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**Big dual threat out of Georgia trending UM’s way. Comes from a great high school program, same as DE Thomas Davis who signed with UM this past offseason

With Chaney’s injury will we now take one? I’d say take one either way but no idea what will be left in January. (LA)> UM Commit
Big back has UM in top 3…Really good feet for a big kid and would fit nicely into UM’s stable…He’s a better Cody Brown from what I can see.

WR-ATH from Tenneessee.

(0-1) (SC) UM Commit

Surprise visitor to UM on 12/10 and Bama has 2 other kids committed at his position. He was quite vocal that we finished to second to Bama this fall and has now committed to Cristobal over the Tide!

(3-4)…Wouldn’t be surprised if more portal here. (WA) (AL)
Massive OL kid from Bama Cristobal has reached out to. Late bloomer. I think one of McCoy/Cooper ends up in this class. (WA)
Sounding like UM in the lead coming down the stretch!


Alston looks to be the best of the running backs you posted. Really like him.

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Good eye imo…I’m def an Alston fan. Hope we get him. Says we are on him every day.

I’m curious as to why you’d take Devaughn Mortimer over Celestine or Jackson? Is it because he’s a little bigger than the other two?

I ask because I am a speed junkie and Mortimer’s film seemed very limited and he definitely didn’t look like he had the speed the other two possessed.

Disagree I def see speed there. All 3 are very close for me…Wouldn’t argue if you have the 3 ranked differently. Would definitely like to see one of the 3 in the class.

Really need to seen an update or two on J-A-C…Don’t see junior highlights.

Updated…Some highlights from J-A-C junior year…Not a ton, looks like he was a corner and kick returner this year on a loaded team…Interestingly, he just transferred to Palmetto.

He may blow up this year.

Mortimer just committed to FSU so I guess you were right about him. I just couldn’t see it with the limited film on him.

Hope that doesn’t solidify Kelly to them.

Who is this Kelly you speak of?

A DE this cycle. Coming on strong and was MVP of the camp the other day.

From Skeeter’s defensive board:
Nyjalik Kelly - Hudl. FSU Commit
Word is UM working hard for the flip. Another kid that may grow and move inside. I like him at DE for now. Dillard has other talent both this year and the future and someone on another board has posted it may actually stick around and not go to STA.”

Just watched Micah Riley’s film. Wow. The kid was annihilating people trying to tackle him. Also a tenacious blocker. The kid is huge, and he blocks with an attitude. Good hands adjudged by making those reach catches close to the turf.

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Okay so I was able to watch some more film on Mortimer and I can see the speed! Sucks FSU got his pledge!

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Finished for now…Will update occasionally through the coming months.

Some updates. Losing Bond to UF was out of the blue and really sucks…

Big time sucks

Wasn’t expecting that

Seems like it’s not over with Bond. June is a huge month and we aren’t that far away now.

Some additions and subtractions to both offense and defensive boards…New Names at WR, OL, DE

Give me the TE’s. Helms from Nebraska and RJ Maryland from Texas.

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I like some of those under the radar WR like the kid from that small school.

Do you think Miami has interest there? That seems like the type of kid that goes under the radar but is a complete stud.

Who we talking about Indy?