Dogshit offense

I posted it, I didn’t think we’d score more than 13, and we got fukn 9, with half their fuking team on defense not even playing.

Fuk this shit. Amateur hour safe check down bullshit all game long…Gattis called a dogshit game. fuk this noise.

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Jesus Christ here we go

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Sorry, I just can’t take the “Let’s play safe and not turn it over” bullshit. That’s the route we chose right out of the gate.

Yes, shitty special teams as well. :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

Our Defense quality level is TBD. That a&m Offense, is not good.

I was never excited about Cristobol let alone Gattis.

This program never disappoints to disappoint.

I’m fine with Mario, I don’t like the slow trodding safe playcalling on offense. I know this staff needs time, but TVD has NOT looked anything like he did last year, and it’s just bland play calling on Offense.

Miami won the stats, save one.

Good thing Gattis can recruit because he seems allergic to the vertical passing game.
That 3 yards at a time shyt might work at Bama or Michigan with their huge OL’s but Miami ain’t Bama.

I’ll have to watch the condensed game this week to torture myself but it sounds like if Miami took some shots, they probably would have won. 9 points even with a blocked FG is pretty bad. This isn’t 1955.

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They have a high floor…They will be fine. Now can they get to top 5 or 7 perennially, I don’t know?

It isn’t. But it is better with Johnson at the helm, and Fisher still knows how to dial one up…and Devin Archane will be doing some of those things in the NFL. we gave up only 1 TD drive that didn’t start inside our 20. Defense did it’s job

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THIS! Fuking THIS! It’s like, play call to get 3 passing yards at a time. ZERO vertical trys, or calls to stretch things.

Disappointing loss. Shades of past OC’s who were too conservative and eventually got everyone else fired.

I wish MC had hired a spread guy like Lashlee. It seems he hired Vince Lombardi.

Maybe after 3+ years of Top 10 classes, Miami might be good again. Hopefully some other team will hire Gattis as a HC and MC will take the plunge and hire a spread guy.

next year will be super strong, BUT 2024 we will see truly real results with this staff and the school actually budgeting to play power 5 football now.

I’m just more pissed about needing to see these games being won, where we aren’t supposed to win. It NEVER happens, it’s happened like once in 20 years now. I KNOW this team will turn the corner with the staff and money in place finally. I just want to win a game where all are saying you won’t. I’m not even talking championship. Start by winning me 9-10 games, and knocking off some ranked teams you are not supposed to beat!

He hired it and sanctioned it.

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That’s his preferred style, win the trenches, 3 yards and a cloud of dust. Oregon fans bitched about this a lot.

Works if you have the horses for that scheme. Miami simply doesn’t at this time.

Not scoring a TD is pretty much an indictment of Gattis. The total lack of vertical passing and end zone shots is unforgivable and a losing scheme. If it doesn’t get better, MC should can his ass at the end of the season.

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I can’t wait to see Justin’s breakdown on State of the U. Shits gonna be interesting.

Big 10 Slowball

Yep. OC hire was critical for me as it showed Mario’s plan. A guy like Lebby meant he was going to be hands off and let the OC do his thing. A guy who was “power and methodical” meant we were going to see losses like today. Thats Gattis. It’s not a plan to outscheme for a win.

Texas A&M may not have a good offense, but their defense played well tonight. That muffed catch on the punt really augured in a sloppy game. Van Dyke didn’t play his best game, and we rarely had anyone breaking free deep. My criticism is not developing rhythm in the short passing game where the QB gets rid of the ball quickly. This negates the success of pass rush, and keeps us ahead of the count that we are not constantly facing 3rd and long. A&M was vulnerable short but took away the deep pass with their twin safeties. We should have had more slants, hitches, and flairs to RBs which would have pulled in their defense. Our most successful pass plays were those underneath the coverage.

Setting records already!!! YEEHAW!!!


Hopefully you don’t really believe what you typed.

Until you actually see it, you should never believe it again. This statement has been said 400 million times in the past 20 years and never once been true.

So are we going to just ignore all the drops? The WRs catch the ball, we probably have a different outcome.

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