Fegans to UM

8 out of 10 Sofla corners hate UM and wanna be drama queens on top of it?

Fuck it then let’s clean up corners all over the nation…Great job by T-Rob and Van Dyke here.



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This was expected. Said he was announcing Friday and was spending the weekend in Miami. Kind of a hint.

Good get. Highly rated corner.

Rumph looks worse and worse. Van Dyke is listed as the primary recruiter.

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Mad…Yup and VanDyke too.

So is this it for us at corner?

Is Little out of the equation?

I hate hate hate losing UM legacies like that that can ball…

But great take nonetheless!

just further illustrates how much Rumph has held us back for the last few years. makes you wonder where this program could be right now if we had T-Rob for the last 5 seasons instead of him

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Maybe J’Cari Henderson still… Bouie from Atlanta being mentioned, doubt we can pull him…McCantos from Edison a backup plan that we prob won’t get to if we hold on to these 3. I think we only take 4 if it’s Henderson or Singletary or Little or maybe Bouie (Henderson may be only realistic one there, I don’t think we go to McCantos as anything other than backup, ie he won’t be the 4th).

Safety Board: K.Wilson (doubt it)…M.Williams…D.Henderson (maybe D.Thomas as a backup plan, no idea if staff likes Williams or D.Hendu better, but I guess we take two now with A.Williams moving on)


I just want to hear from Cat6 lol

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So true. Cat, where are you?


No idea how Bama is going to sign more than 15 kids. Talk about pushing a ton of kids out. Even Miami is going to struggle to sign 20-23 kids.

I honestly think it’s starting to look like Diaz wants to sign about 14-16 and take another 4-6 from portal

New Age Recruiting I guess.

God I hope not. We can’t keep taking one and done kids without ending up under 80 kids again. Now if we take portal kids with multiple years then it will help some. In the end, developing kids from HS will still be very important to the health of the roster.

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I kinda agree but I’m trying to be open-minded to Diaz’s approach. But ya taking kids with 2-3 years left would be nice.

Given his height, won’t Fegans likely evolve into a Safety? Seems big for a corner.

UM should take all the good DB’s they can get.

Is his listed 4.7 40 a concern?

The 4.7 he ran over 2 years ago the spring of his freshman year in HS? Not to me.

He ran in the 4.5’s at Bama’s camp this summer apparently, they just have guys higher on their board (Little Jr & Denver Harris).

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Chance to safety sure…But I think he can play corner at a high level.


And so it begins.

McCantos from Edison or slot corner JAC maybe gets a look…Hard to say anything right now, as there is a chance we have a new staff next year.

To Bama

Did Miami get played again?