It is all over kids



I’m going to need some time to watch this.

It actually makes me very angry and emotional revisiting the fraud in this election.

A friend sent me this…I have to watch at some point.

Side note: Didn’t you post and I respond to this already lol?

Didn’t you post and I respond to this already lol?


It was Bikki’s post.



Only getting closer to you being wrong again!

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Wow- someone has to explain what was in that van if it wasn’t ballots.

Hey @Canes51 - no evidence huh?

Vans pulling up in the middle of the night, after counting was delayed, with thousands upon thousands of ballots.


Prove it. Until then, you’re making shit up

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Wow. 51 - what was in those vans?

At some point we need to lock Storm up in a padded room, medicate him and don’t allow the guy out for a very long time. It is so sad that someone just does not know reality. The person lives in a world of made up fantasies…If anyone takes this person serious then god bless them as well. SO SAD…Storm is waiting for something that will never happen. His boy is back in palm beach trying to enjoy his last years on earth…Oh well.

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80- what is in those vans?

GSC, If you want to continue with Voter Fraud go right ahead. Trump lost the election. There was no conspiracy. How many marches from 2016 till now do you need…You think the young people who marched on Washington after Douglas shooting voted for Trump. You think that women actually voted for trump. Do you actually think that all those white people who protested along side of BLM voted for trump…I give trump all the credit in the world…He won the first election…and this one he got so many people not only on his side riled up…he got dems to come out in record numbers. Why no voter fraud in Texas…Biden got more votes in Texas than Trump did in 2016. Why no issues in these other states like Ohio. The numbers were greater there then 2016.

Trump lost because the guy pissed off more people then he helped…People had enough. There has been zero proof…Even top republicans have said otherwise. You sit there and make these accusations…You say what if it true…I have said over and over…Prove it with actual proof and I will believe it. That being said there has been no proof…just a hope and prayer. It is not good for this country to lie and say the election was rigged…This false narrative only divides this country more. Michigan, Wisconsin, PA have all voted for dems since the 80’s. Why is it so hard to believe a dem won now…The election was decided by very few votes in 2016…Did you not see the lines…Dems turned out because they wanted trump out…And many republicans voted for Trump in 2016 voted for for Biden. I know many that voted for Trump in 2016 and switched…People had enough.

Just get over it already. Guy lost…in 2024 if a Republican wins the white house and it is a close election are you going to say there was voter fraud. Damn…

gsc, if you could not see what happened in Georgia happening a few years ago…Well you better get shocked then when Texas goes Blue…Florida is red so you should be happy with that.

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80- I appreciate your 1,000 word essay about Trump.

What was in those vans in your opinion? Simple question.

gsc, did you watch this video…Seriously this is your proof…Dead people voted…that is his proof. Illegal aliens…If this is true why could Hillary not pull this off…She accoding the right is the most corrupt person to ever run for president…UNREAL…This guy from mypillow needs some fucking meds.

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Watched over 20 minutes and still zero proof…How much of this BS do I need to watch. This reminds me of Geraldo opening up Al Capone safe only to find out there was nothing in the safe…Just because the guy said it happeend does not mean it did…28 MINUTES IN…nothing but bs.

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Not the first video 80. This

GSC, Can you please give me that part of my life back…Jesus, so this guy gets a bunch of white people on his show to agree with him…GSC…Do your self a favor…Wake up tomorrow, move on with your life and in four years vote again…Because this country has not changed…If you believe there was mass voter fraud then that is on you. I spoke to someone that runs elections in Starke county…which is pretty much all republicans. We spoke for about 45 minutes on the subject and he said no vote fraud does not happen to the levels that people may think…Said there was little to no reason to do so…But that is one person who is on the other side that told me that…I am sure I can find many more.

I feel bad for you guys…I hated the fact that trump won four years ago…and never could believe that anyone could vote for him…especially those who had any morals at all…but not only did they vote for him once…they did a second time as well…Why is it so hard to believe that your guy lost…move the fuck on. Trump is never going to get back in the white house…and Storm is never going to have the day to say I told you so…IT IS NOT HAPPENING…Your own party…the top people said there was no fraud…GET OVER IT.

Oh wait…a white van pulls up in a parking garage and YOU KNOW FOR SURE THAT THOSE ARE BALLOTS…Fuck. Man you are so easily manipulated.