Europe starting to treat COVID as endemic

Should have been done a year ago but good for Spain. Meanwhile, Germany and France are going for harsher lockdowns.

Hopefully the US gets the memo.

It’s well past time to live with this thing and stop with the ridiculous closures, mask mandates, vaccine mandates etc.

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I’m surprised this thing hasn’t been declared endemic by now.

It’s time to start living with this.

It’s time to start living with this.


All of a sudden there’s a bunch of skeeter echos in here



You mean like Biden been leading us through Omicron already? While I may personally disagree with his approach (and I am probably wrong), he done gave y’all what you wanted all along. First Trump bashed him (lol) then you guys get amnesia and write ridiculous posts like this. There isn’t a possible solution he could provide that you knuckleheads would agree with. It is what it is.

Sounds like you with Trump.

We already are living with covid. Everything’s open. Businesses will need to deal with people who want to work remotely, and the people have the power, so that situation won’t change overnight.

Mask mandates aren’t a big deal. They’re a form of “living with it.” But yes, those will start to go away, I think in the summer after flu season, after omicron washes through the population.

Vaccine mandates have mostly done their job. Yes, certain professions, as always, will always mandate vaccines. The only thing that changes there is they get a new vaccine on the list.

Absolutely, I’m guilty as charged. I don’t think ficticious, isolationalist nationalism and spending money on a border wall are appropriate uses of our time. I’m also not an advocate for trying to topple democracy and replace it with a CEO. Lastly, I don’t think I agree with people whom lie and cheat at every opportunity.


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Corny joka-tick from the commie cunta-tick

Holy shit…Imagine thinking this

Totally disagree with this. They are a disgrace. It may not be a big deal to you, but masking kids is ridiculous.

My kids haven’t worn masks in months.

It’s back to masks at school for my kids.

That’s dumb. The vaccine is available. Get it or not at your own peril.

I was entirely fine with masks for kids at the beginning when there was uncertainty of how it would spread. Now it’s ridiculous. One of my kids had gotten so used to masks that she actually wanted to keep wearing one even after she was allowed not to have one.

I made her get rid of it. Not good in the long term for development.

I applaud DeSantis for putting the kybosh on it in FL.

First, masks don’t work, and nearly everyone will come down with Omicron. Omicron is considerably less dangerous than previous forms of Covid, and it should provide persons with beneficial natural immunity.

Second, the vaccines don’t work, and shouldn’t even be called vaccines. Evidence grows by the day that they do more harm than good. The European equivalent of the VAREs Report show deaths totaling more than 55,000 from the four vaccines together with more than one million bad reactions. The stats are compiled through mid-November hence the numbers are even larger when the months of December and half of January are added into the totals.

Third, a horrendous crime has been committed against humanity and liberals are largely to blame. Half of the world deaths from Covid could have been prevented had patients access to hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. Rejection of these therapeutic drugs was largely due to Donald Trump saying HCQ might be a successful treatment for Covid. Liberals prevented dying people from obtaining medicine that might have saved them. This is a monumental disgrace.

Fourth, vaccinating children is especially moronic. One merely needs to glance at statistics to ascertain that children handle Covid easily and very few have expired from contracting Covid. I think Skeeter has posted numerous times that those who die from Covid are persons over seventy years of age, almost all having other contributing health maladies.

Fifth, Deaths worldwide have declined despite the vast numbers contracting the Omicron strain of the virus. Sweden had the right idea from the beginning. It refused to lock down preserving its economy, and today has the fewest deaths of ANY European country. Biden’s incompetence is largely responsible for the economic breakdown and runaway inflation that we’re experiencing now. Small wonder that a third of the people still support this idiot who usurped the White House through a rigged election.

Sixth, Incredibly there has been a spate of vaginal odor problems among women living in woke, liberal households. Researchers have found that this condition is brought about by a perversity of thought and hatred of individuals who believe in human liberty and who think for themselves.

Is making them go through school shooter drilled every 3 weeks cool, though? You’re entirely okay with that, obviously.

Show the proof.

Have you gotten COVID? If so, were you hospitalized?

Look at the data regarding hospitalizations for those vaxed and not vaxed.


False. PA man with COVID dies after taking ivermectin, court allowed drug

False. Again. Damn, you lie a lot

As of 10 January 2022, there have been 1,487,291 confirmed cumulative cases and 15,431 deaths with confirmed COVID-19[3] in Sweden, with Stockholm County being the most affected (during the first wave).[1][19] Sweden has the 52nd highest death rate worldwide, and 28th highest out of 47 European countries.

More lies. Do you ever make a point without lying? Boomers.

More lies.

Like usual…a myriad of lies from the boomer locust trolling the world on his way out.

My kids haven’t gone through one of those, but I’d say it’s apples and oranges.