COVID Vaccine and Myocarditis

The study linking the two has been withdrawn, citing a mathematical error.

They had initially based their estimate on a total of 32,379 vaccines doses and 32 cases of myocarditis, when in reality more than 854,000 doses had been given between June 1 to July 31.

The study was a pre-print, meaning it had yet to be peer reviewed by independent experts and accepted for publication in a reputable science journal. During the pandemic the need for scientific answers over the Covid-19 crisis and vaccine effectiveness has meant pre-print studies have been highlighted much earlier than normal.

Good to know…If this is true then it will be interesting to see if the Euro countries now remove the modern ban for young people.

See how they admit when their math was wrong…Remember that time you tried to use your funky little math and I corrected you. That had to be so embarrassing. Good times.

Funny how they got right to the bottom of this mistake but we needed the Pinkertons to find the retraction to referencing incorrect med journal articles on HCQ last year.

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Yeah - or like that time you said COVID doesn’t affect kids?

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Yup it clearly doesn’t…Not to the effect of other sicknesses that we never lifted a finger towards children and their schooling over


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Skeeter: COVID doesn’t effect kids.


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It would be like me pointing out that a handful of people (it’s obv more than that) has died from a vaccine out of millions of vaccines and saying no one should get them.

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For starters, COVID can still be spread from kids to those who are higher risk.

There are still a limited number of treatments available to fight COVID (compared to the flu).

Now I say this while also being of the opinion that at this point, the masks should come off kids at schools. The vaccine is available, and if people choose not to get it, that’s on them.

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But if those people are worried about it then they can get your vaccine right? And also… imagine fucking with kids because of your own irrational fear?

You are the one who said I was wrong for saying covid doesn’t effect kids…I made the post with the link to show you (again) the numbers. We aren’t talking about masking at the moment which is obviously ridiculous and evil and I’m glad you agree.

I mean, there are crazy outliers in all segments of society. More kids die from the flu annually than COVID. So yes, I think the broad statement that COVID doesn’t affect kids is highly accurate.

The data retraction that was fantastic recently was The NY Times claim that 900,000 kids have been hospitalized by COVID. The follow up retraction actually corrected the number to $63K or so. Just a slight exaggeration, huh?

The mistakes usually go one way, as I’ve been saying.

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But it’s not just kid deaths - thank god those are low. It’s also severe disease. Also low, but it exists.

So the blanket statement is literally not true.

It’s called a generalization based upon the majority statistics.

Relative to so many other things affecting kids, COVID is way way down the list.

During the study period there were 1,615 and 1,574 admissions or deaths related to myocarditis and pericarditis, respectively (14 patients had both), and 385,508 related to cardiac arrhythmias. The characteristics of individuals with myocarditis, pericarditis and cardiac arrhythmias in the 1–28 days postvaccination differed by condition and according to the vaccine administered (Table 2). Supplementary Table 1 shows the characteristics of patients who died for the individual outcomes in the 1–28 days following a first or second dose of COVID-19 vaccine or SARS-CoV-2 infection. Table 3and Fig. 1 show the number of patients with outcome events in each exposure time period and the incidence rate ratios (IRRs) and 95% CIs for outcomes in the exposure risk periods.

In other words 1% of people who get vax experience cardiac arrhythmias

VAERS = not reliable.

You’re actually right. It usually underreports the data.

Give me an actual scientific study and I’ll believe it.

Lol…And our covid approach and data has been SOOOOOO reliable

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