Covid 19 = Flu

@skeeter - can’t make this shit up.

You and I beat the CDC by 2+ years with our advice.

What a fucking joke and stunt that was pulled over the gullible.

COVID-19 is not causing as many hospitalizations and deaths as it did in the first years of the pandemic. The change is an effort to streamline recommendations so they are similar to longstanding recommendations for flu and other respiratory viruses. Many people with a runny nose, cough or other symptoms aren’t testing to distinguish whether it’s COVID-19, flu, or something else, officials say.

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This was not a stunt. To people like me who work in the fields, it is not surprising that things are now getting to the point that it is like the flu. Every virologist and epidemiologist knew this is eventually how it would be. The reason COVID-19 is less of an issue today is because of the buildup of herd immunity–either naturally, or via vaccination. This is how biology and virology work. It was predicted years ago when the pandemic began that eventually COVID19 would become similar to the flu. Recommendations for an annual vaccine like we see with the flu would become the norm. What made COVID-19 so bad in the beginning is that it was a new virus that humans had not been exposed to. The population needed time to adjust. In even more years of coevolution, COVID19 will be more like the common cold and even less of a threat.

Unfortunately the virus had to take its pound of flesh in the beginning, and it took its toll on the weak. Only the strong survive… The virus will continue to take lives of those who are least capable of fighting it off–just like the flu does every year. And to a lesser extent, the common cold. This is the nature of things. T’was always thus, and ever thus shall be.


Just wish they were honest in the beginning.

I agree. And the faster we would have allowed herd immunity to work the sooner the “pandemic” would have ceased right. I think it’s simple logic.

Forcing people in doors and mandating masks and 6 foot separation requirements only lengthened the process and most likely caused more deaths.

That’s my entire point.

Well, this and along with the false premise that the vaccine was going to stop the acquisition and the spread of Covid. It did not. Then firing people from their jobs who wouldn’t get vaccinated only led to more vitriol from people who were aprehensive.

No one ever said the vaccine would stop the acquisition. Again, this is not how biology works. The vaccine was about mitigating the rise in infections and to reach that critical threshold of herd immunity. Had the virus been allowed to just progress naturally, even more people would die, and what we are seeing now–this reduction in the severity of the virus on the population would have taken even longer… More on the level of a decade or more. There is no question the vaccine saved/saves lives.

As a scientist, it really was frustrating that things got political. It caused so much unnecessary harm from many perspectives. It caused a lot of resentment and backlash which did just as much to advance the spread of the virus. The mandates were never the right solution. They absolutely did a lot of damage. People do not like being forced to do anything. But man, was there a LOT of mis/disinformation out there. Again, as a scientist it was frustrating and sad. I am a scientist, not a politician… This really did not have to be as bad as it was.

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Well, yes, and no. It would have taken a lot longer to get there without the vaccinations. TBH, we are still not at the levels of what would be considered herd immunity yet. But getting there faster with the vaccines.

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What? They were reporting early on that the vaccine was 100% effective in stopping transmission.

That was a supposition that was never proven.

That’s false. Even your search doesn’t claim to have ever been 100% effective in stopping TRANSMISSION of the virus.

Correct, that’s the tentative assumption made in order to draw out and test its logical or [empirical]", based upon recorded history. Then again, you also think “gravity” is a supposition.

This is such an ignorant statement that I don’t even know how to respond.

When people like Fauci announced that covid would always be with us like the flu, naysayers like you and others MADE FUN OF HIM FOR IT.

The truth is, this is what the science always said would happen. We were never curing covid. It was always going to stick around and join the regular rotation.

The thing about covid was that it was a NOVEL VIRUS. It was brand-new, and that status made it very dangerous to a population that had no defenses against it.

Now, after four years of exposure, after multiple vaccinations, the population has much greater immunity to this virus. Is this something you deny?

So now that immunity levels are normal, now that there’s no more chances of a pandemic, yes, the advisements are adjusting

The hilarious thing is that people complaining about the advisements complain even after they’re adjusted!!!

Think about it. This is exactly what you want. What is there to complain about?

The idea is it caused FEWER deaths by lengthening the process.

The world was not prepared to deal with a pandemic. When you do everything at once and the hospitals fill up, what happens then?

The entire point was to SLOW IT DOWN so we could DEAL WITH IT BETTER. And we did as new methods of treatment came out, and vaccinations were released, etc.

Doing everything “all at once” would not have helped. Lol.


And I will concede that it got political both ways, even if I think hardline conservatives caused the most damage.

And I have no problem with people questioning the extent or length of lockdowns.

But all the conspiracy drivel about “Biden’s Lockdown Commission” and all this other political mongering was ludicrous.

Your pictured source claims 90% against symptomatic infection.

That would include obvious transmission, but not asymptomatic transmission, so the true percentage is lower than 90%.

The really tragic part of this, is that at the beginning of all this, back in early 2020… if everyone in the planet had gone into a true 2-3 week lockdown… where there was no cheating, not breaking quarantine, so whomever had it allowed the virus to work its course, the virus would have disappeared from the population and we could have all gone back to normal.

This is how biology works. The virus would have burned itself out and been unable to transmit and infect new hosts.

Unfortunately, that did not happen This is how human nature works. That and it was impractical and unrealistic for everyone in the planet to quarantine.


Listen, we remember the tenor of the conversation. All the department talking heads, including Fauci, nightly news feeds etc, were peddling “Do your part, get vaccinated to stop the spread”

The truth is the CDC never tested the vaccine on transmission. It was only tested on the effectiveness against severe disease for those affected. I meant to say aquisition of transmission in my previous post.

Yes I believe covid was real. Those who were at risk, old people, heavy people, those with underlining conditions needed the vaccine.

What didn’t need to happen is shutting down the world for healthy 20 year old people who already had covid and didn’t have a sniffle. My father and aunt are in there 70’s. I drove them both to get the vaccine.

I am a healthy very fit 42 year old who still competes in jiu jitsu at a high level. I did not need the vaccine as I have had covid twice and it was nothing more then a runny nose for me.

My angst is with the complete shut downs that cost people there business, there careers, along with firing people who chose not to be vaccinated.

This was a gross overreaction to the data that was already present but not followed.

This is not a conspiracy to the virus. It’s just common sense.

I respect everyones postion. Just my 2 cents

Your first video is about the Astra Zeneca vaccine and doesn’t say anything about 100% effectiveness.

The 2nd video says that in the Pfizer vaccine study, 0% of kids between 12-15 got covid, so it only claimed to be 100% effective in that tiny cohort.

Your third video about Moderna actually says vaccine efficiency was 94%, but 100% against SEVERE covid.

So far all of your evidence, GSC, points to you misunderstanding the evidence and making false claims about what they said…

Not a single video claims effectiveness in stopping transmission. Again, not a single video you’ve posted makes any claim relating to that in any way. Even the titles don’t relate to transmission.

Did you not understand the conversation being that you claimed

“100% effective in stopping transmission.” Your claim. Your claim is false.

Been training for 4 years, no longer competing after a tore my knee to shreds. Working on my purple with Alliance, so in other words…I get massacred all the time.