Cyber symposium


He is going to start a virtual pillow fight!

Even if his crew was able to hack TLS, it would not be the first. It also does not mean every implement of TLS is compromised as they all use different code on the browser and server sides. Even your other image posted in another thread said only a few have access to the majority of internet traffic to decrypt the tls data on a larger scale. Furthermore, decrypting the data is almost worthless. They would have to be able to decrypt, change data, encrypt without changing the number of bits expected by the other side. lastly, the data structure would have to comply with that of the client and server so they would have to dig a ton deeper than one layer.

When you know, you know.

Are these points you’re making general assumptions are you familiar intimately with these systems? I haven’t watched the symposium… just trying to understand you’re statement(s)

TLS is an encryption protocol.
Transport Layer Security

I’m an internet geek and have written millions of lines of code in 15 programming languages.

I’m very familiar.

It isn’t a cyber symposium. It is an election fraud video presentation. Another stupid PR video for mr pillow fight.


Have to assume 19 Republican senators are FBI plants. Are the other 31?

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When did Mr Pillow become a tech guy?

So what’s supposed to happen during this alert?

Because I have a couple more friends texting me about things but no one has details.

2:20 tomorrow will you stop your BS when planes don’t fall out of the sky?

Didn’t you learn anything from y2k?

Tomorrow all systems with zero day flaws will crash once the message is set in a special 0000000 format.

2:20 came and went. Last I checked the world didn’t change.

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Seems like you’re very, very familiar

Are we infected with nanobots yet?


No, we just shut down a country and may do it again for no reason. Crazy huh?

How many died last year due to Covid? I wasn’t sure of the number

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Many less than was reported.

By 5 or 10 or what? How many Americans died of Covid last year.

No one knows because the PCR tests were way too sensitive and created false positives. Then there’s the open question of comorbidities.

I would say the number is undeterminable. All the data should be wiped. It’s all bad data.