The most important thing in building wealth is timing. If you buy and sell at the right time, you cannot but grow wealthy. Correct timing however is much akin to handicapping. In this room, for example, we have persons of sublime ability in recognizing talent, much of it a result of diligent research. Elite80 has made a successful business employing his handicapping skills. Skeeter’s analyses of recruits is unsurpassed in this forum, and I’ve advised him over the years to monetize his prescient skills. Yours truly has become better off than the average bear in the wood owing to this same skill of successful prognostication. Free of charge, you on this message board are quite fortunate to being exposed to persons of such superlative, predictive skill.

This brings me around to praising Wayne Allyn Root. Root has made millions as a Las Vegas handicapper, but he has succeeded also in being a first class political commentator. Recently, Root spent vacation time at Mar-a-Lago which he speculated might be “the most valuable residential property in America.” The splendid residence is just another testament to Trump’s exceptional skill in real estate investment and development. True American exceptionalism.

Root found Trump to be in robust health as the ex-president handed out awards to to the winners of the men’s, ladies’ and seniors’ golf tournaments at his Trump International Golf Club. And guess who the winner was among senior men, none other than Donald J. Trump. Trump is an excellent golfer and winning is a trademark of MAGA practitioners… Winning, winning, and more winning. He actually won the last election, losing only through the greatest swindle in American history.

Root is worried about America’s future and surviving the next three years of Biden misgovernance and failure. He is especially critical t of Kentanji Jackson’s appointment and likely confirmation. Naming Ms. Jackson violates the Civil Rights Act, the Fourteenth Amendment, and makes a mockery of the concept of a color blind society. Supreme Court justices should be better than good; they should be great. Ms. Jackson is not great and if confirmed will bear a stigma forever of being appointed through an unfair process.

Wayne Root writes:: “Jackson has been called soft on pedophilia and child porn cases (not once, but in 10 separate cases, she chose the least severe punishment possible); soft on Islamic terrorism (she represented terrorists at Guantanamo pro bono — free of charge); in favor of “critical race theory,” which paints both America and white people as toxic and evil; and completely unqualified (based on some of her rulings being overturned by higher courts). To top it off, Jackson couldn’t or wouldn’t define what a woman is. Oh, boy.”

After having an up close and personal vacation at Mar-a-Lago, Root, the non-nonpareil handicapper, predicts: “Trump is very much back in the game. He’s got his mojo back. He looks very much like President Nos. 45 and 47. I have no doubt Trump is the winner in 2024. But that’s only if we make it to 2024.” Root does not preclude Biden destroying America completely in the next three years. The damage done by Biden is colossal in scope.

How richly Root deserves his title as being “The Conservative Warrior.”


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Bikki is smart. I believe that. I believe that he knows the truth about the election. But because he can’t fathom that trump lost, he’s making himself believe that trump was cheated.

Trump has this exact same line of thinking. Trump knows he lost fair and square. But his ego won’t allow him to come out and say he lost. He can’t man up.

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