BLM Founder Buys #1.4 Million Dollar Home

No living in a rat-infested hood for Patrice Cullores, one of the founders of BLM, an organization that began with a lie and has continued to spew lies while engendering violence, looting, rioting, and cancelling. Cullores is living the good life in a nearly 90% white neighborhood, and she of course is teaching the neighbors to act less white. For instance, she had a neighborhood cocktail party which instead of serving the customary fois gras, she served chitlins and crispy skunk tails. Some of the idiots in the neighborhood then praised her for her eclectic cuisine. Every one who praised her voted for Biden.

Bikki is certainly being who he is.

And we know what that is.


Someone who apart from liberal muttonheads is actually quite sane.

The BLM movement is a complete sham. Totally fooling folks like 51, Warden and Dj. Complete idiots.


I never suggested that you are insane.

Pretty impressive entrepreneur

What if I told black people “to act less black.” Would I be accepted as a respected political activist? Liberals actually treat black people as if they were idiots, incapable of obtaining an ID card. How much I enjoy listening to Charles Barkley. He once considered running for the governorship of Alabama. He might have won it. The guy is a straight shooter and refuses to take part in group think. Alabama is really a great state. I love when I am living there. I am surrounded by people who would survive a dystopian calamity. They hunt and they fish, drink lots of bourbon and sing old country songs.

My latest problem is I have an armadillo that is harassing me almost as badly as Canes 51. When I go back to Pensacola, the dillo digs up my yard and creates dangerous what we call chuck holes that you can inadvertently step into certainly when you’ve been partying and you can injure yourself. I poured some gasoline down one of the holes and smoke came out from all around, but apparently my armadillo nemisis was of out of the office. The local yokels have taken armadillo umbrage and have set up live traps around the varous camp cabins. None of us has ever eaten armadillo which is kind of suprising since the yokels have eaten just about everything else. Ergo, when we catch this particular armadillo, we are going to see if the Guatemalans are right about them. Anybody have an armadillo recipe? That would be helpful. I am sure Djrion has eaten a few armadillos but will never admit it. It would distroy his currency among liberals. Couldn’t have that. Got to conform closely to Marxist doctrines, and eating an armadillo would be vorsicht.

Thank you, 305. That you replied so quickly with recipe is actual proof that you are not a liberal while also indicating you’re quite sane. I have copied your recipe, and I shall deliver a taste report once we catch the suspect.

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Who knew? Black people start moving in and bikki would rage about their presence.


For a guy who says he stood up for civil rights back in the day, time apparently has changed his opinion.

My motto is to judge people by the content of their character BLM was conceived from a lie. There was never a “Hands up, Don’t Shoot” instance. With regard to Floyd, he in my judgment was a habitual criminal, a 5 time loser, who had just committed a crime and likely taken drugs prior to his contact with the cops. I also am disgusted by the undeserved enrichment of Ms. Cullores as well as that of the Floyd family. In Floyd’s case, his death due to health problems likely saved people of Minneapolis from his committing further crimes. As to civil rights, whites and Asians too have them much to the chagrin of the left.

We get it. You hate minorities. You’d find better company at a Klan rally or a mein Kampf reading.

Please. Continue with your ignorance.

BLM grew out of the Michael Brown case, not other cases. Michael Brown tried to wrest the gun away from a police officer who didn’t do one thing wrong who was investigated not only by St. Louis area district attorneys, but by the U.S. Department of Justice. There was no “Hands up, Don’t Shoot” episode in that case. Actually compared with the number of homicides committed against blacks, police shooting make up an almost insignificant number, certainly not enough to warrant saying police are engaging in a genocide against blacks.

Every weekend, blacks are killed in profligate numbers, mostly by other blacks, and it is just business as usual in liberal governed cities. Black Lives hardly matter at all in Chicago, St. Louis, or Detroit. What has BLM achieved in any city? And Ms. Cullores spends nearly a million and half buying a home far away from the violence. Where did she get the money? Where is your concern for all the black people being shot in Chicago. You hardly care about them when this is the great problem facing society. Why does it happen in certain venues but not in others. How did Giuliani solve the murder problem in NYC?

Do you want to live in a neighborhood of blacks being predated upon by vicious gangs? Do you take nature walks through the hood or do you behave like prudent citizens of all colors and avoid exposing yourself and loved ones to danger? This white supremacy stuff is pure shit, and I rarely use the word. It is the most perverse, divisive thing I’ve seen in nearly 80 years. I seen and met with real racism, and racism is not just peculiar to one race of mankind. BTW, I have a black federal magistrate living next door to me, and two doors down is a black thoracic surgeon whose brother and I travel together to FSU to do graduate work fifty years ago. I don’t lock my doors and my neighbors drop by all the time and just holler when they come through the door.

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And what you choose to ignore (yes, choose, which is tragic) is that there is a long history of mistreatment by the police towards black people.

And so when a guy like Walter Scott who, yes, should not have run away from a cop trying to speak with him, gets shot in the back, what do you expect will happen?

Yeah, none of us are stupid enough to believe BLM grew out of a single point in time. It grew because of a culmination of events that keep repeating themselves over and over and over again.