Have I ever said this before?

It was Islamic terrorism in Colorado. We need to have open immigration from countries that are unstable and are reeking with insane, religious, homocidal maniacs. The guy was from Syria, one of the countries on Trump’s list.

I know 51. You know legions of wonderful Muslims, and all Muslims are not terrorists, but by and large most homicidal terrorists are Muslims. Source: U.S. Dept. of State.

@bikki228 has this been proven yet? Are you sure? Because it’s been reported that this guy has been living her all his life.

When the dude has a muslim sounding name you go right to that as the reason. And while it may be proven the case, there is no proof yet.

How come you haven’t said a peep about the Atlanta shootings of Asians? Or is it because he’s white it’s not a big deal?

How about the fact that including Colorado, this is the 7th mass shooting in the last 7 days?

You talk a lot when it appears it’s a Muslim perpetrator, but you cannot and will not answer when it’s not.

Update - apparently according to the shooters brother - he was bullied heavily in high school - in part he said for being Muslim and said that he struggled with mental illness, would put tape over cameras he saw etc…

Still unclear on motive.

Claimed mental illness is always the excuse used to mediate the culpability of homicidal maniac Islamic terrorists. Bullying in high school happens all the time, but most victims do not take it upon themselves randomly to murder ten people whom they don’t know.

Perhaps some commentary on social media by his father explains his “mental illness.”

Moustafa Alissa: " Israel is governor of America. Trump is a Zionist work, and the agent will be volunteered for the Master, and I will Trump that you don’t have the Golan to give to Israel, do whatever you want, the Golan will turn against your nose." (Translated from Arabic script)

Moustafa Alissa: “And do you think ISIS is made by the confession that ISIS is made by the impure black Obama, and the old Shiny Clinton, if you only fight Muslims this year with the pretext of ISIS, God will take revenge, evil revenge on you and ISIS, may God curse you.”

Moustafa Alyssa: “The problem with these Shiites is they think they are right just because they acknowledge the preference of Ali Ibn Abi Talib to succession, and then they do whatever they want. as they like Christians and Jews, and what they know what they are just stray animals, God created them for Hell exclusively, and the day will come that they know they were running after a mirage with a lot of water, and they only found the curse of God and Hell.”

Moustafa Alyssa: “I swear to God whatever unites Bashar Al-Assad, Putin and Trump in killing the Syrian people is not of God in anything. he is more hypocritical than the hypocrit, and more misleading than any stray of Bashar Al-Assad, Putin and Trump are impure wicked demons in the grip of Allah, they have a very dark day coming to pay their criminal bill and the criminality of the hands on them all. May Allah curse them.”

The translations are somewhat cryptic, but the anger is there for Syria’s enemies which include Assad, Putin, Obama, Clinton, and Trump, not to mention hatred for Jews, Christians, and the State of Israel. To be sure, this man was never censored on social media.

Bikki we still don’t even know motive yet. And yet while you claim not to be racist, you immediately pointing to someone being Muslim like you know that’s the motivation.

Not saying you are racist…but if this is the first card you play without evidence, it’s not a good look.

But sadly this is your MO. Guy with a Muslim sounding name? Terrorist.

Black guy killed by the cops? Thug.

Both of which may be true, but you go right to this as soon as you see it on the news.

you were saying?

As far as what the father wrote, worse things written by your right wing traitors, daily. All your showing is the dad was a Muslim. So what? You applaud terrorists all the time…just as long as they’re white.

Yes, the nation is besieged by white terrorism. A good example of that was the recent bedlam on Miami Beach.


I have traced the problem down to its root source. The Muslim perp’s skin was too white. We know skin hue is always the most important factor, which combined with his mental health problems compelled him to murder ten people. Ten murders is a lot. That’s more than were killed in Chicago during the past two weekends…

Yet, you never mentioned mental health or anything beyond him being a Muslim in your initial post as to motivation. I guess if he’d killed black people, you’d have a t shirt of his already, huh?

It would be implausible for him to kill a black person. He’s white, which brings up a conundrum. Arabs often identify as being white, but that too cannot be considered a constant. Linda Sarsour for example identified as white until she put on a hijab and miraculously became a “person of color.” Nearly 90% of black homicides are committed by other blacks.

If you have a mass murder and a perp with an Islamic name, I suppose it would be more logical to assume that the perp was from Norway.

Cute word salad, but again, you’re making my point for me. You stated the motivation was Islamic terrorism. Nothing notes that at all except he has a Muslim name.
Now, you’re conflating the issue of Arabs identifying as white on something like a census with the perp having the motivation of Islamic terrorism.
You’ve failed miserably in your attempt at deflection

I don’t think so. I’ve made the more plausible case.

You deny what is obvious to an informed human.

Having open borders and liberal views on Islam can only result in more terror. 1,400 years of Islamic history validates this premise. It is not that Muslims are inherently radical, but their religion is not only intrinsically radical; it is morally reprehensible. Speaking of Israel, in its entire history as a nation, it has killed fewer Muslims than some Arab dictators have done in one single day.

We don’t have open borders. Your point is moot.
With regards to the rest of your statement, it’s as useless as anything else you’ve written. I can find evidence of every single atrocity committed by Muslims having been committed by Christians, as well.
The fact is, the more fundamentalist you are towards your religious dogma and arcane texts, the more radical and morally reprehensible you become. Muslims were re-radicalized and pushed back into fundamentalism in the 20s and beyond. But, lots of Muslims aren’t fundamentalist and aren’t hardcore and are simply fine people, just like lots of Christians. But, the more fundamentalist Christians become, the more similar to the jihadist Muslims we all deplore.
And, nobody said anything about Israel. You’re belief window is showing too much.

Personally, I can’t stand any religions.

Bikki you continue to refuse to address my concern.

Without any proof whatsoever, you saw his name and immediately went with Muslim extremism like there can be no alternative.

You’ve yet to address.

Shit, they don’t address things like that. I’m still waiting for acknowledgement none of them took the time to add the votes in the election.

Religion is mankind’s worst invention.

One religion especially is morally bereft, and it is Islam. The Koran is intrinsically radical, and cannot be amended since it is comprised of the words of Allah, and Allah cannot be mistaken.
Presently, Islam will spell the death of many countries in Europe and looms as the greatest retrograde threat to Western Civilization, which no doubt is the most advanced civilization both scientifically and ethically. Having a benign opinion about Islam is lying to yourself, having a perverse sense of tolerance. Tolerating what is intolerable, I am afraid, can only be referred to as what it truly is, arrant stupidity. Leftists here and Europe are too willing to be self masochists surrendering their countries to 7th century barbarism. Small wonder that Europeans are beginning to rebel against their leftist leaders as evidenced by the growth of nationalist parties. Unfortunately, their efforts in several countries will be too late and for naught due to demographic realities.

Yes, we do have open borders. Turn on your television to Fox News

Poor guy, to be so consumed with hatred. You need some work on your soul
But hey, you don’t like Islam. I don’t like Islam. I don’t like Christianity either, or Judaism, or zoroastrianism, or vegans, or Floridians, or guys who leave their stereo on with windows open at the 7/11 while they go inside…so, maybe I need to as well.

And this right here is exactly why you immediately went with islam extremism the second you saw this guy’s name - with zero information to back this up.

Of course, I did 51. It is known as dead reckoning which I surmise it is now against the law to liberals Liberals believe we must all think the same. . And, it appears I was correct. I’d have to be stupid not to make the association. I am not saying it is particularly fair nor unbiased. I forthrightly despise Islam for the explicit reason it brainwashes what otherwise would be normal humans.

Were I a member of the media and reporting the incident, I could not editorialize, but as an op ed writer in a conservative site, I could offer my interpretation. You need to stop trying to teach me how to think. Actually, I have a fairly well operating brain considering my age.

What is disgusting are liberals trying to control speech even going so far as to ban hate speech, and as I have shown in past posts, there is no such thing as hate speech depending on whose side of the argument you find oneself. Furthermore, you are entitled to hate should you choose to do so. It’s generally inadvisable but certainly an exercise of your individual freedom. Moreover, there should be no such thing as hate crimes. Hate is usually an integral part of violent crimes. The crime is not hate. It is murder, rape, battery, and so forth. Actually, they teach you these things in law school, or they should do so. By today’s standards, who knows. Sooner or later 51, you it will dawn upon you that I am the liberal, and you are the progressive aka fascist. I believe in freedom. You believe in control.