Hypocrisy of the Right Wing

Yea but @Warden84 you and your video leave one HUGE detail out.

We know for a fact Hillary not only illegally handled classified docs but she also was responsible for other countries getting access to them.

What we don’t know is if Trump did. The FBI can come out right now and tell us they found these docs and if they were mishandled or abused but unfortunately no statement yet. Wonder why.

We will find out……if Trump allows the unsealing of the warrant……

Huh? Unsealing the warrant won’t prove anything.

It will show the probable cause that the DOJ used to get the warrant approved. It will show the judge that authorized it and it may name some documents they ALLEGE were taken or innTrump’s possession. But a warrant won’t tell us if he committed a crime lol.

This is an expected response from you considering just the other day you were railing about it not being released.

Sure. It may turn out to be nothing. But when the feds have to remove around 30 boxes of documents from his house - that don’t belong to him - you have to wonder why he would keep them in the first place.

Whatever they are, you’ll defend him until the end. Even if it is released and it does turn out to be serious - you’ll find a way to defend it.

And at least initially, Trump is indicating he’s not opposed to the warrant being released. I’m sure he’ll call it fake. LOL

The warrant still won’t show much.

It’s the affidavit that gives the information on what they were looking for.

As I was saying… @thre305ive

If I’m not mistaken it’s the warrant and the items they believed were there.

The “list of items” may be obscured since they’re allegedly classified. But we will see.

Yeah, that’s a false accusation.

Because they don’t comment on ongoing investigations and you know that.

You could care less if he committed a crime

Also just to nip (or at least unsuccesfully try since it’s like stopping gravity) one of you idiot’s tantrums because it spews out

donald trump wasn’t going to nuke the world

All OMB all day.

What makes you think you have the right to an affidavit for an ongoing criminal investigation into the former President by the FBI?

The search for documents isn’t a criminal investigation, it’s civil.

You are conflating investigations. The stuff from NY is relating to him overvaluing real estate, which is something they could go after millions of Americans for.

Partisan witch hunts to take down political opponents. Nothing more, nothing less.



You’d think you would get tired of being wrong.

So, the 15 boxes they previously got from Trump’s place was a fairy tale that didn’t happen, huh? Him holding MORE documents and the FBI knowing where to go to get them at his lounge lizard paradise is all just…a cartoon, huh?

Again, you haven’t a shred of integrity as a man

And you’ve been hoodwinked for years thinking the left is the beacon of light.

This will turn up nothing substantial and you will go to the lefty talking points and rinse and repeat.

So many supposedly smart people get hoodwinked by these radicals. You are clearly one of them.

The left is the epitome of the boy who cried wolf.

If they were right one damn time on Trump, then maybe people would give them the benefit of the doubt.

The organizations are corrupt. If you can’t see that, you are the problem.

Um, no


You don’t think every person with the financial means tries to take advantage of the tax code?

I don’t think they misrepresent to secure loans on other projects, no.

Not addressing the issue or the fact that you made a statement, were disproven, and don’t have a leg to stand on.

Poor guy. I do really pity you. I just don’t think you have the capability. The others have their issues, but I just don’t think you’re “enough.” Some people just don’t have the processing power