Hey Skeeter - Educate Yourself

This is who the Proud Boys are.

Fine citizens.

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Ya read that and other items this summer. No need to do so again.

Point being they aren’t white supremacists. You lose, per usual.

The article proves tons of members are white supremacists. And by reading the article you deduce they aren’t.

Jesus you’re dumb.

Now it’s “tons of members”…Do you understand those words?

All taking their place under a black cuban…Gotcha

Again - the article specifically says that group is filled with white supremacists. But because it’s founder is a black cuban that’s the antidote for making them all not racist?


So if there are white supremacists at your gym…Is it a white supremacist gym?

Wow. Thats one hell of a shitty rebuttal.

Try harder.

Your statement is in correct…It is not a white supremacy group…Nor does the fact that there are white supremacists in the group make it a white supremacy group. It’s pretty simple.

Oh right. Because if you don’t consider them a white supremacy group - that means their words and actions are totally fine.

Holy shit you’re digging such a hole.

No I didn’t say that…Don’t put words in my mouth


So I can own a business saying I don’t sell beer, but sell beer, and you’d buy that.

Sounds about right moron.

That’s not applicable…Anything else

It is applicable, but you’re too stupid to see my analogy.

Not that I’m shocked.

The Proud Boys are led by a black Cuban-American. It’s ridiculous to call it a White Supremacy Group. Gavin McInnis is certainly not a racist. He used to write for Taki’s Magazine. I’ve read his stuff for years. He’s a decent guy who believes in traditional values who got fed up with fascists such as BLMers and Antifers bullying others. Don’t believe any the leftist propaganda trying to cancel this guy.

How many cities have the Proud Boys burned down? Any Proud Boys involved in looting? How about vandalizing statues, or trying to burn a courthouse with people inside. No comparison between the Proud Boys and BLM and Antifa. White supremacy my ass. Anybody who runs around screaming white supremacy has a screw loose.

Lol…Makes too much sense for these sheep Bikki. Watch yourself.

I didn’t call it a white supremacy group. I called it a group filled with them.

If the Proud Boys are filled with white supremacists, they’re severe underachievers. Leftist maniacs doing a billion dollars of damage while looting businesses, that is okay, after all their loot can be regarded as reparations depending of course entirely on their skin hue… Conservatives defending themselves is an insurrection fomented by these underachieving white supremacists… And, the police, they should all be like guidance counselors dissuading the potential homicidal maniacs and rampagers from committing acts of mayhem and somehow restoring the diminished content of their character.

To be fair, most white supremacists are.

LOL :laughing:

The Proud Boys are full of likely unemployed people that have nothing better to do.

They look stupid walking around like that.