If you have 5 minutes today

Regardless of what side you are on in this vaccine debate.

Thought provoking and sad. Also inspiring.

And most of all- she’s completely spot on.

I know this :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2: is Canada, but if you don’t think this is coming here…. You’re nuts.

This is wrong.

She’s right. If your employer requires it as a condition of employment, you don’t have to take it.

But the employer then gets to decide that you can’t work there anymore.

Outside of a medical or religious exemption, there is nothing wrong with requiring it.

There’s always a choice.

He’s a piece of shit fascist.

I hope the Scotus embarrasses him on this one.

Why are you so upset? Vaccines are generally required for kids in schools.

Got polio? Smallpox?

Because government should NOT be in the business of forcing private institutions to force their employees to make medical decisions. That’s fascism.

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Those were also things that killed kids in droves. COVID does not. Next argument…

Uhhh……you don’t know much about the law do you?

Private companies who have federal contracts are required to follow scores of federal rules. Where’s your outrage for all the other stuff?

Oh so as long as it only kills adults in droves it’s ok?

Got it.

This applies to all private companies regardless of their relationship with the Feds. That’s the difference.

You conveniently left out a key piece in the article you posted.

They either need to get vaccinated OR BE TESTED.

So unless the private company itself is requiring the vaccine, the feds aren’t making private sector employees get vaccinated.

Include the details. Not just what fits your narrative.

No, because it doesn’t kill young healthy people by and large, we shouldn’t force those people to get it. People that are compromised have the ability to get the vaccine to protect themselves.

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They leave this option to have an argument in court when they are sued.

Do you realize how expensive it is for someone to get tested weekly? Insurance isn’t going to cover it. It’s out of pocket.

This isn’t a real option.

True - but if it can help prevent spread to people who - for example - have a weakened immune system AND also can’t take the vaccine due to a medical issue, wouldn’t it make sense to get inoculated to reduce the risk that it’s spread to them?


That’s a lefty argument. Do it for the good of humanity. It’s how Totalitarian governments coerce folks.

No, I don’t think it’s ok to force folks because a small potion of the population want the vaccine but may not be able to get it.

The standard in society shouldn’t be no one can get sick. Slippery slope.

Uhh, no. Your argument is a sad, paranoid one. How about do it to reduce the risk of further suffering and death? What is wrong with that?

You’re basically saying “fuck ‘em” to the people who are truly vulnerable. It’s disgusting.

No, I’m saying that in a free society it is sick to force people to inject things into their bodies that they are opposed to injecting.

Your outlier argument doesn’t hold water here. Those folks that are at risk are probably at risk of many other things affecting them because they have comorbidities. They should be protected the best they can be.

But people getting the vaccine can still shed the virus to them. So it doesn’t even really prevent them from getting sick.

Those people that are that compromised health wise that they can’t get the vaccine are likely in stage 4 cancer or have much more to worry about than just COVID. That’s not being harsh that’s just reality.

But don’t come on here with your hypothetical example with no real data to support it and say that we are heartless because there may be people out there that can’t get the vaccine and protect themselves.

I understand - I’d like to know why. And outside of a good reason, I think it’s sick to be selfish and risk getting it and giving it to others - which could literally kill them.

We should do what we can to protect them from as much as possible. This is a tired excuse. “Something else is going to get them. Might as well be COVID.”

Hey @skeeter - it doesn’t “prevent” - it “protects against.” :laughing:

Uhh, asthma? Diabetes? They are just two examples of very manageable diseases on their own - that COVID can really mess with.

Who in those groups can’t get the vaccine?

You haven’t answered that question.

understand - I’d like to know why. And outside of a good reason, I think it’s sick to be selfish and risk getting it and giving it to others - which could literally kill them.

Why what? Why we shouldn’t be forced? Are you fucking serious?

And me being vaccinated is showing to have NOTHING to do with you getting it. I do believe the stats from hospitals are true and it does help you fight it…For the 4000th time it is does not have anything to do with getting it and giving it to others.

Wasn’t the point…You are still too dumb to comprehend

And also it does not stop transmission (it doesn’t matter which verb you want to use here the point in this argument is transmission is not treatment/fighting it) …Whether that is because of new variants or whatever OK. It was thought/hopeful to stop transmission…It is not. That’s why we are seeing outbreaks in small groups of vaccinated or also in countries with high vaccination rates…Your verb choice doesn’t matter here…It’s doing nothing against transmission. Maybe it did do something against the original strain? But it is doing nothing against the mutations. The vaccine does appear to help you avoid getting severe covid…It helps you fight it as shown by a higher ratio in hospitals vaccinated/unvaccinated.

Asthma? I read multiple times covid has no effect on asthma? Is this recent?

Regardless of which…Then these people need to take further precautions, should be getting a vaccine, etc…After a couple months when we knew everything we need to know, none of us are responsible for them, there is now a vaccine, and no one is forcing them to leave their house

Just stop with the ridiculous sanctimony. And if you aren’t going to stop, quit inflicting yourself on others, or expect us to take part in it.