sure know that there’s certain downside for this lack of preparation and nonchalance toward any opponent. Especially one who lost to James Madison 44-7. I’d be livid if I was the coach that had to wear this one forever. And the players would know they’d be wise to not let it happen ever again. Total embarrassment for the program.

Wonder if we’ll wake up in the next 14 days? :rage: :skull:

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After the loss to JMU, I believe Middle changed QB’s and they have kicked the crap out of 3 opponents in a row. Their QB played great yesterday. They have a decent team that Miami underestimated. Talk about phoning it in. Of course, this was Middle’s Super Bowl so they were as stoked as Miami was indifferent.

As I’ve written before, pro set works if you have Bama or Georgia talent. Not so much if you don’t. Miami’s play calling has been way too predictable; reminiscent of Richt and Enos. Lashlee had success with big plays mixed in with routine ones. Gattis seems allergic to big plays. Miami has had only one 40+ yard play in four games, very telling. Gattis loves calling run plays into a completely stacked box and 2 yard passes. End zone shots don’t seem to exist for him.

The defense obviously has issues that were fully exploited yesterday. They were burned on at least 4 bombs. It was like we were watching the second half of the Maryland game in 1984.

Too many JAGs, too many boneheads. Hard to hold the current staff totally accountable since they have almost no players on the roster that they recruited. These are all Manny and Richt players for the most part.

Reality bites, whatever optimism we had that things might turn around quickly is gone. This season is a write off. Probably a 6 or 7 win year at best.

Recruiting is our only hope. Georgia was 7-5? in Smart’s first season with some bad losses They nearly lost to Nichols State. It can be done. Miami needs more playmakers, less JAGs.

The Middle HC is a former FSU QB, from the JAX area, a contemporary of Richt and Kelly.
He called a great game. And Middle once had a DC named Diaz.

Garcia v. TVD, it depends on how they practice, but TVD seems lost under Gattis. He doesn’t even look off his primary EVER. The first two picks resulted from the LB reading his eyes, he knew where the short pass was going before TVD released it. Any decent LB will do the same thing. Garcia is a better athlete and has more eligibility left. TVD has signaled he is leaving early for the NFL. If I’m Mario, I’d bench TVD and give Garcia a chance. He can’t be any worse.

Hiring Gattis has proven to be a major error so far. Maybe he can recruit but his play calling blows. And MC epically failed to get the team ready. This was a classic trap game; a cupcake game coming off an emotional loss on the road. Miami looked like zombies for most of the game. Some in attendance say they saw the team quit.


Don’t do it to yourself

Why so many teams losing to rest of 5 teams this year? Group Think. Tag lines and Buzz words.

College football is filled with Name coaches who say things like spread or dynamic, or process. They hire other name guys who have super agents. Fans see the same helmet stickers and read the same recruiting evals and yern for yesteryear. Those kids are in the same uniforms and wearing the same numbers but they are not the same kids.

20 to 30 years ago the name teams dominated football because they had the larger lineman on both sides and ran the ball as it was less of a gamble. It was a sure thing. Just like 7’0 Centers in basketball. Only the small schools tried passing the ball a lot and could knock off a team from time to time as it was their only chance. But like the team full of 6’2 outside shooters, they are not consistent enough to win week after week.

Fans fell in love with the pass all the time coaches and have thus looked for all “Hot Young Coaching Prospects” to give them what Miami and FSU use to give everyone. The dirty secret is that Miami in their hey day was more balanced than people give them credit for. Miami during Howard’s time and during Butch’s time were built without cutting corners. It was based on taking your lumps and redshirting entire classes.

Fans of Miami, Nebraska, Texas, Texas A&M do not want something built over 4-5 years with players who are real 3 stars and worked for 4 years. 80 players who are not on the 3 year to the NFL program. Built on players who may not fit the mold for Size Queen recruiters but are just really good football players. Fans who can not wait to ask are we baaaaaaaaaack are left with promises and buzz words.

We yet again hired a coach who was tied to Miami yet made Justin Herbert seem average. He hired a OC who was a name from all the name schools yet no resume as a successful OC over 5-6 years. We are recruiting the same FAST SoFlo guys and promising early playing time to get the 5 star guys who don’t seem to develop and we always ask why. And this whole team thinks they are on the 3 year to the NFL program. This recipe is a disaster and your seeing it all over the country. No imagination and programs looking for a quick fix like we saw at Florida in 2006, OSU in 2014, USC in 2003, Bama in 2010. Those programs were exceptions built by previous staffs that recruited and built the players the right way but were not given the time to see it through.

I really hope Cristobal looks in the mirror and gets football people on board. I hope he recruits kids that are in this thing for the long hall. Not kids making hat switches who will be in the portal in 4 months. I really hope that he looks at a kid in the portal and asks why they are there instead of looking at their measurables and where they were on the star recruiting platform. Every one of those kids has a story. do we want to bring in their baggage into the facility? Bring in coaches who are in this for the long hall and teaching the kids the position instead of just trying to find the next NFL prospect. If not we will just look like Nebraska again sounding like Nebraska fans wondering what went wrong with Frost and now asking for Urban Meyer of all people.


One of the best posts I’ve read in a while @omaha


#16 played vs JMU.

18/32 110yards 3.4avg 1TD 0INT 10.2QBR

While I agree that we haven’t changed the minds of our 4/5-star as they transfer/leave for the NFL, I have to ask how do (Bama, Clemson, OSU, or UGA ) get some kids to stay for a 4th or 5th year that are locks for the first round?

I truly believe even the 5star kids are willing to stay IF they have an opportunity to win. We need to land kids that are willing to grind for years to get the team to that opportunity. We can talk about Butch growing the 2001 team but everyone should look at the kids like Ray Lewis who left after 3 years. Even the WRs: Yatil left after 3 years and JG had a massive ACL injury or he would have left. Pretty sure Tony Gaitor left early, too.

I’m pretty disappointed to see how slow our team is and yet we didn’t sign a kid that runs a sub-11 second 100. Rodgers (CB): 11.64, Graves (CB) 11.02, Markeith Williams (S) 11.56, Horton (WR) 11.59, Harris (CB) - 11 unconfirmed

Kids who have run sub 11:
Goerge (WR) 10.75-10.8 multiple times.
Stevenson (CB) 10.88

Now for the MTSU guys:
#3 - 10.54
#84 - 11.1 as a Junior
#83 - 11.1 as a Senior

YET, Miami acts like Ivey (likely 11.3-11.5) is going to turn and run with a 3-5 yard head start with no help over the top and he isn’t asked to manhandle the smaller speed guys (god forbid he has to cover a faster big WR).

I’ve heard that Robert Stafford and Nathaniel Joseph run sub 10 with Robby Washington confirmed 10.65. Mario has to keep these 3 and land a couple more FAST football players.

Cold hard cash 90’s.

It’s not rocket science. They pay them. And on top of it they all get these Lloyds of London insurance policies if they get injured.

The NIL shot has only made it easier for the traditional schools to do this in the light.

We’re so far behind in so many ways.

It isn’t just about $$$ for most. It is $$$ with the real chance of winning AND not crushing their ability to play on Sundays. Rambo should have NEVER left! Hell, he should have transferred if he hated Miami. He is just the latest of Many Many Many kids that believed they were going to make it in the draft only to not even get signed. These are the fringe kids that have left Miami way too many times to count.

Stevenson would have likely left if healthy. Same with Hedley. Both are gone and it wouldn’t shock me to see both “injuried” more than we would like. We can say good bye to Nelson who is also injuried. We can expect to see TVD or Garcia leave.

I said this with Golden, Richt, and Manny. IF Mario wants to win, he has to keep Stevenson, TVD/Garcia, Campbell, Gil, Nelson, Harvey, Hunt, Rivers, Knighton, Parrish, X, Mesidor, Jackson… the kids with a pulse from leaving. Lucky for Miami, we can have mass departures and likely remain at 85 kids BUT bringing in 25-30 new kids just for fun doesn’t solve the problem. These kids have to be good enough to force some of the kids with a pulse to sit more times than they are used to.

If we are going to say what allowed Miami to make the jump, I would say a kid like Scott Covington. Garcia is my Scott Covington of '22. TVD very well could start vs UNC. Garcia’s ball is just better than TVD much like Covington vs Clement. Covington didn’t get big money to stay and Clement was from money.

In all fairness Graves is fast fast…And that’s probably a technique thing. Harris has real speed too.

But your point is well taken with the others.

Graves and Harris are both 11 flat guys. Not bad but why didn’t we find at least 1-2 other speed guys? Jamari Sharpe is an example of someone we likely could have landed who has really fast wheels (10.4) for special teams at worst.

Regarding Omaha’s post, Butch used a sports psychologist that the Steelers used IIRC.

His role was to interview recruits and evaluate if they were team players, or not. Butch was trying to rule out the selfish, me me me types. Seemed to work as he assembled the best team in the history of college football.

The Middle Tenn game cured me. Pretty much don’t care anymore and not expecting Miami ever to be really good again. Hopefully, they prove me wrong in a couple of years but I’m over it.

I hear ya…But remember. I mean we did have a coaching change.

Edwin Joseph is supposedly a 10.6 or 10.7 kid and we lead for him

Obviously you know Chris Johnson was supposedly a Canes lock but seems to be having second thoughts is big speed as well. So this staff does seem to be putting an emphasis on track speed.